4 Carbon-Free, Smokeless Nicotine Products You Can Try

carbon free smokeless nicotine products

Nicotine is consumed regularly by millions of people across the country. However, taking it in the traditional manner — primarily through smoking — can have some unwanted side effects. Smoking sets back environmentally-friendly initiatives by releasing carbon into the air. It can also irritate your throat.

Feeling like there’s hair stuck in your throat isn’t the most comfortable sensation, which is probably why smokeless tobacco and nicotine products are beginning to be used more frequently. In fact, Statista reports that Americans spent over $7.4 billion on such products in 2020 alone.

You yourself might be interested in trying smokeless nicotine products that are also better for the environment. Below we discuss a few for you to consider.

1. Nicotine lozenges and gum

You may want to begin by trying the various nicotine candies available on the market. Foremost among them are lozenges and gum, which help your body absorb nicotine slowly through the mucous membranes present in the mouth. They usually come with different nicotine strengths, as well as flavors like mint and cinnamon.

You may want to note that nicotine gum lasts for about 30 minutes, while the lozenges last for around 10. They need to be chewed or sucked on slowly for more effective nicotine delivery.

2. Nicotine pouches

For a discreet, more efficient, and longer-lasting product, try nicotine pouches like Grinds. These slim pouches are designed to fit between the gum and the upper lip, where synthetic or tobacco-derived nicotine is absorbed directly by your body.

Unlike traditional dipping tobacco, Grinds and other nicotine pouches do not require spitting, making them a more socially acceptable option. They also come in a variety of flavors and strengths, allowing users to customize their experience. If you’re looking for a tobacco-free alternative to traditional chewing tobacco, Grinds and other nicotine pouches may be a good option to consider.

Online pouch provider Prilla shows that unlike similar tobacco products such as chewing tobacco, they prevent excess salivation and mouth staining. They also come in different flavors and nicotine concentrations, much like nicotine lozenges and gum.

However, nicotine pouches can last for up to an hour. This makes them perfect for prolonged ventures into no-smoking zones.

3. Nicotine patches

This is arguably the classic smokeless go-to for many people who consume nicotine. These FDA-approved products are basically stickers that are placed on the skin, which then absorbs the nicotine over the course of a few hours. Though patches can be worn for a full day, they can cause vivid dreams — so you might want to take them off before bed.

4. Heated tobacco

If you want to stay traditional with tobacco products, you can still go smokeless with heated tobacco devices. Heated tobacco first came into the public eye in 2016, when Philip Morris International’s IQOS began manufacturing and releasing them in Japan.

Though these nifty devices closely resemble e-cigarettes, they only heat tobacco enough to release the nicotine it contains. This has proven to be a more effective way to extract nicotine from tobacco. At the same time, heated tobacco also helps reduce the smell usually associated with smoking.

As the above products show, you can continue living the lifestyle you wish while reducing the negative impact on both your wellbeing and the environment. This guide can help you explore other avenues to do so when it comes to nicotine consumption. If you liked this article, consider checking out more health articles here on I Revolution.

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