Top Reasons To Invest In The Video Game Industry

invest in video game industry

Gaming is a field that has expanded so much that people all over the world are now playing video games. Back in 2020, there were as many as 2.69 billion worldwide video game players, a number expected to reach 3.07 billion by 2023. Whether you’re a gamer yourself or not, there’s no denying that this domain has exploded over the years. 

If you’re an investor, investing in the video game industry would be one of the best things you could do. But many worry about the volatility of this market and wonder whether they should begin investing or not. Well, here are some top reasons to invest in the video game industry. 

The Growth of Mobile Gaming

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need a computer to be a gamer. Mobile gaming has started to gain traction over time, actually being the fastest growing area in the whole industry. 

Over the last 10 years, there was an increase in the number of people who own smartphones, so mobile gaming started thriving. Smart devices became more accessible to the public, making more individuals able to play games on their mobile phones. On top of that, gaming applications became more affordable, with people also having more disposable income available. 

Recently, governments have begun creating funds in order to help gaming businesses work on their technology and improve. Even Ubisoft and other big game studios have started investing to promote the growth of the gaming area. All of this secures a very profitable future for the video gaming domain.

A Growth of the Worldwide Gaming Markets

The growth of the worldwide gaming markets points to a very sustainable future for the industry. 

The biggest markets for video gaming include Europe, Japan, and North America, but over the last decade, more markets joined the ride. India, Southeast Asia, and China are places that saw fast growth.

Video Game Subscription-Based Models

A lot of games are starting to switch to subscription-based models. When it comes to TV and music services, this model type has been pretty successful. Likely, this will also be the case in gaming. 

Apple has a service that is subscription-based and grants users access to more than 100 amazing games for their iOS devices. Similarly, Xbox and EA Sports also came out with subscription-based plans, which allow users to play more than 100 games. 

But companies must come out with attractive content to be profitable with a subscription-based model. They need to get rid of problems regularly, improve the content and come out with strong titles. Also, there’s still some work to do when it comes to gaming subscription-based models. 


Even if you are not a gamer yourself, you may be familiar with trading Forex on a Forex portal. Forex trading is not that different from gaming. Similar to games, where you have to be careful to win and not lose your life, in Forex trading you also need a good strategy, so you don’t lose money on trades. If it’s done right, Forex trading can be fun – just like gaming.

This should help you understand why investing in the video game industry will not only be profitable but will also lead to others having fun with the new technologies and releases. So, if you were considering making some investments in the gaming industry, you shouldn’t wait any longer.

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