Are Rabbits Good Pets? Getting a Pet Rabbit: What to Expect?

are rabbits good pets

Rabbits may be the most popular option for pets, after dogs and cats. And for good reason! They’re very loving, quite small, and utterly adorable. Watching them zoom around or nap next to you is a sure way to increase your oxytocin levels.

If you’ve always wanted to own a rabbit, you would have thought “are rabbits good pets?” Here’s all the information you need about rabbits so that you can make an educated decision.

Pros Of Owning a Rabbit

Pros Of Owning a Rabbit

There’s no lack of advantages when it comes to owning a rabbit for a pet. Here are some pros that will most definitely make you want to adopt a little bunny for yourself.

#1. Long Lifespan

Did you know rabbits can live up to 10 years and more?

Their lifespan is highly dependent on their breed and the place they live in. If taken care of properly, rabbits can live for over a decade. Indoor rabbits usually live longer than outdoor rabbits as they’re safe from danger and are not exposed to diseases.

#2. Quiet Pets

To those of you who aren’t too fond of too much noise and ruckus, rabbits are the pets you’d want to own. They’re one of the quietest creatures you can have at your place.

There will be no disturbances and you don’t have to worry about neighbors complaining about an unruly pet.

As long as you keep them calm, fed, and stress-free, they’re going to be problem-free pets.

#3. Gentle and Affectionate

Rabbits are quite friendly when they become attached to you. They are never aggressive and don’t cause too much of a problem. They do, however, love hogging your attention when they feel like it, and it’s quite an amusing sight.

They’re shy at first glance but get quite comfortable when they trust you. They’re gentle with their requests for food or petting. They’re the ideal fur friends for people who love quiet, stress-free lifestyles.

#4. Can be Trained

Rabbits are extremely intelligent creatures. They’re quite intuitive and can grasp commands with training. You could even teach them little tricks.

If you want to take them outside, you can even teach them how to walk with a harness on. While some rabbits aren’t too keen on exploring their surroundings, your bunny can be a social butterfly who loves hopping around. They can be litter-trained too.

#5. Groom Themselves

The best part about rabbits is that you never have to give them a bath. Actually, it might be a very bad idea to bathe your rabbit as they can go into shock, which may even be fatal.

They’re constantly grooming themselves, sometimes more so than cats. You can expect them to smell fine all the time. Clean out their litter box regularly so your house doesn’t get smelly.

Otherwise, rabbits are quite easy to maintain when it comes to grooming.

Cons Of Owning a Rabbit

Cons Of Owning a Rabbit

There are some concerns that come with owning a pet. Some of these issues will help you decide, are rabbits good pets for you.

#1. Require Lots of Attention

After adapting to their surroundings, rabbits get comfortable enough to seek your attention. If you’re busy, they can get bored pretty easily.

This is an issue, as they can get very sad and lose interest in doing things. You must be able to give them the time and attention they require. Also, rabbits are crepuscular, which means they’re awake around dawn and dusk. It’s the best time to play with them.

#2. Prey To Other Animals

Rabbits are natural-born prey. In the wild, they tend to become easy fodder for bigger animals in the food chain.

Even if you live with an indoor rabbit, they do remain at risk for being attacked by the likes of dogs, poultry, and most other animals they come into contact with.

#3. Require Specific Medical Care

If you own a rabbit, you’re going to have to look for vets who have special knowledge in dealing with rabbits. Their physical health is quite complex and requires specific attention from licensed professionals.

So you’ll have to ensure that you’ve got an informed vet for your bunny.

8 Things To Keep in Mind Before Getting a Pet Rabbit

8 Things To Keep in Mind

Before you decide to take the plunge and get yourself a bunny, tick the items off this checklist:

#1. Finances

Owning rabbits and caring for them is usually expensive. This includes their adoption, diet, their unusually expensive medical care, and other maintenance needs. You’ll want to spay and neuter them as well, so they don’t get finicky or sick later.

#2. Bunny Housing

Rabbits need a lot of space to run around. They don’t do too well if stuck in enclosed spaces for too long. You need to get rabbit pens that give them space but also let them access you whenever they want.

#3. Bunny Proofing

While rabbits are quite fragile, they’re also quite the explorers. This combination isn’t the best. Bunny-proof the entire house, or at least the room they’re in. They’re quite notorious for messing with anything in their line of sight.

#4. Enrichment

A bored rabbit might become a nightmare, especially if left unsupervised. Buy them chewing toys, plushies, and obstacle-filled enclosures so they don’t get too bored and chew their way out of the house.

#5. Litter Box Training

Usually, when you adopt a bunny, they’re already litter-trained. If they aren’t, make sure to slowly use positive reinforcement to train them to use their litter box. Be patient with this process.

#6. Nutrition

Rabbits and carrots — not the one true pair that everyone thinks they are.

They require a balanced, nutritious diet. For example, a lot of grass and veggies, completely devoid of any allergens. If not, they can develop health issues quite quickly, which can get fatal.

#7. Traveling

Bunnies are not the biggest fans of unfamiliar spaces. They get stressed immediately and can act out. Get your bunny a trustworthy babysitter. In case you travel a lot, bunnies might not be the best option for you. Traveling with them can get tricky.

#8. Children and Rabbits

Kids love picking up whatever catches their eye. Although rabbits are very affectionate and gentle, they loathe being picked up. It’s best to not involve rabbits in a situation where kids are consistently present.

Given that they’re fragile, any mishandling from kids could freak them out quickly. It’s important to learn how to properly handle a rabbit before you even think of getting one.

A Few Parting Words

Bunnies are incredible, gentle, lovely animals who can be a delight to have around. If you’re keen on owning one, make sure you’re informed on are rabbits good pets and what goes into caring for a rabbit.

Once you’re familiar with caring for rabbits, they can be the cutest pets you will ever own!

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