What Laws You Should Be Aware Of Before Travelling To Qatar 2022

laws should be aware of

FIFA shocked millions of soccer lovers, journalists and officials when announcing that Qatar had won its bid to host the World Cup later this year. The competition – which had to be rescheduled from June and July to November and December to accommodate the nation’s searing summer temperatures – will be the first of its kind in the Arab World before handing control to the USA, Canada and Mexico for World Cup 2026.

Qatar 2022 promises to be a memorable renewal of the world’s favourite and most popular sports competition, attracting thousands of soccer followers, players and coaches to the region for a month-long festival. As a spectator, you have options as to how you watch the matches unfold. You can visit Qatar and watch the play in person, soaking up the atmosphere alongside like-minded people.

All matches will be shown live on television for those watching from home, or you can view them on the go by downloading the latest live streaming apps to your smartphone. The best streams are provided by the top soccer, horse racing and football betting sites with games available in HD quality, beamed directly to your device. Turn everyday situations into a chance to watch your favourite teams and players in action, cheer the goals and share in the emotions of the day.

Preparation is key

If jetting into Qatar and cheering on the team is your plan, there are several important things you should do before boarding a plane. The first is to check that your travel documents are in order and that you have purchased tickets for the matches you most want to see. Please do so through official channels, such as the FIFA website. This will help protect you against scammers selling fake tickets.

When you have everything in order to get to and gain entry to the game, it’s time to focus on the laws of the land. There are many myths, rumours and misunderstandings regarding laws in Qatar, the severity of punishments and what rules will apply to international visitors who are in the country to watch the World Cup. Will some laws be dropped for soccer fans during their four-week stay later this year? What rules should you be aware of and keep in mind when travelling around Qatar?

There is no doubt that Qatar has a reputation for being strict with its laws and unforgiving with punishments, especially to foreigners who are in the country as a guest and – either knowingly or otherwise – break the laws of the land. That’s something we want all visitors to avoid at all costs. That’s why we have picked out three Qatar laws you should remember when in the country.


Despite the World Cup being a special event and Qatar eager to impress their visitors, there will be no special rules or changes to the existing laws regarding customs. The arrival of all goods from overseas is subject to the nation’s usual Customs Laws. Those working at border control have the right to deny any person or item entry to Qatar, just as they have every day of the year. Please check before travelling with any goods that may cause delays in entering Qatar.


Gambling on soccer and other professional sports is outlawed in Qatar, and that is another rule that won’t change or be lifted/eased in time for the opening ceremony in November. You should make no attempt to wager on the outcome of games, even if you have an account registered with a bookie that is legal and licensed to trade in your home city. The punishments for anyone caught gambling in Qatar can be quite severe, so there is no use trying to get around the rules.


Similar to betting, the consumption of alcohol and other controlled drugs is against the law across Qatar. This includes in your hotel, inside the stadium or anywhere else. Their no alcohol rule may dampen the celebrations and even put some soccer fans off travelling to Qatar. As above, please don’t risk being caught breaking this law as it will be punished to the max by authorities.

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