How To Choose The Right Web Development Company

choose the right web development company

Choosing a web development firm today is an asterisked task. Hundreds of web studios offer their services, luring customers with prices and various services, framed by beautiful headlines and calls to action. To choose a company to create a website, a potential client is forced to spend his time browsing sites, reading reviews, and analyzing pricing policies.

But even this is not a guarantee that the choice will fall on a professional performer, ordering a site from whom the client will be satisfied. How to choose a web development company to create a website and be satisfied with the result? Let’s talk about this in the article.

What does a web development company do?

Any business that interacts with customers online needs a beautiful and simple web product. That is why web development companies, like LoungeLizard, offer the following services:

  • Website or web application design (collection and analysis of requirements, development of technical specifications, interface design);
  • Development of a creative concept for the site;
  • Creation of the design concept of the site like offered by a UX agency in Singapore;
  • Creation of page layouts;
  • Creation of multimedia objects;
  • The layout of pages and templates;
  • Programming (development of functional tools) or integration into a content management system (CMS);
  • Optimization and placement of site materials;
  • Testing and making adjustments;
  • Publication of the project on the hosting;
  • Maintenance of the working site or its software base.

How to find a good website development company: 4 steps

1. Determine the main task of the website.

Eighty-five percent of all projects are projects aimed at achieving a specific goal. First of all, sales and calls from the website. Awareness of this on your part and on the part of the developer is an important point when it comes to web design and usability.

If you want to know how to choose a web design agency, do not look for agencies that paint you only a beautiful picture. The most beautiful website can not give the result that is achieved only by competent usability, functionality, optimization, and reliable operation of the web resource.

2. Portfolio

True cases will make your decision much easier. Firstly, you look at examples of works and evaluate the general literacy of the Internet studio, and secondly, you can personally verify the capability of the finished projects and, possibly, determine the finished one similar to yours.

At this stage, it would not hurt to contact the agency’s clients to find out everything you are interested in about the work of the Internet studio.

3. Get acquainted with the budget

The most important thing for the client is to find out the price of website development. Unlike an ordinary freelancer, in web studios, the cost of services is agreed upon and fixed in a commercial offer sent by a project manager who maintains two-way communication with you. In a good development studio, the commercial offer describes in detail the cost of each stage of work down to the smallest tasks and the deadlines are ironclad.

Thus, in the end, it is more convenient and profitable to get a detailed estimate of website development than to have a financial agreement concluded superficially, in a hurry, and with a large markup in order to cover unappreciated details of the project that you might not need.

4. All in one!

When choosing a web studio, rely on the following criteria, and you will not go wrong.

Speed of work: imagine that you make a site in one agency, and then it is optimized for search engines in another, and in addition, you need someone like an Internet marketer who will control all these processes. The processes are long, not coordinated, and completely irrational. By entrusting a web studio with a turnkey website with a full range of services, you will save much more time and money.

The advantage of a corporate approach to the project is obvious:

An accurate understanding of technical specifications at every step – for example, the designer draws taking into account the future functionality, guided by the support and advice of the software developer.

If you are planning to promote your site in a search engine, then in Digital-agencies website optimization for search engines begins from the first steps of development: SEO-friendly websites will not have to be overhauled in the future to meet the requirements of search engines. This saves time and resources and directly affects the success of search promotion, because besides you personally, the web studio is also interested in successful SEO promotion.

Of course, gathering specialists from different fields under one roof is a difficult task. And this can cause fluctuations in their professionalism. So again, pay attention to the portfolio and experience.

How to find good web developers: questions to ask

It is important to find a company that can implement the project from scratch and provides a full development cycle, starting from planning, design, and programming and ending with its promotion in the network.

When choosing a website development company, be sure to ask

– are they able to provide a full cycle of web design, development and promotion services at the highest level?

– do they have experience in SEO and success in bringing clients to the top of Google?

– do they provide copywriting services that allow you to create quality content for both the site and the social network?

– are there any technical support services for the site after development?

Make sure that the company is experienced and really able to create for you not just a website, but an effective resource that will bring results and pay off your investment.

Let’s summarize

Before you agree to cooperate with a web studio, conduct a small analysis of the company on all the above factors. Do not forget to consider the issue of price – professional performers will never work for a penny. Analyze the pricing of services in your city and choose a company that offers a range of services at an average cost.

Do not rush to choose, communicate with managers of web studios to choose a developer who will fully satisfy your needs.

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