15 Unique Gifts for History Buffs That They Will Treasure

gifts for history buffs

History never ceases to fascinate, shock, amaze, confuse, and inspire. Human beings are part of a much larger collective story, and history can help connect the past with the present. Nothing compares to the thrill of traversing the endless rabbit hole of information about our past.

All the mythology, wars, and tales of glory and woe represent the different facets of human nature. If you know anyone that studies history with a heartfelt passion, here are some unique gifts for history buffs they’ll appreciate.

15 Gift Ideas for History Buffs

#1. The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told

Presidential Stories

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There are so many things you probably never knew about the former presidents of the United States. Although they largely lived a public life, there are numerous bizarre stories and anecdotes about their private lives or everyday life, enough to stupefy you and make you think twice about the people you thought you knew.

If you want to get to know your presidents better, “The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told” by Rick Beyer is a trove of hidden gems like Lincoln’s duel or Jimmy Carter’s UFO sighting.

#2. Washington Post Birthday Book

Birthday Book

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The Washington Post Birthday Book is custom-made memorabilia containing all the Washington Post front pages from the day you were born to every birthday up till now. For instance, if you were born on November 28th, 1952, the book will contain a collection of all the front pages published on November 28th, from 1952 up to date.

The book has a hardback binding with the recipient’s name embossed in gold on the surface. Leafing through the pages will give you a timelapse of the history you’ve lived through from birthday to birthday.

Every page opposite the headline page has space where the recipient can write his/her experiences and post pictures along with other mementos. It’s a gift your friend can relish and enjoy working on for the rest of their life.

#3. Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

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US Presidents have been some of the most unique characters of their generation and have often said some incredibly memorable words. Some of these words have turned into slogans and some have even become legendary tropes.

The US Presidential Slogan Coffee Mug has all of the greatest hallmark campaign lines of US Presidents from history up till today.

#4. This Day in History 2022 Calendar


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“This Day In History 2022 Calendar” is the perfect gift for history hobbyists. It’s a collection of the most extraordinary events, mind-blowing discoveries, inventions, and people throughout history.

It’s packed with some of the juiciest trivia and stories for each of 365 days of the year, from the earliest civilizations up to the 21st century. Proper history nerds will cherish this gift.

#5. Teas Of the Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

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Any real history buff knows just how instrumental the Boston Tea Party was to the founding of America. It was one of the earliest political parties formed by the mercantile class to protest the British Parliament’s tax on tea.

Today, there is a museum dedicated to preserving the history of the Boston Tea Party. This museum also sells authentic Boston Tea in their gift store in addition to many other souvenirs like model ships, books, and apparel. You can order them online.

#6. Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

Julius Caesar

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All history buffs know who the most triumphant third of the First Triumvirate was. Julius Caesar was arguably the finest military tactician and political pundit Rome ever produced.

He’s known for leading the infamous conquest of Gallia, considered impossible by Roman generals before him. This conquest expanded the Roman Republics’ reach all the way to England.

He became the first emperor of Rome, permanently turning it from a Republic into an Empire. A Julius Caesar-themed pencil holder would be a minimal yet useful gift for any history buff.

#7. History Of the World Map by Map

Map by Map

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History of the World Map by Map gives you a stunning overview of all human history alongside 140 custom maps.

It covers the greatest events that have shaped the course of human lives with a geographical aid so you know precisely where they took place. A person could get lost in this book for hours.

#8. Chronology Game

Chronology Game

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Some people pride themselves on their ability to remember the dates of major historical events, such as the birth of a king or a great war between nations.

This board game lets you test your recollection of all the important dates in history. It’s the perfect gift for history nerds.

#9. A History of Food In 100 Recipes

100 Recipes

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Food is a subject that hasn’t been discussed enough in history textbooks. Different forms of traditional cuisine have evolved in preparation style and flavor for generations to improve nutrition and pleasure.

“A History of Food in 100 Recipes” by William Sitwell, a culinary expert, takes you through the entire history of food, from Egyptian bread to riveting modern cuisines. You can learn more about how popular foods got invented and the cultural significance they carried.

#10. Alexander Hamilton Card Game

Card Game

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The Deal or Duel Card Game by Alexander Hamilton is a classic American revolution-themed strategy game.

It emulates the political instability and financial turmoil of the colonial era. The objective of the game is to get all the money or die trying.

#11. Ancestry DNA Kit


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Ever wondered who your earliest ancestors were and where they originated from? The Ancestry DNA Kit lets you send a sample of your DNA to a cutting-edge laboratory with specialized DNA and genealogy testing services to find out your precise ancestry.

In terms of an answer for the universal question of where do you come from, this is probably the closest one you can get.

#12. Historical Novels Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

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History is often just seen as one big puzzle. So many ancient records have been lost; civilizations and cultures disappeared. Finding out how humans got to this point in time is still an ongoing investigation. And it’s far from complete, as this book will show you.

The Jigsaw Puzzle by Anne D. Williams is a study in trying to piece together how human history has been influenced over time by its most enigmatic figures.

#13. Gods & Heroes Pop-Up Book

Pop-Up Book

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“Gods and Heroes Pop-up Book” by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda offers a 3D tour of all the legends and gods from mythology.

It’s a great gift for kids interested in history. The pop-up figures provide an engaging medium for them to learn more about the origins of beliefs and values.

#14. Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

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Another great gift for kids — everyone loves the Statue of Liberty.

While you can always buy a figurine, gifting kids a Lego version would be a way better choice. It will give them the thrill of constructing it themself!

#15. Civil War T-Shirt


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Civil War buffs are a special breed among history nerds. They love collecting figurines, memorabilia, books, pictures, and all kinds of accessories to do with the Civil War.

A Civil War t-shirt would make a great gift choice even for the occasional history buff!

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