How to Mix and Match Patterns in Your Bedroom

match patterns in bedroom

When it comes to designing your home, there’s more to think about beyond just the color you decide to paint the walls. Every element is as important as the next, including things like furniture, soft furnishings, and decorations.

Often, combining different elements can create interesting combinations and visually striking clashes. Patterns on different items can be paired to create an overall visual style. However, mixing and matching patterns in your bedroom can be trickier than you might imagine. We’ve put together a guide to help. Check it out below.

Experiment with Different Sizes

Patterns come in all different shapes and sizes; it will depend on what they are printed on. For the best effect when mixing and matching patterns in your bedroom, experiment with a range of different sizes to see what combinations work best for your particular space.

For example, the patterns that you might find on pieces from discount furniture stores will tend to be quite large. These can be combined with smaller patterns on soft furnishings like cushions and blankets to create an interesting aesthetic.

Choose Your Colors Carefully

Color is an incredibly important factor when designing the interior of your bedroom, so it’s something that you need to keep in mind when mixing and matching patterns. You should avoid having too many different colors, this can create an unbalanced, chaotic effect, not what you want for a relaxing bedroom.

Colors can affect our moods and emotions. For example, something like red that makes us feel passionate and excited might not necessarily be the most appropriate choice for the bedroom. You should feel calm, happy, and at peace in your bedroom. Experiment with blue tones, as studies have revealed that blue can help promote healthier sleep, making it the perfect choice when mixing and matching patterns in your bedroom.

Use Simple and Complicated Patterns

Some patterns can be incredibly simple, made up of a few basic shapes. Others can be highly complex, composed of intricate geometric forms and structures. If you can’t decide which you like best, thankfully sometimes the best approach is to mix the two together. Having both simple and complicated patterns can give your bedroom a sense of balance and energy, creating an interesting visual effect that immediately draws the eye.

To achieve this, consider using the best stencils for painting. With a wide selection of stencils designed for various styles and preferences, there are a lot options that range from simple and minimalist designs to intricate and detailed patterns. By incorporating a mix of these stencils for painting, you can achieve a harmonious blend of simplicity and complexity in your bedroom decor, resulting in a visually captivating and balanced space.

Don’t be Afraid about Being Wrong

Mixing and matching patterns is all about experimentation. You’re never going to get it exactly right the first time, and that’s perfectly ok. You need to be prepared to get things wrong and to know when to give up on an idea that just isn’t working. If you don’t, you might find yourself sticking with a pattern combination that you don’t like out of stubbornness.

Accept that you are experimenting and that everything isn’t going to work perfectly the first time. Doing this can free you to have fun and enjoy the process, which will give you greater results in the long run.


Use the advice in the guide above to help you mix and match patterns as you design your perfect bedroom space.

Gretchen Walker
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