How Online Casinos Help Save The Environment

online casinos help save environment

The damaging impacts of climate change are visible in many different parts of the world through extreme weather conditions, bushfires, flooding, and other horrendous consequences of improper care for our planet. Many of those issues are boosted by the negative effect of large corporations, and that is why we should all reconsider our choices when it comes to everyday habits.

If you are passionate about casino games, switching to online operators instead of visiting land-based venues is a sure way to make be more eco-friendly. If you were wondering how online gambling sites help save the environment, take a look at the following points.

Community Support

Thanks to their popularity and extremely fast growth, many online casinos are now able to give back to the world by supporting their local communities through different activities. Whether it’s charity work or helping the environment through recycling and taking part in planting more trees, there are many great examples of how a local business can help transform its surroundings for the better.

For instance, SkyCity helps the local community in New Zealand by actively supporting several charities including Sustainable Coastlines, Million Metres Streams, and Leukemia & Blood Cancer organization.

Reduced Greenhouse Gass Emission

Since players need to travel in some way in order to get to land-based casinos, the venues are accountable for a certain amount of greenhouse gas emission that goes into the atmosphere.

For instance, if we take US Midwest as an example, the average consumer has to drive more than 120 miles to reach a traditional gambling establishment, and an average car emits somewhere around 411 grams of carbon dioxide for each mile of the journey. This means that an average round trip to a gambling venue produces almost 100 kg of carbon dioxide.

In addition to that, once they reach their destination, the consumers often engage in activities with a significant carbon footprint, especially if they visit hotel casinos with various amenities. On the other hand, when players decide to enjoy their favourite games through online casinos, from the comfort of their homes, there is no need for them to use any kind of transportation. Therefore, greenhouse gas emission is automatically reduced, at least to some extent. 

Lower Energy Costs

Running a brick-and-mortar venue requires huge consumption of energy, and after a while, such a large use causes negative climate change. Since web-based gambling sites have no gaming floors and other facilities to maintain, they have much lower energy costs than traditional casinos.

On top of that, internet platforms often use renewable energy sources, which significantly reduces their negative impact on the environment. Moreover, some of the top operators are now certified as carbon-neutral which means that all of their emissions have been neutralized. 

Modest Land Use

When it comes to sustainability, efficient land use is definitely one of its important factors, since land is a limited resource with incredible value, and each acre lost to careless commercial and industrial use is considered a waste.

Of course, this is another area where online operators turn out to be a more sustainable business model than brick-and-mortar venues since traditionally built casinos tend to take up a space that ranges from a whole city block to an area that spans across more than 100,000 square feet.

When the venues are built in rural areas, they usually take the best locations with great access to the infrastructure and all the main roads, while in urban areas, they take the space that could otherwise be used for parks or public housing.

On the contrary, online operators achieve incredible geographic reach, even though they barely even use any land. Their cloud-based solutions use very little space, and many of the data centres do not even have physical locations.

Less Waste

As we already know, spacious brick-and-mortar casinos are not only gambling venues, but also social hubs where people can go for entertainment, food, and drinks, and just like all other large operations, they generate a considerable amount of waste. If you take into consideration that the waste produced in private homes is an issue on its own, then you can only imagine the negative impact that commercial kitchens have on food waste.

In addition to that, such facilities also throw out an enormous amount of disposables such as plates, napkins, and cutlery. Internet-based establishments, on the other hand, pose no threat to the environment when it comes to food or any other type of waste.

Online casinos have become an amazing alternative to land-based establishments, and thanks to their increased popularity, gambling is leaving a smaller carbon footprint than before. With more and more people choosing to stay indoors, the expansion of gambling venues is now happening on the web, with much less irresponsible land use, and reduced food and energy waste.

Gretchen Walker
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