What Are The Top Tips For Growing Your Blog On Social Media?

growing your blog on social media

Increasing your blog following is undoubtedly a goal, whether you’re a skilled blogger or just coming out of your shell. However, knowing how to build your blog isn’t always easy; the internet is constantly changing.

With services like WordPress, it is now simple to start a blog. Once online, your next primary target will be increasing blog or website traffic. How are you going to reach out to these potential followers? Let’s crack the code together!

The Divine Powers of Social Media

What are you doing if you aren’t promoting your blog on social media? Regarding advertising, social media is a new and innovative instrument to utilize. The strength of social media is the solution to the dilemma of how to grow your blog. Suppose you write blogs on the most incredible pet hotels in the world; how would people know to check for your blog if you haven’t tweeted about it or made an Instagram story about it?

Quality blog content that is engaging can help increase your social media presence. Isn’t that what we’re after? You may utilize social media to generate buzz about your material, keeping readers interested and hungry for more.

The Social Media Platform

Before you start anything, you need to pick a suitable social media and make it your “main” social media. By all means, go ahead and create an account on each social media you find, but in the end, the question remains – how to build a blog following if your attention gets split up into different sites? With that question in mind, we suggest you stick to picking a primary social media but keep others in your pocket as backups.

If your blog focuses on news, memes, pop culture, speaking on the current situation or hot takes, we think that Twitter has the power to get you trending! Twitter has a more news-focused and readable approach and is not looking for aesthetics but for headlines.

If your blog does or includes product reviews, aesthetics, travel, beauty and fashion, then Instagram is where you should be! Use catchy images, add relevant keywords, and link your blog to your stories to appeal to the audience.

Find Your Niche On The Platform

You know what you are looking for because you are the one writing the blogs. If you want the masses to follow you, you need to follow the masses first – does that make sense? For example, your niche is gaming. We all know that people are discussing it on the platform.

Play the Algorithm

Look for gaming-related content, follow the top creators, and If you get the algorithm to recognize what you are looking for, it will dictate you in the right direction. The same is the case in the opposite direction. People will find your post, account, and blog if you post the right content!

Make Things Snappy

Someone did what? That should be one of your audience’s reactions when they read your social media post. A whip-lash response, outrage, curiosity, happiness, and shock are some of the top ways to grow a blog – make your titles/posts snappy. People don’t have the time to dig deeper; they want to know about the next best thing, which can be your blog.

Suppose you are a tech guru who wants to promote a reliable VPN. VeePN is our topic of discussion. People know what a VPN is, but do they know more? Do they know what kind of services it provides? Words like a free trial are those that draw the attention of the audience. Perhaps they were looking for a VPN extension, and your post was the top one they saw!

Now take that example and make a catchy title, something that snaps. The headline could be: Looking for a free no download VPN? We have your back! Read the blog below and learn how you can add VeePN for Chrome to your browser TODAY!

Share The Blog Everywhere

By everywhere, we mean every social media platform. It doesn’t matter that your content is not popular on other platforms. Someone can stumble on your post and eventually find your blog. Even when you keep one social media account as your main one, don’t forget to post on other ones!

Piggy Back

Assume Twitter is your primary social media platform. You’ll tweet about the new posts, but did you realize you can also share them in the comments? You may blog and tweet tweets relating to your article, and you can include a link to your blog.

If you’re on Instagram and come across that relates to your blog, put it on your story – plaster your blog all over it! You may create new articles or use existing material to enhance your own, much like a piggyback ride!


The power of social media is undeniable. You can use social media to promote anything, that includes your blog! The build-up, the excitability, it all leads you to a better, more shareable position. If you understand how to utilize social media correctly, you can use that to build up the following for your blog. Now don’t just sit there; go on and tweet or share away to success!

Gretchen Walker
Gretchen is a homemaker by day and writer by night. She takes a keen interest in life as it unfolds around her and spends her free time observing people go about their everyday affairs.