How to Build a Successful Travel App Like

build a successful travel app

Creating a successful app can be a generational wealth builder. However, the field is very crowded. The market is flooded with apps, and competition has never been fiercer. It is not enough to have an excellent idea when creating mobile apps. The planning and execution are what separate popular platforms from the ones that never see the light of day.

What You Need to Do to Build a Popular Online Travel Marketplace

Even with steep competition, it is still possible to build a feasible travel app. After all, who doesn’t love to travel? Take, for example. It is doing just fine, even with competition from the likes of Airbnb. Need help figuring out where to start? Read on.

Step 1: Select the App Type

A travel site can primarily be for accommodation bookings (short-term or long-term rentals). It could also be a holiday destination guide, listing things to do while in certain places, and more. Since there are already travel platforms in the market, you need to differentiate yourself to get a decent market share.

Step 2: Do Competitor Research

Look for other apps in your field and do a deep dive to analyze why they are successful and what needs improvement. Forum sites, message boards, and third-party review sites are great places to get honest customer sentiments. One of the most optimal ways to set your application apart is to seal the loopholes other apps are experiencing and capitalize on the difference.

Step 3: Choose Flagship Features for Your App

Instagram has pictures, Facebook lets you connect with old friends, and Shazam enables you to identify songs. What about your platform? Think about what will get you the most loyalty from users. Among the features you include should be what you discovered is lacking in other apps.

Step 4: Consult Travel Platform Developers

No doubt there are a lot of app developers out there, but you want a company specializing in the travel sector. The added experience and problem-solving capabilities in that specific niche are invaluable.

Even better, when working with an experienced travel app developer, you avoid mistakes that a firm without industry experience would make. Doing so will save you both time and precious money in the process.

Step 5: Plan the App

Get the interface and user experience designed with the most critical milestones in mind. That means making your platform’s most important features easily navigable and highly functional.

Also, define a target market and develop the app catering to its preferences and mannerisms. For example, suppose your primary audience will be seniors. In that case, you need to consider their eyesight and make the platform easier to use since that generation did not grow up with technology.

Step 6: Develop the App

Using seasoned developers is the best thing you can do for your app, especially if you have no coding experience or are building your first one. Creating mobile apps is not just about getting them coded but also troubleshooting and beta testing with a small, controlled audience. During the process, focus groups and other research methods are critical to catch any problems earlier and make improvements before the official release.

First impressions matter a lot in the online travel marketplace game. If users do not like your site at first contact, you are fighting a losing battle. Always remember to test user experience as well as functionality.


Even with a plethora of apps in different marketplaces, it is still possible to get a decent share of the pie, especially in the travel niche. Just look at what is already working in the market and determine how to set yourself apart from the competition.

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