Gaming Tournaments and Online Casinos: How Does It Work?

gaming tournaments and online casinos

Playing in an online casino is undeniably one of the most thrilling activities. However, going head to head by competing against an opponent adds more thrill to the game. This is the sole reason for organizing online casino gaming tournaments. Online casino tournaments bring together players virtually to showcase their skill and expertise and stand a chance to win prizes in the process.

It is evident from statistics that there are players who only join online casinos to participate in online tournaments only. In most cases, online casino tournaments are freeroll meaning that you are not required to pay anything to participate. Prices that can be won from online casino gaming tournaments range from cash payments, bonuses, and crazy offers like holiday trips or a paid vacation. 

The basic rule for any tournament is that all players begin with the same stack. The goal is to acquire more stacks in the end compared to your opponent. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, these are the different forms of online casino gaming tournaments by game available in the Canadian market:

Slots Tournaments

Slots are unarguably the most popular casino games both in the physical and online casinos. Due to the popularity of slots, online casino owners take advantage of creating a slot tournament. Esports in slot machines is also a new trend being adopted. A slot tournament is the easiest form of online casino gaming tournament to join and win in. An equal number of credits are given to each player who joins the slot tournament. 

Under a fixed and equal time frame, players are allowed to play their favorite slot games. Players strive to acquire the maximum number of credits in the allocated time frame. The winner of the slot tournament is dictated by the player with the highest number of credits.

Canadian players can build up on their bankroll before enrolling for tournaments by utilizing free spins available on some of the sites like featured at no deposit bonus. 

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments, unlike Slot tournaments, are not free tournaments. A buy-in is compulsory for you to participate in the tournament. The online casino may decide to keep the entry fee or decide to add it to the final prize pool. 

Each contestant is granted equal chips and is assigned a fixed number of blackjack hands that they should play for the first round. The best players proceed to play in the next rounds.

Depending on the organizers of the tournament, players may receive equal chips to play in the next rounds, or the chips may be a build-up from the initial chips. This means that the winner of the tournament is determined by the remaining amount of chips in the final round.

Video Poker Tournaments

There are different rules around different video poker tournaments. However, one rule that remains constant is that all video poker tournaments are time-based. To increase your chances of acquiring a royal or a four-of-a-kind, you need to play many hands.

Players are normally subjected to two rounds of playing, where the winner is determined by the highest scorer of the two rounds. The catch is always to play numerous rounds in a short time frame to ensure you increase your credits.

Roulette Tournaments

There are certain tips that beginners in online casino gaming must follow. Winning a roulette tournament is dependent on winning from your spins. It is, however, important that you do not focus on luck which will cause you to place high bets with the hope that one bet will bring great payouts. It is important to play low and place numerous small bets that can also land you great winnings.

Casino Tournaments Types

Free Roll Tournaments

These are tournaments that have no entry fee but great chances of winning real prizes.

Guaranteed Tournaments

These are tournaments with a guaranteed prize regardless of the number of players willing to participate in the tournament. This is the opposite of common tournaments, where the greater the number of players, the lesser the final prize.


A sit-and-go tournament does not have a scheduled time for commencing. It means that when the minimum required number of players is achieved, the tournament begins i.e., when the table is full, the tournament begins.

Scheduled Tournaments

They happen only when the stated time comes, unlike a sit-and-go tournament. They are common with esports in casinos. 

This is basically how online casino gaming tournaments work.

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