Dr. Patrick Meier is available for select speaking engagements. He has given talks at the White House, Council on Foreign Relations, US Institute of Peace (USIP), World Affairs Council, United Nations, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, National Geographic, multiple TEDx’s, and major technology, industry & policy events including the Skoll World Forum, Mobile World Congress, Club de Madrid, PopTech and TTI/Vanguard. Contact:


Drone Apps Conference 2015  9/2015*
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

Humanitarian UAV Policy Forum  7/2015*
Convener/Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs – Policy Gaps & Opportunities

Pivotal 2015  6/2015*
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

National Geographic 2015  6/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Big Boulder 2015  6/2015*
Speaker: Social Media and Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

Queens Mary University of London  5/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Royal Holloway, University of London  5/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

British Red Cross  5/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Center for Global Development  5/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities  5/2015*
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

University of Sheffield  5/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Thinking Digital 2015  5/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

World Bank  5/2015
Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs: Lessons Learned & Best Practices

MIT Humanitarian Technology 2015  5/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians UAVs: Lessons Learned & Best Practices

Building Peace 2015  4/2015
Keynote: From Humanitarian UAVs to Peacebuilding UAVs

SwitchPoint 2015  4/2015
Speaker: The Rise of Digital Humanitarians

CSW Global 2015  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

The Fletcher School  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

MIT Lincoln Labs  4/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Georgetown University  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

University of Canterbury  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Hugo Group 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarian Technologies

SXSW 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: UAVs for Disaster Response

Kairos Society  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

UC Berkeley  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Skoll Foundation  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Stanford Liberation Technology  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians vs Dictators

New America Foundation  3/2015
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

NYC Drones Fest 2015  3/2015
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky

Drones for Good 2015  2/2015
Keynote: Humanitarians in the Sky


American Red Cross (ARC)  12/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: Using UAVs in Emergency Management

Closer Look at National Geographic  12/2014
Speaker: How to Become a Digital Humanitarian and Save the World

TTI/Vanguard: Next  12/2014
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Annual Research Conference (ARC)  11/2014
Speaker/Moderator: Advanced Computing for Social Good

CrisisMappers Conference (ICCM 2014)  11/2014
Speaker: The Humanitarian UAV Network

Experts Meeting on Humanitarian UAVs  11/2014
Speaker: Humanitarian UAVs: From Big Data to Operations via Policy

World Food Program Keynote Talk  11/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Big Data from Space  11/2014
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians in the Sky

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  10/2014
Speaker: Humanitarian in the Sky: Using UAVs in Emergency Management

Planet Labs  9/2014
Speaker: Digital Humanitarianism

Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC): Vision 2020  9/2014
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Involving Citizens in Emergency Preparedness/Response  9/2014
Speaker: Democratizing Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Technology & Innovation in Peace Operations  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

Engineering for Change Webinar Series  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

NetHope Webinar Series  8/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky: The Role of UAVs in Disaster Response

UAV Triple Zero Summit  7/2014
Keynote: Humanitarian UAVs – Between Innovation and Regulation

Int’l Conference on Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems  6/2014
Speaker: Humanitarians in the Sky – Humanitarian Applications of UAVs

General Assembly of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)  5/2014
Speaker: Social Media in Humanitarian Emergencies

NYC Emergency Management Conference  5/2014
Keynote: Using Crowd Computing for Emergency Management

Commercial African Open Source Information Sharing  5/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technologies

Big Data and Increasing Resilience to Catastrophic Events  5/2014
Speaker: Big Data, Communities and Ethical Resilience

Int’l Conf on Info Systems for Crisis Response (ISCRAM)  5/2014
Keynote: Combining Human & Machine Computing to Improve Crisis Response

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems & Impact  5/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Societal Verification Workshop  5/2014
Panelist: Crowdsourced Societal Verification in Crises

Red Cross Disaster Management Camp  4/2014
Speaker: Advanced Computing for Disaster Management

Emergency Preparedness Symposium  3/2014
Speaker: Leveraging Social Media & Crowdsourcing for Disaster Response

