Top 20 Open When Letter Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones

open when letter ideas

A timeless gesture of care and love, open when letters are the perfect way to maintain a bond with a loved one. Whether it is your close friend living miles away or a long-distance relationship, letters are a classic and elegant way to be there for the ones who love. Texts may be quicker, but the beauty of handwritten letters is unparalleled.

Take a look at these 20 open when letter ideas to spark your creativity and create the most unique gift for someone you care for.

What Are Open When Letters?

Open When Letters

An open when letter is a message or letter you write for someone that should only be opened on a particular date or a specific occasion. The date for opening the letter is typically indicated on the front.

Also called “Open Me When” letters, these are much like modern-day time capsules. Since you are writing the letter for specific occasions, the receiver can find comfort when they need it the most.

These letters make thoughtful and excellent gifts, especially when given in bulk. They can also serve as a going away present for when your child goes to college, for a friend who’s moving away, or when you want to keep the spark alive and strengthen the bond in a long-distance relationship.

Who Should I Make Open When Letters For?


Open when letters can be written for anyone you care for, those who hold a special place in your heart.

You can make them for your partner who is leaving for a trip or for your child who will soon be leaving home to start college or spending summer at camp, or a beloved friend or family member who may be moving away. Military families separated due to deployments can also maintain mutual support through these letters.

What Events Should I Write Open When Letters For?


Open when letters are versatile gifts because you can practically give them for all of life’s many occasions.

You can create them for more significant milestones in life like anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations, or even for those moments when you just want your presence known to someone.

Everyone’s life is full of uncertainties, so these letters are great when your loved ones need a reason to smile, be reminded that hard times will pass, and make them feel special, loved, and valued.

Rules of Open When Letter


Not everyone will be familiar with the concept of open when letters. So, it’s a good idea to establish how it works.

You can write an additional “instruction letter” and place it on the top of the stack, or you can also put it on an envelope and label it as “The First Letter to Open” or “Open First.”

Here are the rules typical for open when letters:

#1. Open a letter only when it applies to the situation, or as per the date.

#2. Open one letter at a time.

#3. No peeking!

#4. Save the letters. You never when you may need words of encouragement or even a reminder of how loved you are.

Open When Letter Ideas

Struggling to figure out what to write in these open when letters? Don’t worry!

Here are a few ideas that you can adapt and tweak for your situation.

  • For Best Friend


#1. It’s your birthday!

A heartfelt birthday message to tell them how thankful you are to have your best friend in your life.

#2. Let’s Break Out That Smile

Offer a message of support and a big dose of happiness if your best bud is going through a rough patch.

#3. Feeling Lonely

Ideal if you have been away from each other and miss the long talks, gossip, night outs, and shopping sprees.

#4. Thinking Of Our Happiest Memories

Share happy memories with your BFF to keep your bond strong even if you are miles away.

#5. Feeling Tired and Overwhelmed

The ups and downs of surviving each day can be overwhelming. Reassure your best friend that their feelings are valid and that it’s OK to feel this today because tomorrow is another day to do better. Chin up!

#6. Feeling Scared

Uncertainties and new challenges can make one fearful, especially when your best friend is miles away. Lend your emotional support with a letter that will encourage your friend to rise up to new challenges.

#7. A Bad Day

If your bestie has had a terrible day when everything seems to have gone wrong, this letter should make them laugh and help them look at the bright side.

#8. Sorry We Fought; I Still Love You

Friendship is not all rainbows and sunshine. This letter is for when you two have had a fight but you still want your friend to know you love them.

#9. Get Well Soon

Being ill can be a real downer. Be the medicine to your friend’s sick day through this sweet note.

#10. Can’t Wait to See You!

This is probably the happiest of the bunch because it means you and your best friend will be meeting soon! Make sure you have the opening date for this letter right so that your friend opens it only a few days before you two meet.

  • For Boyfriend/Girlfriend


#11. It’s Our Anniversary!

A special letter for a special occasion. Even if you are miles apart, you can still celebrate this special day by penning your thoughts and feelings for your loved one.

#12. Wish You Were Here

Long-distance relationships require commitment and the willingness to make it work. If the distance is becoming unbearable, a little reminder of the love you share can be just the assurance your partner needs.

#13. Missing You

There’s no shame in being sappy! Pour out your heart and tell your partner how much you miss them. After all, distance really can make the heart grow fonder.

#14. I Love You

A letter simply to say, “I love you” — who wouldn’t want that?

#15. It’s Valentine’s Day!

This may be a little standard, but it is still sweet to get a card on this occasion.

#16. I Believe In You

Receiving a supportive letter, knowing that your significant other believes in you, is all your partner may need to keep going.

#17. Thank You

It takes two to tango, and there are times when one has to take a few more steps to meet the other. Be thankful for these times and let your partner know that you see them and appreciate what they do.

#18. I’m Here for You

Remind your partner that you will always be there for them regardless of the distance.

#19. Ready For an Adventure

It could be a new job, a new house, or an upcoming trip. Boost your partner’s morale so they can seize the day!

#20. Needing A Hug

They say a hug is worth a thousand words. Even if you can’t physically wrap your arms around your partner, you can still tell them how much you adore being in their arms.

What Supplies Do I Need to Make Open When Cards?


You can create open when cards or letters using the simplest materials.

Here’s what you need:

#1. Different kinds of envelopes for the letters and cards. This is also where you indicate when the receiver should open the card.

#2. Colorful pens to make the letters fun.

#3. A pretty box to hold all these keepsake cards. You don’t want the receiver to lose any of the letters.

#4. Printable cards or good quality letter-writing stationery on which you will write all your open when cards and letters.

#5. This is optional, but you can add a surprise gift or memento inside different envelopes. It will be extra special for the receiver to find special treats inside like a cinema ticket, gift card, photograph, or a fun drawing.

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