Cute Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine: 6 Ideas

cute ways to ask someone to be your valentine

What are some cute ways to ask someone to be your Valentine? It seems like everything has been tried before and that there are no new, creative methods to approach that special someone.

But in this article, you will learn that originality isn’t really gone. With these handy ideas, you will be able to ask any eager love interest to spend this special day with you.

When Should You Ask the Girl to Be Your Valentine?


Let’s start this section off with a question. Has this situation ever happened to you? It’s February 13th, you drum up the courage to approach the person of your dreams, and when you ask them to be your Valentine, they decline.

It’s quite painful, and the reasons they might give you don’t really help:

• “I think it’s better if we stayed friends.”
• “I’m already going with someone else.”
• “I don’t really do Valentine’s Day.”
• “I’m into girls/boys.”
• “Ew, go away!”
• “No, but thank you for asking, that’s so sweet!”

So, what do any of those rejections have to do with you asking on February 13th? Well, it’s simple — you failed to take proper timing into account.

The best time to ask a person to be your Valentine always has to be well before the actual day itself. The safest bet is asking on February 1st. Why that early, you may ask? Well, for several reasons:

• If they reject you, you can ask someone else
• If they reject you, there’s still time for them to reconsider
• In case they say yes, you have time to organize the perfect Valentine’s Day event/date/meetup
• In case they say yes, but give up halfway through, you will still have time to ask someone else.

6 Cute Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

Cute Ways

#1: List of Reasons

This method is simple, yet effective. All it requires is you type up a list of reasons why this special someone should be your Valentine. But don’t make the reasons dry or uninteresting. Instead, employ your wit and make them stand out.

Make them funny, amusing, and even endearing. Then print the list out on a piece of colored paper and present it to them with a rose.

#2: A Picture and a Thousand Words

Speaking of pieces of paper, you can always draw something for your future Valentine. Again, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, or something dull. Just draw from the heart and add a little Valentine’s Day question. Maybe an image of you with a rose extended to them.

#3: The Direct Approach

Sometimes, it’s best to be direct and intimate. And here’s the most direct method:

• Look them in the eyes
• Softly take their hand
• Get down on your knee
• Pull out a rose
• Without a quiver in your voice, ask them to be your Valentine.

It’s a powerful psychological approach, and it works more often than you think. Most people, after all, love confidence.

#4: Musical Endeavors

And confident individuals, as it appears, are not afraid to be a little goofy in public. For instance, are you into music? It doesn’t really matter — even an amateur can write a song and sing it to a love interest in public.

Alternatively, you can always play them a tune, a rose between your teeth, and ask them either through the verses or once the song is over.

#5: Puns Work Wonders

“Danny, oof! Can you give me a bandaid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you!” “Jessica, please accept this flower, because your lovely face ROSE me from the dead.” “What’s sweet and comes in little, bite-sized pieces, Danielle? You, because you’re as petite and delicious as this chocolate with your name on it.”

Land one of these lines or more and you’re guaranteed to be coupled for Valentine’s.

#6: Flowers Rarely Fail

Did you spot a theme throughout these Valentine’s Day ideas? Well, one motif keeps repeating itself — flowers.

Of course, there are plenty of ways you can give flowers to your Valentine-to-be. Our favorite is giving them a bouquet of 11 real roses and a single plastic one. Then say, “If you choose to be my Valentine, I will love you until the last rose in this bouquet withers away.”

How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine: List of Tips


Of course, it’s not just about the method of asking the question, but also the presentation. For instance, did anyone say ‘yes’ to an individual who was filthy, said the words haphazardly, or did not look them in the eyes?

In order to avoid rejection, here are a couple of tips on how to as the important question:

• Be well-dressed
• Make sure you brushed your teeth and combed your hair
• Don’t drag on
• Be confident
• Don’t be too forward or needy
• Make sure they know they’re the center of your attention
• Be witty and relaxed
• Approach the question by giving it everything you’ve got.

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