5 Facts About Cats Everyone Should Know

Cats — you either hate them or adore them. The truth is, they may not care either way. Our feline friends have utterly unique characters which they would never change, not for love or food.

Still, any cat owner would tell you they love everything about their pet — both its selfishness and its cuteness. For those of you still hesitating to give them a chance, these facts about cats might change your mind.

5 Amazing Facts About Cats

5 Amazing Facts About Cats

1. Cats Are Great Communicators

You may be surprised to hear that adult cats meow only when “talking” to humans. You can never hear two cats communicating this way with each other — they’ll either hiss or be silent.

The reason behind this is that meowing is cats’ way of letting people know about their needs or fears. An exception to this rule are young kittens which meow to tell their mothers they’re hungry.

Cats also have a set of purr-fect body language and gesturing skills. For example, a cat ready to play will always assume a low, hunting position. On the other hand, ears pointing back and dilated pupils often mean a cat is about to attack you for real.

If you’re lucky, you can enjoy your cat’s purring when it’s content, but remember that an exposed belly is still a trap.

2. Cats Can Get High

Though this is probably one of the weirdest facts about cats, a cat high on catnip is not an uncommon sight. This fragrant herb is beloved by wild cats like tigers and lions as well as by domestic kitties. It’s just that the latter only has to meow to see their favorite catnip meal in their bowls. But what’s the deal with catnip?

Nepetalactone, a special chemical found in catnip oil, is responsible for lifting your cat’s spirits. A couple of sniffs and bites of catnip are more than enough to affect your cat’s “happy” receptors in its brain.

As a result, you’ll see your friend rolling around or rubbing against everything. However, when the ecstasy wears off after about ten minutes, your cat will probably doze off.

3. Cats Have Bioenergy

Legend has it that kitties are able to heal our bodies and souls. Apart from having the ability to sense your pain, they can even decrease it drastically. Ask any cat owner and they’ll tell you about the time their cat lay on their aching stomach. This may be a merely physical thing, as cats’ high-frequency purrs and high body temperatures ease our pain.

Still, your cat’s purring and its overall cuteness have a magical effect on your mind too. These guys can calm you down in no time even in their sleep. Just pet your furry friend, hug it, or kiss it, and all your worries will be gone. What’s more, cats can absorb negative energy from your home, making the entire place exude positivity.

4. Cats’ Bodies Are Paw-some

You must have heard about cats being liquid. While liquid cats are hilarious in memes, seeing this in person is even more interesting. Cats tend to fill the entire space of the object they lie in, no matter how small or weirdly shaped. Undoubtedly, their motto is: “If it fits, I sit – and take up all the space.”

Also, did you know that most cats aren’t ambidextrous? Instead, they usually have a clear preference when it comes to using their paws. Your cat might always catch a toy or start walking with its right paw first. Some studies even associate the difference in cats’ paw preference with their gender.

5. Cats’ Eyes Are Amazing

Cats are night owls who sleep their entire day through and hunt at night. Their great night vision is what makes this possible. Cats need about one-sixth of the light people require to be able to see. However, even cats’ amazing eyes won’t help them see in pitch darkness.

Still, our feline pets’ eyes are perfectly designed. Their curved cornea and huge lenses as well as their dilated pupils make their night vision so excellent. The shape of cats’ eyes also gives them great peripheral vision. Plus, their eyes react to movement almost instantly.

Final Thoughts

So, what should you take home apart from a stray kitten? Cats are great at communicating and healing, so you’ll never feel bored or bad. Plus, these “liquid” creatures are extremely cool, given their perfect eyes and the ability to get high. Hopefully, these facts about cats have made you finally fall in love with them.

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