Most Popular Casino Games Per State

most popular casinos in each state

The online gambling industry is growing in the United States. More and more Americans are moving away from land-based gambling and towards casino websites. The reasons for this vary. However, most analysts agree that the primary motivator is convenience.

Online gambling websites are easily accessible and offer the same games as any brick-and-mortar establishment. In other words, gamblers have nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing online. So, it isn’t much of a surprise that the industry is gaining much more prominence.

The industry has come a long way. Just like the video game industry, iGaming has begun accepting cryptocurrency. Players can expect a wider library of games, better gameplay and mechanics, and improved visual/audio effects. So, it is not surprising that online casinos are becoming legal worldwide.

Legalization of Online Casinos

With the growth of the iGaming industry, many states in the US are beginning to open up to the idea of legal online casinos. Though progress is slow-moving, already six states have legalized the practice. If you are a resident of the following six states, you are free to play any casino game you want online:

· New Jersey
· Pennsylvania
· West Virginia
· Delaware
· Nevada
· Michigan

Other US states have legalized sports betting and online poker websites. However, online casinos remain illegal throughout most of the United States. Though the industry’s success in the previously mentioned six states has convinced many experts that the rest of the USA will follow soon.

Most Popular Games

Regardless of state, certain trends within gambling also extend to iGaming. Gamblers tend to flock to particular games more often than others. So, in this article, we would like to explore the most popular games, depending on which state you are in. However, before we do so, let us look at a general list of popular gambling games that most US-based gamblers enjoy.

· Blackjack: by far the most popular card game in the USA, blackjack offers the best player odds out of any casino game. That, paired with the easy-to-understand strategies, makes blackjack a favorite among many players. Don’t be surprised if you see the game appear several times throughout this article.

· Roulette: Both French and American roulette variants get a lot of traffic regarding iGaming sites. Players have debated the idea that mathematics can help with roulette for decades, and they’ve yet to reach a satisfying conclusion.

· Slots: The king of casinos, slot machines are just as popular online as offline. Simple, easy-to-play, and fun places remain the most popular casino game in the world today.

· Poker: the most popular poker variant in the USA is Texas Hold ‘em, so don’t be surprised if you see the game pop up at various bitcoin online casinos.

So, now that we are familiar with some of the most popular games, let us look at which game dominates which state.

New Jersey

If we look at the history of iGaming in America, we will find that New Jersey was the first state to reap the benefits of playing at real cash online casinos. The state was the first to legalize online casinos and has the most successful online gambling industry. So, what games draw in the most amount of New Jersey gamblers?

· Craps: Perhaps the most popular casino dice game, craps is a trendy game in New Jersey casinos, offline and online. Known for the uncontrolled environment, many recommend newbies try their hand at online craps before they join the land-based tables.

· Blackjack: As we said, blackjack is the most popular card game in US casinos. The game is so famous that there is even a national blackjack day when gamblers celebrate better payouts. So, unsurprisingly, New Jersey casinos, both land-based and online, feature many game variants.


Louisiana is not one of the states that have legalized online gambling. However, gamblers can still access offshore casinos through the use of VPNs. It is worth noting that doing so is not illegal.

The laws only apply to owning and operating gambling sites, not playing on said websites. So, now that we know that iGaming is available to Louisiana residents, let us look at the most popular games.

· Slots: Louisiana gamblers will be familiar with the hundreds of slots cruises and casinos that permeate the state. Residents love slots, and it shouldn’t be surprising that their love extends to online casinos. The games are by far the most popular form of gambling in Louisiana.


As Las Vegas’ home state, Nevada is no stranger to gambling. The state already profits a ton from land-based gambling, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they were among the first to jump on the online bandwagon. Of course, Las Vegas is not the only reason to visit Nevada. However, it is a major one. So, let’s go over the most popular games in the state most closely associated with the practice.

· Blackjack: by far, the most popular game in Nevada casinos is blackjack. We’ve already discussed the reasons behind the game’s success. Excellent player odds, simple strategies, and a good degree of luck are the ingredients for a great blackjack game.

· Roulette: In 2023, the roulette wheel will be one of the most iconic symbols of the casino. So, it is unsurprising that the casino state is popular for its roulette games.

· Slots: Both online slots and fruit machines are incredibly popular in Nevada.


Like Nevada, Pennsylvania was among the first to embrace iGaming as a legitimate industry. Understandably, the state has one of the most successful and vibrant online gambling markets. Players can access a ton of different games, from slots to poker. But what are the most popular? Let’s find out.

· Craps: Much like in New Jersey, craps is also a top-rated game in Pennsylvania. Gamblers play online and offline craps with a passion.

· Roulette: Another of the US’s favorite games, roulette dominates Pennsylvania-based online casinos.

· Blackjack: As we said, you will likely see blackjack appear several times throughout this article. Excellent odds, great strategies, and great payouts all go into making blackjack super popular.

· Keno: Similar to lottery and bingo, keno is incredibly popular in Pennsylvania-based casinos. The odds aren’t great, but people love putting their luck to the test playing keno.

· Slots: undoubtedly the most popular game in Pennsylvania online casinos. Fruit slots dominate the iGaming industry in the state.

Final Say

As you can see, US gamblers are largely drawn to similar games. Slots, blackjack, and roulette are certainly the dominant ones. However, you will also find games like keno, poker, and baccarat in most online or land-based casinos.

The US iGaming industry has grown significantly, largely thanks to these games. If the predictions of many gamblers are to be believed, we will see a future where online gambling is legal throughout the United States of America.

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