51 Most Exciting Baby Trivia Questions and Answers

baby trivia questions and answers

If you are planning to host a baby shower party or a party to celebrate your safe delivery, baby trivia questions and answers are a perfect way to keep your guests entertained. Trivia is a fun way for your guests to interact with each other and learn a few things about each other.

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But which baby trivia questions and answers are perfect for your event? This article offers you the ultimate list of the most exciting baby trivia questions and answers.

51 Baby Trivia Questions and Answers

  • Pregnancy Baby Trivia Questions and Answers


Pregnancy is different for every woman. Some experience severe sickness and fatigue all through, while others carry their pregnancies to term without experiencing sickness or fatigue.

Whatever your pregnancy experience, you’ll need to find ways to stay busy throughout the pregnancy period. Here are some exciting pregnancy baby trivia questions and answers to distract you from nausea and fatigue.

1. Question: “Which is the most common food craving during pregnancy for mothers across the world?”
Answer: “Pickles.”

2. Question: “When do your baby’s fingerprints develop?”
Answer: “In the first three months of pregnancy.”

3. Question: “A pregnant woman’s blood volume increases significantly. Do you know how much?”
Answer: “Blood Volume increases by 50% approximately.”

4. Question: “Babies can yawn in the womb. True or false?”
Answer: “True.”

5. Question: “At what point can your gynecologist correctly identify your baby’s gender?”
Answer: “After 18-20 weeks into the pregnancy.”

6. Question: “We all know the general duration of pregnancy is of 280 days. Do you know the number of days in the longest recorded pregnancy?”
Answer: “It was 375 days.”

7. Question: “Are all babies born with blue eyes?”
Answer: “No. Babies born with brown eyes are more common.”

8. Question: “Pregnancy increases symptoms of allergies in mothers. True or false?”
Answer: “True.”

9. Question: “To be sure of your pregnancy, what is the best time to take the test?”
Answer: “One week after a missed period.”

10. Question: “Can a baby taste the food mothers eat in the womb?”
Answer: “Yes.”

11. Question: “What percentage of babies arrive on their due date?”
Answer: “Only five percent.”

  • Baby Shower Baby Trivia Questions and Answers

Baby Shower

If you are having a baby shower party soon, you need to find exciting games to keep your guests busy and entertained. You should take the entertainment of your guests to the next level with these baby shower baby trivia questions and answers. They’ll entertain your guests and give them an idea of what to expect when they become pregnant.

12. Question: “How long does it take for a baby to recognize or differentiate between familiar people?”
Answer: “By approximately 3 months of age, babies can differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar faces.”

13. Question: “At what age babies can taste salt?”
Answer: “Babies can taste sweet and sour, but it is only by 3 to 4 months of age that their taste buds can recognize salt.”

14. Question: “Are babies born without kneecaps?”
Answer: “Yes, babies are born without kneecaps. They, instead, have cartilage that later turns into bone as babies grow and develop.”

15. Question: “On average, how much does it take to raise a child from birth to 17 years, in America?”
Answer: “It may take approximately 285,000 USD on average.”

16. Question: “Which is the first sense a baby acquires after birth?”
Answer: “The sense of touch.”

17. Question: “At what age a baby can smile socially?”
Answer: “Anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks after birth.”

18. Question: “How many bones does a newborn baby have?”
Answer: “A newborn baby has 300 bones in his/her body.”

19. Question: “How far can a newborn baby see?”
Answer: “A baby can see only up to 8 to 14 inches.”

20. Question: “Which is the color that babies recognize first when their color vision begins to develop?”
Answer: “Babies observe the color red first then other colors, and by five months of age they can see the full spectrum of colors.”

21. Question: “How long does it take for the fingerprints to appear on a baby’s fingers?”
Answer: “Newborn babies have shallow and fine fingerprints, and they become prominent after six months of age.”

22. Question: “Name some popular baby shower games.”
Answer: “Bingo, Guess the Price, Feed the Baby, Sharing baby stories, You Can’t Say That, etc. are some popular baby shower games.”

23. Question: “What was the most significant attraction at Khloe Kardashian’s baby shower?”
Answer: “There were adorable elephant sculptors that were made of flowers.”

