The Essentials For Every Outdoor Kitchen

essentials for outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a luxury that homeowners should enjoy as much of the year as possible. With careful planning, homeowners can create an oasis of relaxation. Keep reading for the essentials needed to make an outdoor kitchen superb.

Built-In Grill

If there is one item that every outdoor kitchen needs, it’s a grill. Built-in grills slide into the work surface area and make great use of space in an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners who want stainless steel kitchen drawers can add these to the built-in design. There are many different types of grills from which to choose.

Side Burner

A side burner is a great accessory to have next to a grill. Side burners allow cooks to make a broad range of meals without going back and forth to the indoor kitchen. Side burners can cook side dishes, like baked beans, or they can cook the star of the show, like lobster.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a fun addition to any outdoor kitchen. While most people think of grilling steaks, burgers, and hot dogs, most families tire of that fare. Pizza ovens are great for cooking individual or large pizzas, but they also work for cooking casseroles, vegetables, cookies, and other desserts.

Outdoor Refrigerator

An outdoor refrigerator is a fabulous addition to any kitchen. Homeowners can store refreshing beverages for hot summer days, but they can also keep sides, vegetables, and desserts until they are ready to eat.

Counter Space

Homeowners should design every kitchen with some counter space. Chefs will need an area to prepare dishes and organize the food they will serve. Any cook will agree that there can never be too much counter space. One way to supply ample counter space is to add an island to the kitchen design.

Countertops are made from different materials. Ceramic tile and stainless steel are among the cheaper options. Wood and concrete are a bit more expensive but have a more natural look. Granite and soapstone look beautiful and hold up longer but are the most costly option for countertops.


Lighting in an outdoor kitchen is essential. Cooks need to be able to see what they are cooking, but owners don’t want the outdoor space to feel like an indoor space. Incorporate task lighting while still providing ambient lighting for mood. Don’t overlook the lighting in an outdoor living space.

Other Appliances

Wine coolers are great for keeping wines at the perfect temperature while entertaining. They are a fun addition to an entertainment space. A dishwasher may not be necessary outside, but it is very convenient.

Rather than washing dishes by hand or taking them back inside to wash, they can stay outside and get cleaned while the party wraps up. Ice makers can ensure that everyone has a cold drink without having to run inside to fill the ice bucket.

Seeing Areas

Don’t overlook the seating in an outdoor kitchen. A patio dining set, additional conversational seating, and even bar stools provide excellent areas for people to mingle, dine, and hang out. Some families enjoy building a fire pit to enjoy smores and after dinner conversation.

Homeowners planning an outdoor kitchen should plan carefully to include as many of these amenities as possible. The reward will be many nights of enjoyable conversation and good food.

Gretchen Walker
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