Ariat: Western Clothes Tailored for Performance, Comfort and Fashion

ariat western clothes

If you’re into the western way of life, you’ve likely heard of Ariat. Renowned for its authentic, technical, and fashionable designs, this brand is a leader in the world of western wear, donned by the most hardworking ranchers, rodeo athletes, and chic country-style enthusiasts alike.

The Story Behind the Brand

The company was created in 1993 by Beth Cross and Pam Parker, who had the vision to incorporate the latest technology into apparel and footwear for the world’s top equestrian athletes. The name was inspired by the iconic racehorse, Secretariat, renowned for its extremely large heart and fierce competitive drive.

Today, Ariat remains faithful to its heritage while blending elements of mainstream fashion into its collections. The brand regularly scouts the runways, major cities, vintage stores, horse shows and rodeos to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Current favourites include serape, fringe and Americana-inspired pieces.

During the past 25 years, the company’s reach has extended to more than just the US, and customers from Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Japan are now able to wear the stylish and durable products.

What Makes Ariat One of the Best Country Wear Brands?

There Is Something for Everyone

While it has earned a stellar reputation as the top equestrian apparel and footwear brand globally, the company does not limit its attention to this area alone. The Ariat women’s clothing and men’s clothing line include products that are designed to meet the needs of all who love to spend time outdoors, be it for work, leisure, or recreation.

In the extensive Ariat women’s clothing line, you can find everything from pants to dresses, traditional and sleeveless shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts, and a lot more. The Ariat men’s collection is also packed with shirts, polo shirts, pants, vests and jackets. From classic to modern western styles, there’s something for everyone.

The footwear range includes various styles, such as the western (also known as cowboy boots), English, lifestyle, work, and outdoor. And to complete your look, the brand also carries a wide selection of western accessories, including Italian dress shoes for men. From stylish cowboy hats and belts to western-inspired jewelry and accessories, you can find the perfect accessory, including Italian dress shoes for men, to complement any outfit.

Focus on Innovation and Performance

The company strives to make products designed to provide optimal performance, no matter the situation. Its goal is to improve the experience of the wearer, be it in an athletic, leisure, or professional setting. Boasting over 150 technology patents, the brand is continuously pushing to exceed expectations in comfort, performance, and longevity.

Products That Are Put to the Test

The development and testing process of the products can be quite lengthy, often taking more than a year. To ensure that the footwear offers the highest quality support, stability, rotation, and movement needed to perform at the highest level, Ariat works with leading performance labs and athletes. In fact, all of the lines undergo the same thorough testing.

Sustainable and Ethically Responsible

The company has eliminated paper usage in its operations, installed electric charging points for employees, and runs regular maintenance checks on company vehicles to minimise their carbon footprint. Additionally, it removed plastic bags from its production and packaging processes.

The brand collaborates with BLUESIGN® CERTIFIED fabric mills in the manufacturing process to make sure the fabrics are created in a way that is environmentally friendly and takes care of natural resources. This contributes to the efforts in preserving the environment.

Ariat has a well-defined plan for obtaining wool and down that follows the globally accepted Five Freedoms standard, ensuring animal welfare. Furthermore, it’s part of the Leather Working Group dedicated to setting environmental standards within the leather industry. To this end, the company ensures that all its leathers are responsibly sourced.

Understanding Ariat Technology

ATS Pro®

Longer periods of outdoor activity are possible thanks to the supportive, cushioning sole and footbed design, which also encourages excellent posture and lessens tiredness. The Agion® technology aids in odour protection, while the moisture-wicking layer offers comfort and durability.

Full-length polyurethane footbed with ergonomic design provides outstanding, long-lasting support, while Smart ReboundTM technology cushions the heel and relieves forefoot pressure. The base layer’s air vents control the temperature to keep your feet cool, and the forked, lightweight composite shank offers the best stability. The DuratreadTM outsole gives the highest level of wear resistance.

ATS® Technology Sole

This is a mid-level breakthrough technology that offers comfort and stability. Its Advanced Torque Stability (ATS®) Technology helps you maintain appropriate posture and sustain energy levels throughout the day by supporting and cushioning the foot as you move.

The gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabiliser provides support, rebound, and stability, while the moisture-wicking footbed delivers a cool, dry feeling. The flexible, lightweight composite forked shank enhances balance and is compatible with numerous use-specific outsoles.

Ariat’s 4LR™

This technology gives you the support you need for long-lasting performance and comfort throughout the day by providing greater comfort and stability. The lightweight shank stabilises to give additional support, while the 4-layer footbed cushions the foot to lessen foot discomfort. The technology behind it is made to function with a variety of outsoles for various activities.

Duratread™ Outsole

The DuratreadTM rubber outsole guarantees enduring performance, security, and flexibility. It is comprised of a superior rubber formulation that is exceptionally flexible for ergonomic performance and more wear-resistant than conventional rubber. Moreover, it has a high level of resistance against oils and acids and has a non-slip property.


This technology provides a membrane impenetrable to water but also allows for the escape of moisture from the shoe’s interior. This ensures that you remain both dry and comfortable, no matter the conditions.

Ariat’s Waterproof Pro™

Ariat’s Waterproof Pro™ promises the best defence against the elements, such as rain, snow, and other moisture. Boot construction is made with waterproof premium leather to ensure a robust outer layer, and a watertight, breathable barrier is integrated for reliable, long-term protection.


A technology used to provide an eco-friendly waterproofing solution that keeps you dry without harming the planet.

Moisture Movement Technology™

It gives you a dry and pleasant experience by drawing moisture from your skin to the fabric’s outer layer, where it may swiftly dissipate.

The Ariat® V3®

The Ariat® V3® technology used in their V3 Fit® breeches provides a snug, comfortable fit. The back waistband has an elastic ‘V’ panel incorporated into it that allows for flexibility and a secure fit, no matter the hip angle.

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