Top Picks: 28 Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices

Most ladies think they can’t participate in karaoke nights if they have low voices and can’t hit insanely high notes or maintain long vocal runs. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, some great karaoke songs for low female voices can easily make you the star of the night.

Don’t believe it? Read on and see for yourself. From dancefloor bangers to heart-wrenching ballads, here are the best karaoke songs for low female voices you can try out.

The Low Female Voice: A Crash Course


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When it comes to female singing voices, you can distinguish between sopranos (high), and altos (low). When you listen to a choir, alto singers are the ones responsible for the beautiful and rich lower register that you can hear (typically between F3 and F5).

However, the fact that altos sing low notes does not mean that they can’t go higher as well. In fact, every singer has a different register they can master, and the high and low registers often overlap.

So, while altos aren’t famous for belting, they have an integral part in the music industry. Their crooning and soulful singing can pull on anyone’s heartstrings, which is why some of the most famous singers in the world are, in fact, altos.

Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices: The Ultimate List

If you have a low voice and want to find songs for karaoke parties or just for practicing your skills, read on. You’ll find the best karaoke songs for low female voices below.

Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices: Upbeat Options

1. Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Originally a song by a band called The Zutons, Valerie was popularized by Amy Winehouse. She covered the song with the help of Mark Ronson, and it has since become one of the most beloved songs in her discography.

Valerie is upbeat, fun, and will make anyone dance. More importantly, it is a perfect song for a low female voice, as Amy herself had one. If you want a classic that everyone will love, picking this song for your performance would be a great choice.

2. Love Song by Sara Bareilles

Released in 2007, this song propelled Sara Bareilles’ career and made her a household name in the US and the UK. The song is very tongue-in-cheek and fun, and she wrote it to her label after they kept turning down every song she offered them.

If you want to show your independence through a song and put your spin on a timeless pop classic, Love Song should be your karaoke pick. It is light and cleverly written, and it will have everyone singing along in no time.

3. Style by Taylor Swift

Though Swift is actually a soprano, her lower register deserves a lot of praise as well. Style is a perfect fit for karaoke if you want a newer pop banger that will make everyone dance. The beat is irresistible, the lyrics clever, and the bridge ethereal and emotional. All in all, you cannot miss this 2015 hit.

4. Love Gets Me Every Time by Shania Twain

If you are looking for a country banger that will complement your low voice, Shania Twain has a whole collection for you to choose from. This particular song is from her third studio album released in 1997.

This uptempo track features witty lyrics about falling in love despite attempting to avoid it. It is easy to dance to, and the fiddle that dominates the instrumentation makes it sound happy and light. The song is a fantastic choice if you’re falling in love again after a rough patch.

5. Royals by Lorde

Lorde’s entire catalog is brimming with songs perfect for low female voices. However, the best one for wowing a crowd at a karaoke bar is definitely Royals. It propelled Lorde into stardom as soon as it was released and gained her two Grammy awards.

Royals is a fun song about not being too impressed with riches and lavish lifestyles. Though Lorde sings it about the Hollywood scene, it is perfectly relatable to just about anyone, too. If you get your girlfriends to also sing backing vocals for you during the chorus, you can turn the karaoke bar into your own concert venue!

6. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has had numerous hits throughout her career. However, none are as iconic as Bad Romance, a song that cemented her status as a pop legend. The song is upbeat, the lyrics are memorable, and singing this song at any karaoke night will make you the star instantly.

7. Raise Your Glass by Pink

Pink is known for her empowering songs for everyone who is different and feels like they can’t fit in, no matter how hard they try. Raise Your Glass is, perhaps, her song that fits this description best. The lyrics celebrate differences and aim to uplift people and show them that they matter.

Thus, this song is perfect for karaoke nights. It will get people dancing and jumping along, and you can even dedicate it to your friends and thank them for being in your life. Sometimes, there is no better way to do that than through song.

8. Last Friday Night by Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream was one of the most successful pop albums of the century. It spawned many hits, and Last Friday Night is, perhaps, the poppiest of them all.