GeoTech 2014  2/2014
Keynote: Digital Humanitarians

Computer Supported Work & Social Computing (CSCW)  2/2014
Keynote: Next Generation Humanitarian Computing


The Future of Humanitarian Response (UN)  12/2013
Speaker: The Humanitarian System in 2025

Next Generation Humanitarian Technology (ICL)  12/2013
Speaker: Innovations in Humanitarian Technology

CrisisMappers: Humanitarian Technology (ICCM)  11/2013
Speaker: The Past, Present and Future of CrisisMappers

Next Generation Humanitarian Technology (UN)  11/2013
Speaker: The UN Shift Towards Humanitarian Technology

Human Rights Fact Finding in the 21st Century (NYU)  11/2013
Speaker: Big Data and Humanitarian Response

Council on Foreign Relations  10/2013
Speaker: Humanitarian Innovation and Technology

UNICEF Humanitarian Innovation  10/2013
Speaker: Innovation in Humanitarian Computing

Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs  10/2013
Keynote Speaker: Big Data and Disaster Response

Social Good Summit – Philippines  9/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Digital Societies and Social Technologies  7/2013
Keynote Speaker: Crowdsourcing Verification and Disaster Response

Int’l Conference on Weblogs & Social Media (ICWSM 13)   7/2013
Tutorial: Crisis Mapping, Citizen Sensing and Social Media Analytics

New York City Office for Emergency Management  6/2013
Speaker: Machine & Human Computing for Emergency Management

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs  6/2013
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians and Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

NDU Center for Tech & National Security Policy  6/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Crisis Mapping

Social Sensing Workshop  5/2013
Speaker: Sensing Disasters and Shaping Response

UN Peacekeeping Workshop  5/2013
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

TEDxTraverseCity   5/2013
Speaker: Digital Humanitarians

Social Web for Disaster Management (WWW)  5/2013
Co-Organizer: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Sage Bionetwork Congress 2013  4/2013
Keynote Speaker: The Rise of Digital Humanitarianism

Int’l Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)  4/2013
Speaker: Data Protection for Crowdsourced Crisis Info

Qatar Computing Research Institute  4/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Georgetown University (Doha)  3/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Tech

Radical Media Forum 2013  3/2013
Speaker: Pulse of the Planet?

Georgetown University (DC)  3/2013
Speaker: The State of Crisis Mapping & Humanitarian Tech

SXSW 2013  3/2013
Speaker: New Technologies for Conflict Prevention

George Washington University (GWU)  3/2013
Speaker: Real-Time Analytics for Big (Crisis) Data

New York University (NYU)  3/2013
Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Networks

SMARMIE 2013   2/2013
Keynote Speaker: Next Generation Humanitarian Technology

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013)  2/2013
Speaker: Towards SMS Code of Conduct for Disaster Response

Dimensions of Resilience (Rockefeller/PopTech)  1/2013
Speaker: How to Create Resilience Through Big Data


Monitoring Crises in the Digital Age (Harvard)  12/2012
Speaker: Digital Humanitarian Response

Social Media & Conflict Prevention (CFR)  12/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

Open DataJam (White House)  12/2012
Speaker: Crisis Computing

Preventing Violent Conflict (USIP) 10/2012*
Speaker & Moderator: The Use of New Tech for Prevention

International Achievement Summit 2012  10/2012
Speaker: From Crisis Mapping to Humanitarian Technology

Sensing and Shaping Emerging Conflicts (NAE/USIP) 10/2012
Speaker: Big Data Analytics for Conflict Monitoring

CrisisMappers 2012  10/2012
Speaker: Challenges and Opportunities in Crisis Mapping

TEDxSendai  10/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

UN Conference on Humanitarian Action 2012  09/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

PICNIC 2012  09/2012*
Speaker: Crowdsourcing & Big Data Verification

Turing Festival 2012  08/2012
Speaker: Citizen Science for Humanitarian Response

UN/ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Conference  07/2012
Speaker: Next-Generation Humanitarian Technology