24. Question: “What was so special about Eva Longoria’s baby shower?”
Answer: “The baby shower decor was done in a bright yellow color!”

25. Question: “At what age do babies start having actual tears?”
Answer: “Babies start crying at birth, but babies start having tears by one month of age.”

26. Question: “What is the highest number of children born to a woman?”
Answer: “It is whooping 69!”

27. Question: “Which color was associated with baby boys in the 1900s?”
Answer: “It was the color pink because the concept of associating colors with genders didn’t happen back then.”

28. Question: “What are disposable diapers called in South Africa?”
Answer: “Disposable diapers that are usually known as Diapers in the US and Nappy in the UK are called Disposables in South Africa.”

29. Question: “Which colors were used for Ximena Duque’s baby shower?”
Answer: “All the decorations were done in grey and pink colors.”

30. Question: “What is the actual percentage of babies who are born on their due date?”
Answer: “Studies reveal that about four to five percent are born on the exact due date. However, approximately 80 percent are born anywhere between 38 to 42 weeks.”

31. Question: “How many extra calories should a woman eat in the third trimester?”
Answer: “In the third trimester, a pregnant woman should consume approximately 500 calories over and above the regular calorie intake.”

  • Unique Baby Trivia Questions and Answers


Every community has unique traditions and ideas for celebrating pregnancies and safe deliveries. These traditions make a good choice of exciting baby trivia questions and answers. Here are some of the unique baby trivia questions and answers for your celebrations.

32. Question: “Name the baby born with the highest number of teeth, 12.”
Answer: “Sean Keaney of the UK.”

33. Question: “What are baby shower parties known as in South Africa?”
Answer: “Stork parties.”

34. Question: “What is forbidden for pregnant Turkish women?”
Answer: “Turkish women are supposed to avoid looking at animals like monkeys, bears, camels, etc. instead, they are supposed to look at pleasant things.”

35. Question: “The highest number of babies born to a woman till now is 69. True or false?”
Answer: “True.”

36. Question: “Who was the lightest baby to survive ever?”
Answer: “Sabie was the lightest baby ever, born at 245 gm.”

37. Question: “What is the highest number of babies to survive in a single pregnancy?”
Answer: “Eight babies.”

38. Question: “Where does the word Baby come from?”
Answer: “It comes from the babbling of a baby described as Ba-ba-ba-ba.”

39. Question: “What was the weight of the heaviest baby ever born?”
Answer: “The heaviest baby weighed about 22lb 8oz (10.2 kg approx.).”

40. Question: “For buying a pacifier in England, one will have to ask for a ________?”
Answer: “A dummy.”

41. Question: “What is Japanese for a baby?”
Answer: “Akachan.”

  • Random Baby Facts Baby Trivia Questions and Answers


Babies have peculiar tendencies, most of which are only noticed by mothers. These are important baby facts that you can share with your friends at a baby shower party so that they can know how to take care of their babies when they give birth. You can present these baby facts in the form of baby trivia questions and answers.

42. Question: “A newborn baby can see up to _____?”
Answer: “Eight to fourteen inches only.”

43. Question: “It takes some time for a baby’s eye color to become fixed. How long does it take?”
Answer: “A baby’s eye color gets fixed as he or she turns one year old.”

44. Question: “Babies cannot recognize themselves in the mirror by the age of three. True or false?”
Answer: “False. Babies start recognizing themselves by the time they are 18 months to 2 years old.”

45. Question: “What is something that your baby can easily do while you absolutely cannot?”
Answer: “Swallow and breathe at the same time.”

46. Question: “How many bones does your baby have?”
Answer: “300 bones.”

47. Question: “Babies are born without knee caps. True or false?”
Answer: “True.”

48. Question: “Your baby will start smiling socially by the time they are _____ weeks old.”
Answer: “Between 6-8 weeks.”

49. Question: “When do babies start learning to talk?”
Answer: “They start learning to talk in the womb after about 25 weeks into pregnancy.”

50. Question: “What unique abilities are babies born with?”
Answer: “They are born with the ability to hold their breath and swim.”

51. Question: “What is a baby’s first poo known as?”
Answer: “Meconium.”

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