Perfect for a wild party, this song will bring everyone to the dance floor and make you the night’s biggest star. And if you actually sing this on a Saturday and make the song relatable, you’ll get extra points!

9. Sugar by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 has some great karaoke songs for low female voices even though the lead singer is a man. Vocally, this song will fit you perfectly especially if you can also go a bit higher than the typical alto.

This song is fun, upbeat, and its cheeky lyrics will have everyone singing along with you. And if you have that special someone you want to sing the song to, even better! That will give it all the flair necessary to become an unforgettable karaoke performance.

Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices: Ballads

10. Un-Break My Heart by Toni Braxton

Un-Break My Heart is a heart-wrenching ballad released in 1996 as a part of Braxton’s second studio album. The lyrics are deeply emotional and tell the story of a woman asking her partner to come back into her life and undo the damage he has caused.

When it comes to ballads, few songs are this powerful for alto singers. You will surely move your audience by performing it, and you will feel powerful while doing so.

11. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

If there is something Christina Aguilera is famous for, it is belting vocal runs at the top of her lungs like there’s no tomorrow. However, she has some beautiful ballads fitting for lower voices as well. Beautiful is one of them, and it is a big favorite among karaoke enthusiasts.

This song is a love letter to oneself, and it is a perfect self-empowerment anthem for anyone struggling to accept themselves. The lyrics are emotional and deep, and they will touch everyone in the audience. Combine that with an alto’s beautiful crooning tones, and you get a performance no one will forget anytime soon.

12. Someone Like You by Adele

Though Adele is most famous for her brazen vocals, in this song, she lets the lyrics take the lead. The singing is never too loud or too much, and the beautiful instrumentation compliments the overall vibe of the song perfectly.

This song is a perfect goodbye to a lover and a sign that you are moving on, no matter how painful it might be. Singing this song at karaoke will surely make a few people tear up, but you’ll capture everyone’s attention without a doubt.

13. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Million Reasons is a stunning ballad that showcases Lady Gaga’s alto vocals in all their glory. The song is about hope and fighting to find the light even when everything seems lost. It was a single from Gaga’s album Joanne, which saw her explore softer sounds and different genres, including country.

This song showcases an alto singer’s range beautifully. You get to sing your heart out without straining yourself. The lyrics will touch everyone in the room, and you’ll give a performance they will remember for a long time to come.

14. Because of You by Kelly Clarkson

Because of You is one of Kelly Clarkson’s signature hits. She had to fight her label to let her release it for years, and they finally caved in 2004. Since then, the song has sold millions of copies and went on to become a modern classic.

The lyrics of this song are quite emotional. They talk about Clarkson’s struggles regarding her parents’ divorce, which is something a lot of people can relate to. The song has two versions when it comes to the key and range it is sung in, and one of them is perfect for altos.

If you want to wow everyone with your voice and emotional delivery, this song is the perfect choice for a karaoke night.

15. Cowboy Like Me by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her storytelling and lyricism, and they shine best in her 2020 album evermore. Cowboy Like Me is a deep cut that tells the story about two con artists falling in love with each other against their better judgment. This ballad is perfect for quiet karaoke get-togethers where your voice and the lyrics can truly shine.

16. Video Games by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has some of the best karaoke songs for low female voices in the industry. Though it is not her biggest hit, Video Games is a perfect sultry tune to croon at karaoke nights.

The lyrics are clever and catchy, and the production subtle enough to let the singer’s vocal ability shine all the way through. Whether you like Del Rey or not, this song can make you quite popular in karaoke circles.

Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices: The Classics

17. I Have a Dream by ABBA

No karaoke night is complete without at least one song by ABBA. I Have a Dream is perfect for altos, as you can truly show off your abilities with this fun number. Everyone will dance and sing along, and you’ll have the time of your life performing.

18. Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

Are you looking for a timeless classic that combines great vocals and an upbeat melody but isn’t too straining to sing? Look no further, because Holding Out for a Hero checks all of those boxes.

The song was first featured on the soundtrack for Footloose in 1984. After its success, Bonnie Tyler included it on her 1986 album as well. Even though the song was extremely popular already, its use in the Shrek sequel popularized it even more, especially with the younger generations.

