Online Hookup Terms and Slang Words You Should Learn in 2022

online hookup terms

We always encounter many new terms that add to the language and develop daily with our life variables. For example, many terms were added to our language after the great spread of social media, the same for online adult dating sites.

Hooking up online has become popular nowadays. The old traditional way of meeting your casual partner in a restaurant or at a cinema had changed to a modern way using adult dating sites and apps. This change affected our habits of meeting people and our used language too. Before using adult dating sites, you need to know this jargon and understand its meaning. This article will find the most frequently used terms and slang in 2022.

These are terms you’re going to hear in person but especially on the top hookup apps that dating coaches recommend. It will be very useful for you to understand what these terms mean and how they are applied. Most of them have to do with how relationships evolve online so it’s good to know ahead of time what can happen.


This term is widely used in online adult dating. It means to put someone away from your private life or social activities, especially if the relationship with that person is still a new one. When you newly get to know someone, especially if you are committed to another long-term relationship, you say that “I pocketed him” or “I will keep her pocketed.”


When you have a good casual relationship with someone on dating sites and have already spent a couple of nights together, then this dater suddenly disappears from your life and blocks you until you do not find a way to connect with them. It’s said that you are “ghosted.” Ghosting means cutting off any means of communication with someone and suddenly disappearing from their life without any explanations or justifications.

Of course, it has terrible consequences for the ghosted person, especially after having a relationship with each other. Ghosting has many negative consequences on the psychological health of the ghosted person.


This term is considered as the new shape of ghosting. When you have a relationship with a dater, this relationship turns into a real-life casual relationship. After some time, this partner cuts off any real-life communication with you but still has you on friends’ list on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. So you have a breakup in real life, but they are still following you on Instagram and reacting to your pictures or posts on hookup apps.


We all know the word zombie is one who rises from the dead this is an apocalypse but is there any zombie on adult dating sites? As you read above that the ghoster is the one who suddenly disappears from your life without explanations, and you can’t find a way to connect with them, but what if the ghoster is back again and send a message after this long time of disappearing as if there is nothing happened? You could call them a zombie. My advice is to run away; block will be the perfect answer to the zombie’s message.


If you want to keep someone following you, you put breadcrumbs on the road for them to follow. This is the literal meaning of breadcrumb, but as an adult dating slang, breadcrumbing is to flirt with someone or to show your interest from time to time and even in a group chat or as a comment on a public post without any commitment of a relationship. in this way you do not promise the dater of anything like a meeting or a night out together, but you still want to catch his attention without pursuing a relationship.


“Put him on the bench” if you heard this term, it means that you are a spare partner!

Benching is an adult dating slang to describe your act with a potential partner, which is exactly as if you are in a relationship but without taking any action. You keep the potential partner as a spare if the one you are connected to doesn’t work. For some people, that works fine, but it hurts the feelings to know that you are kept as a spare casual partner.


This is an abbreviation of the term “in real life” This term is widely used now with the spread of adult dating sites. You get to know the potential partner virtually, but if you turn it into a real relationship, you could describe it as a real-life relationship. It is used in this way; “I hope that you are cute IRL as you are now in a dating chat,” or I have the same personality whether IRL or in dating sites.”

Those terms are widely used in adult dating and social media sites. I hope this article helps you to be familiar with such jargon. Anyway, we can’t talk about online hookup terminology without mentioning the new OnlyFans term that took the world of the internet by storm. If you have never heard that name before, you should check this list of top OnlyFans girls to follow and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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