MIT Innovation Lab on Big Data  07/2012
Speaker: Big Data and Self-Organization

ICTs in Areas of Limited Statehood   07/2012
Speaker: Crowdsourcing Crisis Mapping

Frontiers for Development (USAID)  06/2012
Speaker: The Rise of Digital Volunteers

Explorers Symposium 2012 (National Geographic)  05/2012
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

The Future of Liberal Internationalism (Princeton)  05/2012*
Speaker: Networked Governance

Revolution: People, Politics & Change (NYU)  04/2012
Speaker: Crisis Mapping and Political Change

Where 2.0  04/2012
Speaker: Micro-Tasking Satellite Imagery Analysis

Skoll World Forum 2012 — 03/2012
Speaker: Innovation in Flux

SXSW 2012 — 03/2012
Speaker: Beyond Cyber Optimism and Skepticism

Crisis in the Horn of Africa (NDU) — 03/2012
Speaker: Humanitarian technology in the Horn 

How To Curate and Verify Online Info — 03/2012
Speaker: Tips and tricks from Information Forensics 

Truthiness in Digital Media (Harvard) — 03/2012

Data-Based Conflicts (UBC) — 03/2012
Speaker: Introduction to Crisis Mapping

Mobile World Congress 2012 — 02/2012
Speaker: Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Crisis Mapping

Digital Disease Detection (Harvard) — 02/2012
Keynote: Lessons Learned from Crisis Mapping

Tech@State — 02/2012
Speaker: Time-Critical Crowdsourcing for Crisis Mapping


International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 11/2011
Keynote: Mainstreaming Crisis Mapping

Club de Madrid 2011 — 11/2011
Speaker: Role of Technology in Democratic Change

CrowdConf 2011 — 11/2011
Speaker: Micro-Tasking for Crisis Response 

World Affairs Council — 11/2011
Speaker: Role of Technology in Poverty Alleviation 10/2011

PopTech 2011 — 10/2011

Net Impact 2011 — 10/2011
Speaker: Next Generation of Mobile Innovations in Emergencies

IPI World Congress 2011 — 09/2011
Speaker: Role of New Media in Crisis Management

Qatar Foundation — 09/2011
Speaker: Operational Crisis Mapping

ICT4D: The Power of Information — 09/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping for Human Rights

LSE: Every Casualty Counts — 09/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourcing to Estimate Casualty Counts in Conflict

The Same Wavelength — 09/2011
Speaker: Crowdsourcing Social Media for Good

ICRC Global Communications Forum — 09/2011
Keynote: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

TEDxKC: If and Only IF — 08/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

MORE 25: Modeling Disaster Risk — 07/2011
Speaker: Using Crowdsourced Data to Model Risk  

TTI/Vanguard: Real Time — 07/2011
Speaker: Time Critical Crowdsourcing for Crisis Mapping

Crowdsourced Mapping for Emergency Response — 07/2011

Mapping as a Peacebuilding Tool — 06/2011
Speaker: A Brief History of Crisis Mapping

LinuxConf — 06/2011
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

TEDx Silicon Valley — 05/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Berkeley Human Rights Conference — 04/2011
Speaker: Disaster Response 2.0

Where 2.0 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Disaster Response 2.0

Re:Campaign 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time 

Re:Publica 2011 — 04/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Skoll World Forum 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time  

Golden Tag 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Share Conference 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: Changing the World, One Map at a Time

Amnesty International Annual Meeting — 03/2011
Speaker: Bearing Witness in the Era of New Media

Humanitarian Action Summit 2011 — 03/2011
Speaker: The New Generation of Humanitarian Practitioners


Foo News Camp — 12/2010

Personal Democracy Forum Chile 2010 — 11/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

Early Warning for Protection — 11/2010
Speaker: Role of Technology in Prevention of Mass Atrocities

PopTech 2010 — 10/2010
Speaker: Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping in Haiti

Validating Geo-Information for Crisis Management — 10/2010
Keynote: Crowdsourcing and Crisis Mapping for Crisis Response

International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 10/2010
Keynote: The State of Crisis Mapping 

Google Crisis Response Conference — 10/2010
Speaker: Ushahidi and CrisisMappers Network  

Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit — 09/2010 
Speaker: Lessons Learned from Haiti Disaster Response

Red Cross Emergency Social Data Summit — 08/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfeeding

Emergency Management Conference Australia — 06/2010
Keynote: Crowdsourcing Crisis Response

Personal Democracy Forum 2010 — 06/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping in Action

Gov 2.0 Expo 2010 — 05/2010
Speaker: Technology for disaster response

HIVOS: New Media for Human Rights — 04/2010
Speaker: Technology for social change 

Clinton Global Initiative University — 04/2010

Twitter Chirp Conference — 04/2010
Speaker: Technology for Social Change

UN Global Pulse Conference — 04/2010
Speaker: Lessons Learned in Conflict Early Warning

Where 2.0 2010 — 03/2010
Speaker: Crisis Mapping Haiti


Innovation in International Humanitarian Action — 11/2009
Speaker: Utilizing New Technologies for Humanitarian Action

International Conference of Crisis Mappers — 10/2009
Keynote: An Introduction to Crisis Mapping 

A Better World by Design 2009 — 10/2009

Human Rights, Technology and New Media Berkeley — 05/2009

ICT for Development (ICT4D 2009) — 04/2009
Speaker: Impact of New Technology on Democratic Tendencies

Humanitarian Action Summit 2009 — 03/2009
Speaker: Crisis Mapping for Applied Technology

Improving Humanitarian Information in Crises — 03/2009

New Challenges in Human Rights Communication — 02/2009
Speaker: Trends in Information Technology and Human Rights

International Studies Association (ISA) 2009 — 02/2009
Speaker: Impact of ICTs on Anti-Government Protests

LIFT 2009 — 02/2009


International News in a New Media World  12/2008
Speaker: The Rising Role of Citizen Journalism

Mobile Active 2008  11/2008
Speaker: Using Mobile Technology for Digital Activism

Digital Media in Repressive Regimes  11/2008
Speaker: Digital Activism and Networked Protests

Social Web: Towards Networked Political Protests  11/2008
Speaker: Networked ICTs and Protests

Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict  09/2008
Keynote: The Future of Conflict Early Warning 

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2008 — 10/2008
Speaker: Impact of ICTs on Authoritarian Rule and Civil Resistance

Global Voices Summit — 06/2008

Community-Centered Conflict Prevention — 05/2008
Speaker: Tactical Conflict Early Warning and Response

Politics 2.0 — 04/2008

International Studies Association (ISA) 2008 — 03/2008
Speaker: New ICTs, Civil Resistance and Conflict Early Warning


OCHA Symposium on Humanitarian Information — 10/2007

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2007 — 10/2007
Speaker: Conflict Processes as Complex Systems

Digital Earth Conference — 06/2007

International Studies Association (ISA) 2007 — 03/2007
Speaker: Complexity Science for Conflict Early Response 

Earth Systems Science — 11/2006
Speaker: Early Warning of Environmental Change & Conflict

American Political Science Association (APSA) 2006 — 09/2006
Speaker: Natural Disasters, Casualties and Power Laws

Conflict, Health and Human Security — 06/2006
Speaker: Early Warning for Conflict and Health

Expert Meeting on Early Warning — 04/2006
Speaker: Best Practices in Conflict Early Warning

International Studies Association (ISA) 2006  04/2006
Speaker: Environmental Influences of Environmental Conflict 

Climate Science for Decision Making — 11/2005
Speaker: Mainstreaming Conflict & Environmental Early Warning

Climate Change and Human Security — 06/2005
Speaker: Environmental Influences of Environmental Conflict

Natural Resources Related Conflict Management — 09/2005
Speaker: Resource Conflicts and Early Warning

Conflict Early Warning in the OSCE — 11/2004
Speaker: Early Warning in the Economic Domain 

Conflict Early Warning Systems — 08/2004
Speaker: Conflict Early Warning in the Horn of Africa

Understanding Environment, Conflict & Cooperation — 01/2004
Speaker: Conflict Early Warning & Environmental Security


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