How to Improve Your Career Prospects

Today, the world of work is an intensely competitive marketplace. Many job seekers around the world face the prospect of filling in many application forms before getting an interview, let alone a job. A significant number of organizations now post jobs internally so only those in the organization will be aware and eligible for these opportunities. One reason this is done is to encourage retention of the existing workforce and reduce employee churn.

For the out-of-work job seeker, this has the effect of creating a smaller pool of jobs to apply for. To avoid such a situation you can upgrade your LinkedIn profile. In 2022, it is fair to say that it can be extremely challenging to land your first meaningful employment. Here are some key strategies that job seekers can adopt to improve their employment prospects and gain a meaningful and well-paid career.

Higher Qualifications Are Key

In a shrinking job market where demand for jobs outstrips supply, potential applicants need to stand out against their rivals. One key way that this can be done is ensuring that you get a high-quality education and go to university such as The TEFL Academy USA if possible.

In America, there are a wealth of top universities to choose from. Examples include Alliant International University, a private California university that offers a wide range of programs, including Business, Psychology, Forensics and more.

The key factor in choosing a university that is right for you and offers genuine career opportunities upon graduation is to pick a university that has courses that relate to your key academic strengths.

The course you decide on should also have proven work opportunities with the degree you will gain. It makes sense to opt for courses that give you a significant amount of first-hand experience as well as theoretical knowledge so that when you apply for work you can demonstrate that you already have some of the graduate abilities to undertake the role effectively.

Undertake Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is of immense value to your career prospects for several reasons. Firstly, it is another way in which your CV can stand out from other applicants, especially if the qualification levels are similar in the pool of prospective candidates.

Undertaking worthwhile volunteering work such as taking part in projects in developed countries to improve the quality of living can look superb on your CV and will give you some new skills and abilities that impress potential employers. Volunteering work can be a superb way to travel too and there is a range of opportunities that allow you to travel the world whilst making a meaningful difference to local communities.

Improve Your Networking Skills

Networking is a skill that can be daunting for some people but is a proven tactic to improve employment options. By having a network of professional people in your social circles, you may be able to hear about upcoming job opportunities before they are even advertised.

Word of mouth is a key factor in some job opportunities and a strong network may mean that your name is suggested to potential employers who are looking to fill roles to which you are suited. Effective networking can make you more visible to potential employers.

Gretchen Walker
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