Need an Easter Gift for an Adult? Here Are 8 Ideas

easter gift for an adult

Whether Easter holds religious or secular significance, many adults still have a particular idea of what Easter means to them and how they want to spend the holiday. From Easter egg hunts to chocolate bunnies, there are many Easter holiday favorite treats and traditions.

If you are looking for unique gifts for adults on your Easter gift list, look no further. Personalized Easter baskets are some of the most popular gifts of the season. Fill your basket with a distinct selection of goodies for your friend or loved one that is meaningful and fun.

1. Bunnies Galore

Can you really be too old for a chocolate bunny? A chocolate bunny is a high point for many gift recipients, no matter how old. They can be given alone or as the centerpiece of an Easter basket.

Personalized Easter bunnies don’t always have to be of the chocolate variety. A cute, stuffed, cuddly bunny can put a smile on the face of even the gloomiest person. Choose a color and personalize it with a name or saying. Your loved one will know this special Easter gift was chosen specifically for them.

2. Personalized Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can be individualized for nearly everyone you know. Think about what they like, their personality and their preferred Easter candy (if they have a sweet tooth), and create an exclusive selection for them.

Goodies for personalized Easter baskets can include:

• Crafting supplies
• Self-pampering goodies
• Kitchen accouterments

3. Movie Night Goodies

Is there someone you know who is always telling you about the latest movie they’ve seen? Do they subscribe to every YouTube channel, so they don’t miss anything? Do they know all the trivia about every actor and actress? This is one of the easiest gifts to put together for Easter or anytime.

First, gather the movie treats your loved one always rushes to the snack bar to buy. Popcorn (with or without a box of M&Ms mixed in) and soda are likely at the top of the list. Do they like Raisinets and Milk Duds? Or do they prefer pizza and corndogs with their movie? Or all of the above? We might not frequent movie theaters as often as we used to. But microwaves make it possible to add almost any treat to your gift basket designed for enjoying a movie.

4. Kitchen-Oriented Gifts

Your choices are many for foodies as well as those who just like to warm things up in the kitchen. The connoisseur might enjoy a set of good knives, specialty pans or wine glasses. Your friend whose favorite thing to cook is takeout might be the perfect recipient of an apron with a joke on the front that says it all.

5. Easter Presents With a Spring Break Focus

Once commonly referred to as Easter Vacation, Spring Break takes on a whole new meaning when coupled with travel plans to locations that boast of sun and surf. Even if the young adult in your life says Easter is for kids, don’t believe it. They will likely enjoy a care package of sunblock, a cute hat to protect them from the rays or a personalized beach towel to use.

6. Gifts for Parents

Easter gifts for parents or grandparents are often two-fold. If you are helping the gift giver who is a child, funny t-shirts about being a grandma or dad are some of the most common gifts. Puzzles of a much-loved picture of the grandchildren or children are fun for the whole family to put together. Parents love to get a picture drawn by their child made into a pillow or framed for all to see. Don’t forget that Easter candy will likely be shared with the little ones.

7. A Religious Easter Gift

Religion is a big part of Easter for many, with or without an Easter egg hunt. Springtime often showcases plays about Jesus and his final days. Give the gift of a Passion Play to someone special in your life who wants to include the religious reason behind Easter. Check with local churches to find out which ones will be open to the public to see their renditions of a Passion Play. Alternatively, attend your loved one’s home church for celebrations during Easter week.

A piece of jewelry with a cross or the Virgin Mary might be the perfect gift for someone in your life with a deeply religious side. The jewelry will take on even more significance, knowing that you understand that part of them.

8. Crafty Stuff

Your gift to an artist or other person in your life who likes to do crafts can be fun and valuable. Paints, yarn and knitting or crochet needles, a glue gun, or a storage box to put their craft supplies in can be enjoyed for a long time. If you’re lucky, later, they might gift you something they made with the contents of their Easter gift.

Easter in All Its Glory

Easter can mean different things to each person in your life. A gift from you, chosen especially with them in mind, can let them know just how much you care and how important they are to you. Your Easter gift to an adult can be something they can enjoy with others or something just for them.

Gretchen Walker
Gretchen is a homemaker by day and writer by night. She takes a keen interest in life as it unfolds around her and spends her free time observing people go about their everyday affairs.