Tips to Pass the Microsoft SC-900 Exam 

pass microsoft sc 900 exam

The SC-900 certification is for Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals. It is recommended that anyone who is just starting in security should take this exam as a first step toward gaining knowledge about security, compliance, and identity over cloud-based and associated Microsoft services.

When you pass the SC-900 exam, you will obtain the “Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals” certification, which provides you with full access to other products and services offered by Microsoft at the associate level.

This certification thoroughly explains Microsoft privacy, the Zero Trust model, Microsoft Office 365, Azure Defender, and Azure Active Directory. It also gives a thorough knowledge of Microsoft and Office 365 security services. Thus, obtaining this certification is essential regardless of which Azure path you choose.

Who is it for?

A primary focus of this certification is to provide security, compliance, and identity knowledge to those responsible for Microsoft’s security, compliance, and identity components. Azure utilizes these services across its entire infrastructure.

Numerous benefits can be derived from understanding security and compliance. For example, stakeholders can make more informed decisions by understanding how security measures and compliance affect the business.

Newcomers and seasoned professionals in the IT industry can benefit from the SC 900 certification, which opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

How do you prepare for the Microsoft SC-900 exam?

If you are considering taking the Microsoft SC-900 exam, here are some suggestions you should consider for exam preparation.

  1. Check out the official Microsoft website

Microsoft’s official website provides all the necessary information regarding the SC-900 training. In addition, it acts as an SC-900 guide by offering various learning opportunities, including training courses, practice exams, and online discussion forums.

  1. Understand the format of the exam

This exam contains 40-60 questions in many different formats, including scenario-based questions (single answer), multiple-choice questions, interactive questions, mark-review questions, drag-and-drop questions, and others.

A minimum score of 700 is required to pass the SC-900. Besides, the Microsoft SC-900 exam is available in only one language, English, for $99.

  1. Make sure you have the necessary resources

Microsoft has created many helpful guides on their official website that you can find if you explore the site. Furthermore, various training options are available, including online learning, instructor-led classes, and SC-900 course practice exams.

  1. Test your knowledge of SC-900 with practice tests

The practice test simulates the actual exam environment and includes the same type of SC-900 questions found in the actual exam, making it the most effective way to get a feel for the real SC-900 exam.

There are many websites where you can find reliable and up-to-date SC-900 practice tests. These test results can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your preparation and identifying potential areas for improvement.

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What are the benefits of SC-900 practice tests?

Several factors justify taking the SC-900 practice test before the real test, but the following are the three most significant.

  1. Ability to manage one’s time more effectively

A substantial amount of weight is placed on time when creating practice tests, which is undeniably one of the most critical aspects of Microsoft exams. Thus, you can develop your ability to manage the limited exam time effectively through practice.

  1. Focusing on the most crucial aspect of the SC-900 exam – revision

Each syllabus topic you study will inevitably become more complex at the end of the day due to the volume of information being covered. Therefore, you must not avoid revisions. So, by taking SC-900 practice tests, you can review your syllabus before taking the exam.

  1. More confidence after taking the SC-900 practice test

Aside from improving your time management skills, the SC-900 career practice test helps boost your confidence since it allows you to examine your strong and weak points. You develop a positive attitude as a result of your efforts. 

What are the Exam Policies?

You should be familiar with the following policies:

  • Policy on retaking exams

Per Microsoft’s exam retake policy, if you fail the first exam attempt, you must wait 24 hours to retake it. During this period, you can access the certification dashboard of the Microsoft portal and reschedule the exam.

However, if you cannot pass a second time, you may have to wait a minimum of fourteen days before attempting the exam again. You can find more information on the Microsoft Exam Policies website.

  • Cancellation and rescheduling of exams

Microsoft’s policy is to temporarily waive rescheduling and cancellation fees if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. Also, the cost will not be assessed if you cancel or reschedule an appointment at least six business days in advance.

However, a fee will be assessed if you reschedule or cancel within five business days of the scheduled examination date.


Microsoft SC-900 exams are challenging, but they help launch a successful career. In addition, acquiring relevant tools and technical knowledge from one of the world’s leading organizations undoubtedly results in excellent future opportunities.

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