Getting Revenge: How to Mess with Someone Anonymously

how to mess with someone anonymously

Although revenge is not always the best way to handle issues, sometimes it’s the easiest way to get back at someone who has wronged you intentionally. However, make sure you don’t get caught while seeking revenge because it can breed other serious problems for you.

So, how do you get revenge without getting caught? This article shows you how to mess with someone anonymously.

Why Would You Mess with Someone?


What do you do when someone makes you mad? While some psychologists may advise you to forgive the person who does you wrong, your heart may convince you otherwise. That’s why you’ll see many people spending a lot of their time and energy trying to revenge.

Seeking revenge is a powerful feeling that can be bittersweet. It may give you satisfaction or leave you more heartbroken and distressed. Revenge is defined as inflicting harm or pain on someone for doing you wrong. It’s also defined as the desire to cause retribution.

This behavior is usually instilled in people right from their childhood. For instance, most movies and TV shows use vengeance as their main subjects, thus portraying it as the best way to solve problems. But although messing with someone who caused you pain or harm isn’t morally correct, it’s an intense feeling that every human being experiences at some point.

Actually the desire for revenge causes a real rush of neural activity in your caudate nucleus – the part of your brain that processes rewards. This is enough proof that revenge, at the moment, can be quite rewarding.

It’s a form of emotional release that will help you feel better, albeit for a moment. That’s why many TV shows and movies portray revenge as a way to gate closure after someone has wronged you.

However, further studies have revealed that while revenge may be rewarding at that moment, it doesn’t quench the hostility. Instead, it lengthens the unpleasant feeling of the original wrongdoing.

How to Mess with Someone Anonymously: 13 Ways

If the desire to hit back at someone who has wronged you is so strong, make sure you do it anonymously to avoid further conflict. Here are simple ways to mess with someone anonymously.

1. Sending an Anonymous Text


With the latest smartphones, it’s possible to send anonymous texts. Just go to your phone’s settings and choose the option to hide your identity. Then, craft a twisted message that will haunt the enemy for rest of the day and send it to them.

It may be an old trick but it’s quite effective because they won’t trace the number back to you. Just make sure that the content of the text doesn’t give them clues about the source of the text.

2. Using Someone Else’s Name

If you want to make the person anxious and terrified without revealing your identity, send them a nasty text about you while masquerading as someone else.

For example, if you are Fred, pretend to be Jacob, but text them about Fred using specific things about their wrongdoing. You can even issue them threats, albeit in a fun way so that you don’t get in trouble with the law.

3. Send a Secret Letter

You can send your tormentor a nasty letter anonymously by using the wrong name and postal address. It’s a perfect way to pour out all your anger by detailing all the wrong things about them in the letter. But don’t issue threats that might land you in trouble with the law.

4. Send Frightening Items


Put together items that you know will scare them and send them as an anonymous package. You can send the package with a different name so that they won’t know it’s from. However, don’t send dangerous things that might harm the person because you might be arrested and prosecuted.

5. A Twisted Greeting Card

Everyone loves to get a greeting card once in a while. So, you can be certain that the person will be eager to open and read the card. Include a scary and twisted message that will ruin their day. Make sure you don’t reveal your real names on the card.

6. Fake Photos

If someone makes you sad intentionally, you should send them a package with fake photos that will make them furious and sad. Use a fake email, post, or social media account. It will take them some time to erase the images from their mind.

7. Hack Their Social Media Account

Social Media

If you are tech-savvy, hack into their social media account and use it to post nasty things that will humiliate them. It will also be very hard for them to recover the account after the hack. But make sure you understand the risks involved in this process before you do anything that might put you in trouble.

8. Write an Incriminating Article or Blog

This one will require you to create a fake email address or social media account that you can use to publish the fake article or blog post on a blog or website. The post should portray them in a bad light. However, don’t write anything that may prompt them to sue you or the website.

9. A Creepy Recording

Record some creepy voices and messages, put them on a CD, and send it to them. It will definitely freak them out. Send the CD through anonymous mail. The voices will haunt them for a long time.

10. Send Costly Deliveries


Call a delivery guy and order for them a large amount of food that will leave them with an empty wallet. They’ll be left broke, angry, and frustrated. But you should consider the well-being of the delivery guy before you pull this prank.

11. Make Their Place Stinky

Make their home a living hell by leaving something stinky on their doorstep. This could be a carcass of an animal or something that emits a terrible odor. It will leave them frustrated and furious. But remember that you may be arrested for this.

12. Call Police on Them

Find something incriminating about them and call the police on them. For instance, if they’ve not renewed their license, you can wait until they drive out of their house to call the cops on them. But make sure there is incriminating evidence because the police can easily trace your call.

13. Stalk Them

You don’t have to stalk them personally; just hire a terrifying stalker. The stalker should make it obvious so that the target can feel terrified.

7 Ways to Mess with Someone Without Making Yourself a Bad Person


As noted above, messing with someone in the quest for getting revenge won’t make the bad feeling about the offense go away. So, you need to find ways to mess with someone without turning yourself into a villain. Here are some tips.

1. Forgiveness

You may be hurt but vengeance won’t help you to heal. The best way to make someone feel remorse is to forgive them. It will also help your wounds to heal quickly.

2. Be Nice

Nothing will mess your enemy’s mind more than being nice to them no matter what they do to you. If they hurt you hoping to see you suffer, the shame and embarrassment will be on them when you continue treating them nicely.

3. Call the Police

Nobody likes dealing with the police, especially when you are guilty. Instead of taking matters into your hands and making yourself the villain, just report them to the police or any other figure of authority. It will frighten them.

4. Move On

If your fiancé hurts you, the best revenge is to move on with your life and focus your energy and time on important things. It’s the best way to prove to them that you don’t care about how they made you feel.

5. Succeed

When your enemy strives to hurt and pull you down, the best way to mess with them is to succeed. Continue focusing on your goals until you succeed. Your success will be like a dagger through the other person’s heart.

6. Make Them Feel Guilty

If your fiancé left you because they thought you weren’t beautiful enough, work on yourself until you get the perfect body that will make them regret it. You can go to the gym and improve your diet.

7. Let Karma Deal with Them

You shouldn’t carry the burden of retribution with you. Just forget about the hurt and leave everything to karma. Karma’s blow will be swift and hard.

How to Get Someone Out of Your Head

Out of Your Head

When someone hurts you, it’s very difficult to get them out of your system. You will always find yourself thinking about them and how they made you feel. But here are some effective ways to get them out of your head.

  • Silence

Don’t keep on engaging them in arguments because it will prolong the healing process. Just keep quiet and let time heal the wounds. This will allow you to calm down, let go of the bad feeling, and take the high road.

  • Don’t Assign Blame

You don’t help yourself by assigning blame to anyone, including yourself. Misunderstandings usually occur through a sequence of events. They’re like the domino effect. So, no one is entirely to blame for the bad things that happen.

  • Deal with Anger

Psychologists argue that the greatest challenge you have to deal with when something bad happens to you is getting over your anger. The angrier you become, the heavier the cloud of emotions that will be hanging over you. So, deal with your anger through meditation, exercise, and opening up to other people.

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