Conclusion Transition Words: A List with Definitions and Examples

conclusion transition words

If you are looking to convey your thoughts in a clear and concise manner, you will need the help of transition words. Whether you use them in academic or professional writing, they exist to provide the reader with the necessary means to understand your train of thought.

By using transition words, you allow the reader to actively explore the relationship between adjacent paragraphs, sentences, and phrases in your text.

With that said, there are different types of transition words. For the time being, we will focus solely on conclusion transition words. So without further ado, let us begin!

What are Conclusion Transition Words?

What are Conclusion Transition Words

Conclusion transition words serve as an interlude to the summary of your thoughts regarding the matter at hand. In other words, they alert the reader that you are about to band together all of your previous thoughts into one final statement.

Ultimately, they can either make or break the impact your text has on the reader. To that end, you must know how and when to use them. Since mastering the art of summarizing your thoughts effectively takes practice, we will help you get started with an alphabetical list of conclusion transition words and some examples.

Letter A

• All things considered

We’ve been friends for over ten years. All things considered, we get along pretty well.

• As shown above

We updated our firmware yesterday. As shown above, we’re running on the latest version.

• As has been noted

As has been noted in our scientific paper, it’s nigh impossible to defy gravity.

• After all

We’re going to go trick-or-treating today. After all, it’s Halloween.

• Altogether

We have gone to great lengths to make this happen without putting anyone at risk. Altogether, I believe our efforts were worth the trouble.

• All in all

You say that just to make me question your motives, but we both know that you’re a horrible liar. All in all, you don’t know how to fabricate a story.

Letters B, D, F, and G

• By and large

By and large, a day off was exactly what I needed.

• Definitely

I don’t know about him or her, but you can definitely count me in!

• For the most part

I’m not up to date with the current trends. For the most part, I’ve been out of touch.

• Generally speaking

It’s hardly even noon and I’m tired already. Generally speaking, I could use a nap.

• Given these points

Everything has been addressed and outlined accordingly. Given these points, we can now come to an agreement.

Letter I

• In the final analysis

We’ve run the numbers on multiple occasions through our system. In the final analysis, statistics were the same.

• In the long run

It’s easy for you to say that now, but in the long run, I’m sure you’ll regret it.

• In a word

What you’re saying doesn’t hold water. In a word, you’re wrong.

• In fact

The probability is below zero. In fact, it’s not even worth mentioning.

• In summary

In summary, she has a lot to say.

• In conclusion

A molecule of water comprises two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. In conclusion, water has three atoms.

• In brief

If you’re looking to start a fight, I wouldn’t recommend it. In brief, walk away.

• In short

I’d love to talk more but I have other matters to tend to. In short, I have to go.

• In essence

We could go on about this forever, but it wouldn’t get us anywhere. In essence, there’s no point in discussing it.

• In any event

This has been a lovely evening but I don’t think I can stay over. In any event, I’m going back home.

• In either case

We can turn left or right. In either case, the road will take us to the highway.

Letter O

• On balance

On balance, my annual income has taken a nosedive.

• Overall

The shirt’s fabric is soft to the touch and breathable. Overall, I’d say it’s great for the skin.

• Ordinarily

That’s strange. Ordinarily, he’s never this late.

• On the whole

I need to touch up a few things but on the whole, I’m satisfied with how the painting turned out.

Letters T and U

• To summarize / To sum up

I know that this has been a very long story about our vacation. To summarize, we had a great time.

• Ultimately

We have overcome our greatest fears. Ultimately, we prevailed.

• Usually

The weather is strangely warm for this time of the year. Usually, it’s much colder.

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