The Cultural Contradictions Of American Education

cultural contradictions of american education

The United States of America – a country of many great achievements and tons of influence over the global pop culture, economics, and politics. While America’s important position is undeniable, there are some problems that remain unsolved inside the country. One of them is education, which nowadays is the foundation for every member of society.

However, there are certain dilemmas that allow us to ask questions regarding whether the system is efficient. And we always see some bad situations that many students search for “do my dissertation” online to get rid of their own things. That’s not good for education.

Below you will find a few hints on why American education services aren’t ideal and what would be necessary to change the state of things. No matter if you believe in equality in education and society or not, you should try to grasp the views explained in our simple points.


The number one trait cherished in every American household, is the age-old individualism. But do not mistake this for being egocentric or arrogant, – there is some form of beauty when it comes to the individual approach. Young Americans learn this from a very young age, from their parents. Many essay examples explain how mothers perceive their kid’s actions as very individual and expressing their individuality, compared to other western mothers.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how important individualism is in America, and that’s why you check this essay on american culture right now. This character trait is highly valued, and most American citizens keep it throughout their life. This can be seen both in the way laws are structured, freedom of speech is implemented, and how society is perceived.

Unity of a group

This point might seem like it goes against the first one, and it, in fact, does. But they’re both true at the same time. A single individual unit might be a saint in America, but a group is holy. This can be proven by local church communities, state sports teams and also college groups. Days such as the 4th of July only cement the idea of unity and make sure each individual also feels a connection with others.

The whole concept of unity goes against the idea of individualism, but for some strange reason it works, and they both complement each other. Perhaps it is necessary to keep the society as a whole, especially with many ethnicities and income groups. Surprisingly, it works in The United States and might be the fuel to the nation’s success.

The education gap

The country has been struggling for many years to ensure equality among students of all sorts. While higher education is perceived as very desirable and meaningful in America, not everyone can afford it themselves. And it doesn’t seem that the problem will be resolved anytime soon. With the way university costs are set, a large group of people simply can’t afford education and are unable to continue learning for their dream job.

That being said, a degree is just a luxury for some of the fortunate ones, who are in a position to pay for the schooling process. Of course, scholarships, and other financial support options are there to help, but it’s simply a minor solution to a giant problem. Compared to some other western countries, where even uni education is free, America still has a long way to go.

The income class gap

Due to the differences in income and worldviews, it’s hard for students to progress into the higher income class, as they have fewer opportunities. This means that a child of working-class parents will most likely stay in the same positions as their parents. Why exactly? The educational system favours the middle-class and heavily focuses on them instead.

That doesn’t really come off as surprising, considering how strong the middle class is in terms of size. However, depriving one student of something just because they are in a worse position can seem quite unfair. This might be the biggest reason why many people in America simply think about the learning system as bad education.


The educational system in America is surely not perfect, and many little tweaks need to be made in order to compensate for the current problems. At the same time, there are certain values cherished by this nation that only make their society stronger.

Hopefully, this essay made you think about the pros and cons of education in the USA… And perhaps you might be the one who comes up with the best fixes possible to help simplify the schooling system?

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