Man’s Best Friend: 5 Facts About Dogs

As the saying goes: “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Chances are, your loving canine friend is always there to cheer you up, no matter what. And, on your happy days, your dog’s tail-wagging makes you even happier. These fascinating facts about dogs will make you adore them even more, so read on for a happiness overload.

5 Amazing Facts About Dogs

5 Amazing Facts About Dogs

Even reading about cute dog facts might warm your heart. So, here’s a list of 5 facts about dogs that’ll make you fall in love with them.

1. Dogs Have the Purest Souls

There’s no arguing about dogs being man’s best friends and it’s hard to tell who enjoys this friendship more. But is there a reason for this amazing bond between us humans and our canine companions? It seems that people tend to spend so much time around dogs because these fellas are genuinely good. So, your “good boy” isn’t only good at fetching.

According to recent findings, dogs are some of the kindest creatures as being friendly is in their nature. They tend to express unselfish kindness and friendliness even toward strangers.

What’s more, they do this even when they don’t expect a reward in return. The reason for this is that they’ve gained this trait exactly through the contract with humans throughout their evolution.

2. Dogs Are Good for Your Health

Being around dogs can be great for your mind as well as your body. Much as your human best friend, a dog can make you feel a lot better in case you’re feeling down. All you have to do is pet it or play with it and you can say goodbye to all your problems. But remember not to be like Joey from Friends — you wouldn’t want to “break” your dog, would you?

On top of being great listeners, dogs are also great smellers — according to some studies, a dog can even smell your feelings. But apart from being your therapist, a dog can also be your doctor.

The truth is, some dogs can get trained to detect cancer cells, which makes these guys people’s biggest helpers. On top of that, giving your canine friend a walk twice a day will be great for your heart too.

3. Dogs Are Intelligent

There’s a common debate about who’s smarter, cats or dogs? As cat people like to say — would a highly intelligent animal let you train it? Still, scientists say that dogs’ intelligence is, in fact, outstanding. As it goes, an average dog is at the same level of intelligence as a two-year-old kid.

Though this may be a vicious circle, dogs’ ability to learn so many orders and tricks do speak about their high IQ levels. A dog can learn how to fetch you a newspaper as well as their favorite toy.

You can also teach your dog how to behave and get a high-five as a “thank you” or “please” before every treat. Plus, incorporating tasty treats or dog supplements like Mighty Munch into the training routine can make the reward system even more enjoyable. Your dog is likely to look up to you and follow all your orders heartily, creating a positive and interactive experience during training sessions.

4. Dogs’ Hearing and Smell Are Amazing

Dogs have a pretty sharp sense of hearing and can catch even the quietest of sounds. Depending on the breed, your dog’s hearing can be at least 4 times stronger than yours.

Remember the Beatles’ song A Day in Life? Well, your dog’s likely to remember it even better — it could hear some of the song’s lowest frequencies your ear couldn’t possibly catch.

Our best friends also have an amazingly sharp sense of smell. Their noses have up to 300 million olfactory receptors, about 50 times more than human noses. Also, the part of your dog’s brain responsible for coding smells is 40 times greater than yours. It’s no wonder, then, that dogs make some of the best detectives.

5. Dogs Can Also Dream

Have you ever seen a dog wag its tail or twitch in its sleep? If so, your friend is likely having a very vivid dream.

Just as humans, dogs are able to relive their day in their dreams. The truth is, this is their brain’s way of processing the information they’ve picked up during the day. They can also dream about their needs or wishes. So, if your dog seems happy in its sleep, it might be having a blast playing fetch in its mind.

Final Remarks

People just can’t get enough of dogs, and for a reason. These smart creatures are truly our best friends as they keep us both happy and healthy. If these facts about dogs have made you love them, hop to the nearest dog shelter and meet your new BFF.

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