Building A Community Around Your Channel

building community around your channel

Like other social networks today, YouTube isn’t just a platform for posting information. It’s a noisy and unique community. To gather the audience you need, it’s necessary to clearly define the topic and constantly maintain interest in the channel community.

You can learn how to grab attention and create a unique team around you, no matter what you’re creating content for. You don’t need many words, long texts, and thousands of pictures. Just use some of these essential hacks you can borrow for your channel community.

YouTube Is An Indispensable Promotion Assistant

Before YouTube appeared, users uploaded videos to different Internet resources and forums. Complex network throughput characteristics were required. But YouTube made video content available to everyone. Uploading videos became easy and fast.

The number of users has increased, and YouTube algorithms have changed. Viewers don’t want to get dumped out of content. Not all brand videos need to be featured on the channel. That’s why creating a community is essential.

Today YouTube is an active and thriving group of viewers. And there are rules like on Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, it’s vital to create content that is interesting for users. And what seems attractive only to viewers is also beneficial for the brands. For example, unboxing videos, tests and vlogs, and Q&A sections.

It’s an excellent way to promote the brand and attract a loyal audience and potential customers. But any video should be not only beautiful but also thoughtful, with a storyline. Therefore, it’s better to hire specialists or improve your writing skills to work out a script.

Organic audience engagement begins with the video cover and channel design – a great photo editor can help you get the desired result. You can adapt ready-made templates or create something unique by yourself.

The following tricks will help in building a channel community.

Raffle Gifts For Followers

Talking about the brand and its nuances is valuable and engaging but it also adds entertaining space. Run giveaways and assign rewards for viewers. Videos with answers to questions from subscribers also work well.

This way, you’ll get closer to your followers and show that their opinions and interests are meaningful to you. Contests are a powerful tool for interacting with subscribers. People feel your loyalty and interest in them.

Get To Know Your Subscribers

Studying the audience and expectations is vital to fill your account with valuable and exciting content. It’s the basis of YouTube promotion tactics to build your channel. It’s impossible to predict the desires of the audience.

Better go from the contrary and guess who is your audience and what is their lifestyle. What do they prefer? How and why do they use your product? By answering these questions, you’ll understand how best to present information about your brand to followers.

Depending on the age group, type of employment, social status, etc., people may be interested in:

  • unpacking;
  • question answer;
  • product overview;
  • streaming;
  • educational videos;
  • factory tours, etc.

Test different strategies, use YouTube analytics, and develop video topics that show the best results. Content creation starts with knowing your audience. Make videos that will delight viewers and attract new potential customers. And all interesting catchy videos begin with details. Think over not only the plot but also add background music to a video.

Create A Posting Schedule

Regular video posting is the basis of the YouTube community. Only with a clear schedule for the release of material you’ll expect loyalty and interest from the audience. Viewers will lose interest if you post videos once a month or vice versa make several videos in a short period and then disappear for a long time.

Once you decide on the channel’s topic and the content plan, you can make a schedule for the video’s release. It’ll help you understand what you’re moving toward and keep in touch with the audience.

Sometimes it’s recommended to update the schedule for the release of new videos or make a channel trailer. It helps the potential audience understand how attractive the channel is and how much you want to cooperate with customers.

Don’t try to upload all the videos stored in your archive. The company head’s speeches, conferences with journalists, funny incidents at corporate parties, etc., distract the audience. Engage in the development of a script for the video.

Create Loop Or Line From Video Clips

The logic of the narrative is essential for maintaining interest and attention. By leveraging the capabilities of the ai video editor, creators can effortlessly craft seamless loops or lines from their video clips. Followers willingly follow videos on one topic or category on the channel. So audience on one channel can be divided into subcategories. People may be interested and willing to study specific items and information.

And finally, videos on the same topic tell viewers that you think over the content and follow it, which means that you care about them. And the audience appreciates it.

Invest In Your Viewers

Advertising is essential for product promotion. But today, people want to see more naturalness and details, the actual effect of the product. Moreover, people willingly participate in sweepstakes and contests and come to the channels for gifts. But only those who will strike them in the heart and win their trust remain and get new customers. And this isn’t an easy task.

Create clubs and communities of interest. Let the fans tell your story. They’re the target audience and know better what content they’re interested in. Take the National Geographic case, which has launched a series of user videos inspired by Albert Einstein’s quotes.

You can also create a separate playlist for fans where they post their videos with your product. Participation in a big brand’s life inspires people and attracts new customers.

Besides, regular releases support the audience’s interest and help organically build a channel community. So, the money invested in content reduces the funds needed for paid promotion on Instagram and other social networks like YouTube, Facebook, etc.


Study all these hacks and use them to nurture your audience on YouTube. Today, brands are getting closer to customers, opening their productions’ secret doors and letting them see the interesting facts from the life of the company. Proximity to the audience is the key to success in the 21st century.

Gretchen Walker
Gretchen is a homemaker by day and writer by night. She takes a keen interest in life as it unfolds around her and spends her free time observing people go about their everyday affairs.