The Essential Styling For Summer Basics

essential styling for summer basics

If you are looking to say goodbye to your cargo shorts and striped t-shirt summer uniform, you have come to the right place. Menswear for this season took a sharp turn, and while summer basics were and still an essential, they got reinvented with a dash of color and a flair for the dramatics.

This shift might have seemed sudden for some, but it was expected and even encouraged by famous fashion bloggers, notable designers, and even us! In our opinion, it has been too long since we have seen innovation in basics for menswear, but we are ecstatic to say that 2022 is the year that all transforms.

Update Your Basics


Before you buy anything this season, first, you need to build a classic and timeless foundation to support your closet, then, visit the Fresh Clean Threads website to stock up on all your layering essentials. Only once you have a solid base consisting of timeless t-shirts can you build upon it with trendy pieces.

Let’s talk about blazers. Linen is your best friend for summer – the breathable fabric lets you stay cool while looking sharp. This matched with the piece’s practicality, creates an easy and versatile addition that you can wear to a summer wedding, drinks with friends, and a date.

Another addition to your summer closet that will have you getting compliments left and right is an excellent button-down shirt. Bonus points if it has half-sleeves and a funky print. You can wear the shirt as it is when looking to dress smart-casual for after-work drinks or layer it with an old t-shirt to bring a dose of your personality into the mix.


We have already bashed cargo shorts enough. Thankfully, the utilitarian style has disappeared from the runways. Instead, we got greeted with tailored shorts in airy fabrics. While we love a good print, try to grab plain shorts in versatile colors such as khaki, beige and black. Mix and match the basics with printed t-shirts to create an effortless everyday outfit.

Opt for lightweight chinos if you aren’t in the mood for shorts. They are a time-tested addition that quickly elevates any closet. In addition, there are endless color options, so you can quickly find the right match from you. It doesn’t matter if you feel kelly green, burgundy or basic.


Men tend to forget this category, and you might think that your old belt from your dad’s closet is adequate, but we disagree. Instead, it is time to invest in essential staple accessories that will easily elevate your outfit while also remembering practicality.

Take the canvas tote bag, for example. The clean and utilitarian style of the piece focuses on function while still giving your outfit that edge. The versatile item can smoothly go from your work commutes to being a weekender bag, all the while making sure you stand out in a sea of plastic backpacks with overused brand logos.

It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t buy a new pair of sunglasses, and this is one essential you should update frequently. Stay away from trendy styles and instead, visit CoolFrames that is made to compliment your unique face shape. While we love color, this is one accessory we recommend you stick with the classics. Every man should have at least a black and brown pair. Another essential, make sure your sunglasses protect you from UV rays!

To ensure that your eyes are not exposed to UV lights, look for statements that 99% to 100% UV absorption is guaranteed. Your new sunglasses should be transparent about the degree of UV protection they offer, regardless of price. Invest in sunglasses that provide the best protection you and your eyes deserve.

The Wild Card

The name says it all! This summer season, experiment and finally grab that one piece you always wanted to try but never fully committed to – be it a bold accessory like a neon yellow shoulder bag or a bold printed suit that always intimidated you.

These wild card items pair exceptionally well with all the basics we discussed and only helped to create an overall polished look. These things don’t have to be limited to the summer season and can easily transition with you throughout the year.


You can fill your closet with clothes hot off the runway, but if you miss this essential element, your wardrobe will turn heads for all the wrong reasons. So spend some time this season to finally figure out your correct size.

We recommend you go out to a store and try varied sizes and styles, don’t be scared to go up or down a size. And if you can’t find anything you love, we ultimately recommend getting a tailor. They are not as expensive as you think and you won’t believe the wonders a few inches off your trousers can do!

That’s all, folks. You have all the information you will ever need, now let’s go shopping- virtually or at a store. Just remember to have fun and not take fashion too seriously and of course, add these vital elements to your summer closet to ensure that your style stays consistent no matter what the ever-changing trends are.

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