Top 10 Movies About Students

movies about students

Everyone likes watching movies. As for the shots about students, they never lose their popularity. The reason is that these movies often reflect the worries and issues of a common learner, as well as contain countless funny moments. If you would like to watch an unforgettable movie about students, this post is right for what you might need.

Before Choosing A Movie

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1. The Social Network

The movie describes the student life of one of the most well-known people, Mark Zuckerberg. If you would like to know more about his plans, ambitions, and the way Facebook was created, The Social Network is here for you. Not only is the movie incredibly exciting and intriguing, but also very inspiring. If you plan to launch your startup or have any creative business idea, The Social Networks might make you feel more motivated to reach your goals.

2. School of Rock

If you like listening to rock music and watching movies about teachers and students, this option is a perfect blend of these two niches. The main hero, a former rock musician, becomes a teacher in a private school. He decides to create a new band and win a contest against his former band he is forced to leave.

See what happens next in this positive and entertaining movie full of rock music. Not to mention the movie starring Jack Black, a Hollywood star with countless cinema awards.

3. Pirates Of The Silicon Valley

Looking for real-life stories about industry giants like Microsoft and Apple? Want to know more about the history of creating these world-leading companies? Looking for a chance to improve your business skills? Well, it’s time to watch the Pirates Of The Silicon Valley. The movie will help you improve your entrepreneurial and negotiation skills and make you smile during the entire movie.

4. Legally Blonde

This movie is one of the favorites for many female learners. This movie is very easy and relaxing, so it might be a great option to watch after a long and challenging day at school or college. You’ve probably seen it already, but it is always a good time to watch it again.

5. Good Will Hunting

Do you want to watch an eternal classic movie? This masterpiece is waiting for you. It is about an incredibly talented guy who has exceptional skills and knowledge in math and physics. How will he put his fantastic potential into practice? Isn’t it time to open up your hidden talents, too? Not to mention, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck perfectly match their roles in this movie.

6. 21

This video might be very useful for those who plan to apply to different colleges or universities. If you don’t know what to write in your enrollment essay, feel free to find inspiration in this mind-blowing movie. The main hero entered one of the world-famous universities and should apply for a scholarship. But what if he can’t find anything special about himself? Fortunately, one of the university professors offers him an interesting deal…

7. Forrest Gump

Still unsure if you can cope with a difficult task? Feeling anxious about your studies? Feel free to watch Forrest Gump, one of the most brilliant movies of all time. It is about a common guy who can’t boast of having any talents or outstanding skills. Moreover, his IQ is far below average. How will he reach his goals? Do you still believe that reaching your goals is impossible?

8. 42

Racism has been an issue for many years. How can it be stopped? How difficult is it to fight racism? This movie will touch your heart. Moreover, it might help you compose a top-notch essay about racism for your academic assignment.

9. October Sky

What if a son of the coal miner decided to become a scientist several decades ago? What did the educational field look like in the 1950s? Was it possible to get any scholarships? October Sky is one of the motivational videos you will watch with pleasure.

10. Whiplash

If you would like to watch one of the most disputable movies about students, this one is right for what you might need. The plot of the story covers the conflict between a student and a professor. The movie raises many questions about abuse and unhealthy relationships in college.

There are tons of other movies about learners you can start watching right now. Feel free to choose a genre and plot according to your needs and preferences.

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