10 French Clothing Essentials Every Fashionista Needs

french clothing essentials

You’ve come to the prime spot if you want to start creating French girl-inspired clothing. Getting that perfect French look is no rocket science, all you need is passion and brief research. For French females, their wardrobe serves as a blank canvas on which they can splatter hues as they like anywhere and everywhere.

The French wardrobe is aware that quality should always come before quantity, and today’s fashionistas agree. Not to mention that Emily in Paris and Beauty and the Beast is where the love with French style first began. So, if you are ready to give your wardrobe an elegant look, here are 10 French clothing essentials for you.

1. Trench Coat

The trench coat is a work of art that is always in vogue and is the best real investment. These boats are the best friends of French girls since they never let them down when it comes to style. When a trench coat is neutral in color or has a light shade, it typically gives off a classy appearance.

But you can choose the trench coat based on your skin tone, preferences, fashion, and trend. When in doubt, simply don a trench coat, add a belt and some accessories, and channel your inner cool girl.

2. Cozy sweater

One of the cutest outfits is a cozy loose sweater followed by jeans and a trench coat. For early falls or cold seasons these oversights, cozy sweaters are best for the wardrobe. These sweaters are comfortable on your body, look elegant, easygoing and stylish, all at the same time. These sweaters give the air of the leading lady in a love story.

French people adore effortless fashion and these loose sweaters are exactly the same. So, play all winter long with loose and cozy sweaters. If you are considering adding a cozy sweater to your wardrobe, then check out French clothing by blue illusion.

3. Straight-leg jeans

French apparel is mostly renowned for its attractive yet comfortable style, and this also goes with jeans. Also, to add a fun fact, denims are oriented in France, so of course, every French girl owns straight-leg jeans. French girls favored wearing straight-leg jeans over uncomfortable skin-tight jeans since they are stylish and have a relaxed fit.

Without a pair of high or low waisted straight leg jeans, no French girl’s clothing is complete.

4. Flats

As mentioned above, French girls love comfortable clothing and that adds on to classy ballet, flats, slides and mules. These footwears are extremely comfortable, classic, versatile, and practical. If you go out every day and need something stylish yet comfortable to wear, this is the ideal purchase. Choose your flats’ style and color based on personal preferences and the latest trends to complete any outfit.

5. Little black dress

Two things that French women adore are croissants and little black dresses. The most basic piece of clothing that any French girl would like is a little black dress. Together with that stylish and adorable appearance, it can be worn with everything and wherever. It is the excellent go-to outfit, and a few accessories will give a breath to the look.

6. White or Blue Shirt

One of the most versatile outfits in a French girl’s wardrobe is a white or blue shirt, which is regarded as the essential component. This shirt may be worn with virtually anything, including jeans, pants, blazers, skirts, and every time it will end up making you look stylish and sophisticated. No matter whatever shirt you choose—slim or oversized—add some creativity to it and get ready to receive lots of compliments.

7. Bags

One thing that a French girl never forgets is her bag. A leather bag, sling bag, basket or clutch is a French girls’ top most fashion priority. By carrying a bag appropriate for the occasion, you can keep necessities like lipstick, keys, and phones safe while also adding elegance to your attire.

8. Striped Top

Black and white or blue or white striped tops are synonyms of French fashion. Every French girl owns a classy striped top. Whether you choose an enormous or fitted striped top, both will always appear stylish and sophisticated. Hence, whenever in doubt, just wear your striped top with jeans or other casual bottoms and have a blast.

9. Cardigans

The one item in the French girl’s wardrobe that you can be certain of finding is a charming and cuddly cardigan. Depending on the fabric, a cardigan can be worn throughout the year by simply matching it with t-shirts, jeans, and dresses. French females are also huge fans of traditional attire, so if you share their passion, you can go for traditional cardigans.

10. Cute scarf

French girls make style statements by donning cute, silky scarves. It is one of the most elegant French accessories that every woman should have. It’s a good idea to wear a scarf because it gives your hair style and helps you position it. A scarf can be worn whenever you like and gives off a classic, heritage vibe. It comes in a wide range of hues, patterns, and textures.

In the current scenario, having a good sense of style is key. If you’re thinking of French fashion, then these 10 items of clothes tips are for you.

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