First Trimester Must-haves for Expectant Mothers

must haves for expectant mothers

Being pregnant is miraculous. It makes you feel wonderful and happy. Yet, pregnancy is not all bliss and happiness. The first trimester itself is challenging for most women. More than half of the women feel discomfort, pain, fatigue, morning sickness, and more, especially during the first trimester.

Also, you start feeling uncomfortable in your clothes. Though they fit you in your first trimester, you might not be comfortable with them. Growing a human inside isn’t easy. But you make it as comfortable for yourself as you can. How? By buying a few essential things. For instance, being active or working out helps deliver a healthy baby vaginally. So, buying a resistance band can help you.

Want to know other first-trimester must-haves? Read below.

Belly band

You don’t notice or feel a baby bump in your first trimester. But you do feel bloating, which is quite common in pregnancy. It means that jeans may feel slightly snug on your belly and waist.

As a result, many women shift to dresses or yoga pants and leggings. However, if you love wearing jeans, you don’t have to give them up yet. Instead, buy a belly band to make pants and jeans comfortable. It will keep the jeans or pants snug and tight.

Maternity swimwear

Swimming is one of the best workouts for pregnant women. Typically, pregnant women feel hot due to the rise in body temperature. Swimming can help reduce the temperature. Moreover, it allows them to indulge in a workout that they enjoy. To be comfortable while swimming, buy maternity swimwear. The designs are specific for expectant mothers, ensuring comfort levels.


A must-have for the first trimester and the rest of the pregnancy is to stay active. Walking is the best way to start your fitness journey. For pregnant women, doing yoga or working out under guidance is essential. It will ensure they perform only those workouts that don’t harm them. Working under a certified yoga specialist or trainer is essential.

Take supplements

Your doctor is in a better position to assess what supplements you need. However, folic acid is one you need right away. This nutrient protects your baby’s brain and spinal cord against bacteria. Doctors also suggest taking a vitamin D supplement. Lastly, doctors also recommend multivitamins. Again, though, it is better to take multivitamins through a balanced diet.

A soft toothbrush

During the first trimester, many women experience sore, bleeding gums. Using a hard, brittle brush can do more harm than good in such a scenario. Thus, it is better to use a soft toothbrush. Use a brush with fine bristles that don’t irritate your gums. Lastly, visit your dentist if you are experiencing severe bleeding or other issues. They can help!

A good moisturizer

During the first trimester, you may notice dry and itchy skin. As your belly expands, this will only increase. Thus, during the first three months, find a suitable moisturizer. Read the ingredients to ensure it is safe to use during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor or a dermatologist if needed. But investing in a good moisturizer helps soothe your dry, itchy skin.

Read pregnancy books

Most women need bed rest or do less activity during the first three months. To keep yourself busy, read pregnancy books. One of the best ones is “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” Read other pregnancy-related books to increase your knowledge on how to care for your growing body and baby. It also calms your brain down.


Taking ample rest is a must during the first trimester. Even if you don’t need bed rest, you still need to relax your body. Exhausting or overwhelming yourself is never a good idea. Take naps whenever you feel tired. Due to hormonal changes during this time, fatigue is a common symptom. So, put your feet up and rest a lot.

Buy maternity bras

The first three months may not require new clothes. But they do need new bras. Tender breasts can hurt, especially with regular bras. So, get maternity ones for ease.

Don’t forget to choose the right underwear, especially when you’re already experiencing discomfort. If you’ve been wearing tight-fitting, synthetic underwear, it’s time to make a change. Cotton underwear for women is an excellent choice for women as cotton is a breathable material and doesn’t cause any discomfort, which is important, especially during hot weather. Keeping the vaginal area clean and healthy is essential to avoid further pain and discomfort.

Be happy during your pregnancy. It ensures a healthy baby and you. If you feel physical or mental health issues, seek treatment immediately. Don’t delay; follow these must-haves to the tee.

Gretchen Walker
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