What Frames of Glasses Are Recommended for Oval Face Shape?

glasses for oval face shape

Glasses enhance the beauty of a person’s face and give it a distinct look. So, people choose to wear glasses that suit their face shape.

People with oval faces usually select the wrong type of glasses for their face shape. This can make it look like they are wearing a costume rather than having an enhanced appearance.

Let’s be frank, there’s no best frame of glass for an oval face. What we can only suggest are the varieties that we think suits an oval face shape. 

This article will help you know what type of glasses we recommend for oval-shaped faces.

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses help convey an air of authority. They are also suitable for people who want to look sophisticated and professional. Rectangle glasses are best suited for oval-shaped faces. This is because they can help you have a more defined jawline.

Men and women can wear rectangle glasses for both casual and formal occasions.

Square Glasses

Square glasses are ideal for people with oval faces. The glasses are appropriate for oval-shaped faces because they balance the face’s features. They’re also an excellent choice to soften your look and make it more feminine.

If you’re looking to switch up your style, consider trying a pair of square glasses with thick, black frames. And if you’re in need of replacement lenses for your square glasses, Seek Optics also offers a wide selection of replacement lenses to choose from.

Round Glasses

Oval-faced people who want to appear more angular should go for round glasses. The right pair will make your face look longer and narrower. This is why it’s what you need to balance out its natural curves.

Try a pair of black-framed round glasses with thin lenses for a classic look. This works well at the office or when you’re going out.

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are for fashionistas with oval faces. They make you look like a movie star from the 1950s and will draw attention to your eyes. You can achieve this look as there are places to get eyeglasses same day, if you know where to look. They’re also a great option if you have small features and want to make them appear bigger.

Try a pair of cat-eye glasses with thick frames and thin lenses for an edgy vibe. This is perfect for casual days or your daily commute.

Opt for thin-rimmed cat eyeglasses with round lenses for a more feminine look. The key is finding the right balance, so your face doesn’t look too elongated or distorted.

Aviator Glasses

Movie stars made these types of glasses famous. Aviator glasses are great for people with oval faces, as they help balance the face shape. They’re also a classic choice for men who want to look more masculine and powerful.

The key with aviators is to make sure you choose ones with thin frames, so they don’t overpower your face.

Crystal Glasses

Crystal glasses are great for oval-faced people who want a sophisticated look. These glasses have thin wire frames that are decorated with crystals or beads.

They’re perfect for girls who want to show off their feminine side and make a bold fashion statement.

Rounded square eyeglasses

We’ve mentioned square and round glasses already. Now, we have a blend of the two. These frames are like aviators, but they have softer edges. This makes them easier to wear for people who aren’t used to wearing sunglasses.

These glasses are great for men who want a more subtle look without losing their masculine edge.

Walnut-shaped glasses

Walnut-shaped glasses are another classic style that never goes out of fashion. These frames have rounded edges and a rectangular lens with a thin bridge.

They’re perfect for men who want to look professional and unique.

Squared aviator glasses

Aviator glasses are ideal for people with oval faces. But if you want a blend of ruggedness and sophistication, try squared aviator glasses. These frames have the classic aviator shape with a squared lens that sits at a 45-degree angle.

They’re great for men who want to be taken seriously but don’t want to appear dull.

Browline glasses

Oval faces are the most common face shape. If you’ve got an oval face, you can pull off any type of glasses. But if you want to make a statement, try browline glasses. These frames have rounded lenses that sit above your brows. The frames extend towards the temples in a V-shape. 

This popular 1950s style is making a comeback. This is especially true among younger men who want to look stylish but not trendy.

Double bridge glasses

These beauties are perfect for oval-faced people who want to accentuate their features. They’re also suitable for men looking for a strong and masculine look.

Double bridge glasses have two bridges. This means they sit high on your nose and curve slightly towards the temples.


People with oval faces have several options when choosing glasses. They can pick from many styles and shapes, as long as they’re comfortable and fit their style.

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