Digital Development: How Online Learning Is Transforming A Range Of Areas

online learning transforming areas

When you think of the word ‘education’, the ideas that probably spring to mind are classrooms, teachers and even a bit of stress for exams and outline for persuasive research paper. Anything we can recall from our days at school and college.

However, the education sector has been on a fascinating journey in recent years, helped largely by the online revolution.

Transformative impact

The emergence of online services has transformed many parts of our lives. We can now do a range of things through laptops, phones and tablets, like researching cooking advice, shopping, watching movies and booking a holiday. However, did you realise that education services are widely available online too?

For example, the way that we can learn languages has been transformed, as the idea of sitting face-to-face with a teacher or working through a phrasebook has been blown out of the water.

Preply offers private French lessons with online tutors and it explains that there is a range of benefits to consider. These include the ability to arrange sessions around your own schedule while the teacher is focused on your learning. The one-on-one lessons take place via video calls, so you also get the chance to learn in your own home.

Music tuition has also been affected by online learning tools and a recent development linked to Fishman highlighted this. The organisation has created a Learn To Play video series designed to educate guitarists, with the lessons being taught by established artists. The classes cover a range of areas, including parts of the guitar, fingerpicking and more.

Business boost

The business world has also embraced online learning in recent years, with a new study putting the issue under the spotlight.

Earlier this month, a report by Global Market Insights revealed that the corporate e-learning market size will exceed $450 billion by 2028. The rising number of mobile phone users is expected to boost growth, as this is helping companies deploy e-learning solutions to train their employees remotely.

There is also a suggestion that online learning is having an impact in more traditional education settings. This was highlighted by a recent survey from Cengage, Bay View Analytics and partners, which revealed that 76 percent of community college students are keen to take some courses completely online in the future. It also found that 88 percent of students are currently in online courses.

Big changes

Many areas have been transformed by online services, but the impact on the world of education is particularly clear to see in our culture. Online lessons and courses have been embraced by a host of sectors, creating a greater level of flexibility for anyone looking to learn new skills. From languages, and corporate training to online maths tutoring, there have been some big changes in recent years.

With this in mind, it will be interesting to see how the education sector grows and evolves in the coming years. At this point, it seems like online tools will influence for some time to come.

Gretchen Walker
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