19. Believe by Cher

Believe is the lead single from Cher’s 1998 album of the same name. It is one of the best-selling songs of all time and it has topped charts all around the world. Today, it is probably Cher’s most famous number.

This pop banger is perfect for alto singers as it allows them to show off all their talent without being too straining. The lyrics are empowering, and everyone will be singing and jumping along.

20. One Way Or Another by Blondie

One Way Or Another is a punky song by Blondie. It is a 1970s classic that everyone loves even today. Though the song is upbeat and can be interpreted in many ways, the original meaning behind it is a bit dark. Namely, the lead singer wrote the song about a stalker that was bothering her at the time.

21. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by Eurythmics

This song was the lead single of Eurythmics’ album of the same name. It came out in 1983 and became an instant hit both on the radio and on dancefloors all across the western world.

Today, the song is a classic that no party can go without. It is a great choice for karaoke, as it is upbeat and easy to sing but still fully entertaining.

22. Feeling Good by Nina Simone

No list of great alto songs can go without Nina Simone. She was one of the most famous and respected alto vocalists in the world, and she showed that altos can indeed carry a great tune.

Feeling Good is one of the most famous songs Simone ever released. This anthem of liberation is a true classic, and it can empower anyone, no matter their circumstances. If you want to sing and show everyone how good you feel about yourself, this song will be a perfect choice.

23. Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

Don’t Dream It’s Over is the most famous song off of Crowded House’s debut album. It topped charts all around the world and is one of the most popular karaoke songs for low female voices out there.

This classic epic ballad will wow everyone in the crowd and get them to sing along with you, especially when the chorus hits.

Karaoke Songs for Low Female Voices: Belty Tunes

24. Firework by Katy Perry

Firework is one of Perry’s biggest hits. It was released in 2010 and it topped charts all around the world. Besides having monster sales, the song is quite critically acclaimed, mostly because of the singer’s stellar vocals that carry the tune.

This song is the perfect example of how powerful an alto singer can truly be. While the verses are quite subdued and quiet, the chorus and bridge are booming and loud.

Choose this song for your karaoke performance if you want to inspire your audience with the lyrics. Everyone needs a reminder of their worth from time to time, which makes this song a perfect choice for any occasion and any audience.

25. Rolling In the Deep by Adele

If you want to sing your heart out and let that ex-lover know exactly how you are feeling, Rolling In the Deep is the song you need. The song sounds fresh even today, a decade after its release. It is a great choice if you can comfortably hit some higher notes as well, as you’ll need them for the chorus.

Still, everything is well within the reach of a common alto, so you should be fine.

26. Memory by Trevor Nunn & Andrew Lloyd Webber

Are you into musical theater and want to show off all your love and knowledge at a karaoke show? You’re in luck because there are many great karaoke songs for low female voices in musicals and Broadway shows. Memory is one of the most popular ones.

This lovely tune from the musical Cats is as emotional as it is gentle. It builds beautifully to a climax you get to belt at the top of your lungs.

Though this song is beautiful, you might want to save it for the right audience. For example, sing it in front of other musical theatre lovers or at a karaoke night where musical theater is the theme of the evening.

27. Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine

Florence Welch is one of the most famous alto singers on the pop/alternative scene. Dog Days Are Over is one of the band’s most popular tunes, though there is a lot of dispute about the meaning of its lyrics.

This song has been covered by many artists and choirs. If you sing it at your next karaoke gig, you can join that extensive and impressive list. Let the lyrics and emotions carry you through the song, and wow everyone with your low tones.

28. At Last by Etta James

This soul classic from the 1960s is one of the most famous songs in the genre. At the time of its release, it was only a moderately famous tune by a different artist. James actually covered it and included it on her album.

The song only got recognition and praise after numerous superstars, including Beyoncé and Celine Dion, covered it as well.

The song will make your voice shine unlike any other on this list. However, only attempt singing it if you are confident in your abilities, as it is one of the most demanding karaoke songs for low female voices.

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