6 Ways to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

make your clothes last longer

Making your clothes last longer is now more of a necessity than just an option. The world needs more sustainable goods, and fast fashion is slowly killing the environment.

Sustainable fashion is here to make a statement and has already gathered over $6.5 billion in worldwide revenue.

If you also wish to do good for the environment and avoid shopping like a maniac, then here are some useful tips!

1. Buy quality items

The first thing you need to remember while shopping for sustainable clothes is to choose quality over price.

Would you rather buy one dress worth $400 that will last you for years rather than opt for four different low-quality dresses, each worth $100 every season?

Going for the first option is much wiser because it saves you a ton of money in the long run and prevents any harm to the planet.

For example, you can purchase some good-quality vintage clothing that is bound to stay in mint condition for at least half a decade or more.

2. Wash your clothes carefully

One pro tip many people give is washing your clothes less frequently. But, no, this doesn’t mean you must wear the same T-shirt every day until it starts stinking.

Instead, change your choice of clothes and wear each item at least two or three times over a period of a few months before giving it a good wash.

And while you’re washing them, try to go for hand-washing instead of putting different kinds of fabrics all together in the machine.

The less frequently you wash your clothes, the less time they’ll spend getting stretched and tumbled in the washer or dryer.

3. Don’t dry-clean too often

This tip is especially meant for people who prefer dry-cleaning their suits and other expensive fabrics. While it’s fine to dry-clean them occasionally, don’t go overboard with it.

This is because dry cleaning uses a lot of harsh chemicals that eventually wear out your clothes and even harm the areas where the chemicals are eventually disposed of.

One good alternative is to hang the suit pieces near the shower when you’re bathing with hot water. The steam from the water will clean the clothes hanging in a natural and eco-friendly way.

4. Use eco-friendly detergents

Choosing detergents can be a tough job, especially since newer and better ones are constantly being launched in the market.

Even then, going for an environment-friendly detergent is always the best option. They are made from natural materials, ensuring they don’t act harshly on fine fabrics.

This, in turn, leads to your clothes lasting well for many years. Moreover, these detergents are also allergen-free, which means that anyone can use them safely.

Though the prices are slightly higher than chemical-based ones, the result is far better.

5. Dry the clothes on a clothesline

Most of us tend to use the machine dryer when drying our clothes. While they work efficiently, drying them outside in the sun will do much better.

A machine-based dryer will consume a lot of electricity and give you a hefty bill each month. Therefore, if it’s not drizzling outside, hand the clothes on a clothesline or a drying rack.

They prevent overheating and even potential shrinkage of the clothes, which can result in your clothes staying fresh for many years.

When it comes to drying intimate clothes, such as your underwear, always go for air drying on a flat surface in the shade instead of hanging them under the sun, or it’ll stretch out.

6. Set your iron carefully

Other than avoiding possible injury to your hands, setting your iron correctly is an important issue when it comes to making your clothes last longer.

If you avoid ironing clothes altogether, you’re actually doing your garments a favor. But even if you like to iron them periodically, ensure the temperature isn’t too high.

If it is, then the fine threads of your clothes will shrink over time and might even get discolored.

Set the temperature one or two dials below the recommended settings to prevent wrinkles and be kind to your clothes.

Over to you…

Follow these creative tips, and you will make your clothes last longer and avoid digging a hole in your pockets.

Moreover, you can also make your favorite outfits last so long that even your kids can wear them when they grow up!

Gretchen Walker
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