10 Eco-Friendly Pet Hair Removal Hacks

pet hair removal hacks

If you’re still using the old-school lint roller to get rid of pet hair from your clothes, it’s time to think about some eco-friendly alternatives. We have some practical tips to remove pet hair that’s friendly to your pet, your furniture, and the environment. From reusable pet hair remover tools to Velcro hair curlers you have at home, here are our 10 eco-friendly pet hair removal hacks.

1. Ways To Get Rid Of That Pet Hair Smell

Even if you get rid of your pet’s hair from your clothing, furniture or floors of your home, it seems like that pet hair smell still lingers. An odor-resistant pet bed can help keep your pet’s sleeping area smelling much fresher. If your pet sleeps in the bed with you, be sure to clean your sheets, pillows, and bedding at least once a week. You can make an at-home DIY deodorizing powder with zinc oxide, cornstarch, baking soda, and a pet-friendly essential oil like lavender or chamomile.

2. How To Remove Pet Hair From Clothing

You come home from work, and your dog jumps on you because they’re so excited to see you. While you love the snuggles and begrudgingly accept the inevitable slobber all over you and your clothes, their less-than-desirable fur gets all over your clothing, too. Your first instinct might be to put your hairy, slobbery shirt in the washing machine.

If you have pet hair on your clothing, you’ll actually want to run it through the dryer before washing it. Use a pet hair removal tool to get rid of as much pet fur from your clothing first. Then, run the dryer on a low setting. Remove any lint and hair from the lint trap and then proceed to wash and dry as usual.

3. Get A Pet Hair Remover Tool

According to Vetstreet, cats spend 15-20 percent of their time grooming. Even with all that grooming, their hair will get everywhere around your home. With a reusable pet hair remover, you’re using an eco-friendly tool to help remove pet hair from your clothing, furniture, carpets, and more.

4. Brush With A Wire Brush

You might use a wire brush or rubber-bristle brush to groom your dog’s hair. Did you know you can also use it as a tool to help remove pet hair? You can use this kind of brush to remove any remaining pet hair from upholstery.

5. Velcro Hair Curlers Aren’t Just For Your Hair

Before you put your curlers away, you can use them to remove pet hair, too. Simply roll the Velcro tip of your hair curler along your furniture. Any remaining pet hair will stick to the Velcro part of your hair curler. This trick works best on sturdy wood flooring or carpeting.

6. Pumice Stones Aren’t Just For Spa Day

Those pumice stones they use on your feet for your spa pedicure can also be used to remove pet hair. Because of how abrasive the stone can be, you may want to use a diluted solution — like two to three teaspoons of fabric softener and water in a spray bottle — to help soften the abrasiveness of the stone and loosen any excess pet hair.

7. Grab Your Car’s Squeegee

Your car’s squeegee can be used for more than cleaning your windshield. The rubber blade of the squeegee can be used on couches and flooring to pick up pet hair. Gather all pet hair into a large pile to pick up in one fell swoop.

8. Put Seat Covers In Your Car

This one is more of a preventative measure, but if you have a car, this is an important one to keep in mind. If you’re not already using seat covers when you transport your pet in your car, now is the time to get seat covers. They’re easy to put on and easy to remove. After you take your furry friend in the car with you for a ride, you can remove the seat covers as needed to clean and then put them back on the next time your pet is in the car with you.

9. Grab Your Kitchen Rubber Gloves

Go to your kitchen and grab your rubber gloves. You can use a slightly damp rubber glove to help pick up loose strands of pet fur from furniture or upholstery. The pet hair should stick to the tips of your rubber gloves. When sweeping the area with your rubber glove, go from the top to bottom in one direction. That way, the pet hair won’t be spread around. Any remaining clumps of fur can be sucked up with a vacuum.

10. Use A Vacuum

When exploring pet hair removal hacks, it’s essential to consider various techniques and tools. A handheld vacuum may be best to get into tight corners and tackle those stubborn pet hair clumps that seem to find their way everywhere in your home.

Try using a special vacuum nozzle with rubber bristles to pick up any pet hair. A handheld vacuum may be best to get into tight corners or small places. When a vacuum is just too heavy or impractical to carry around to clean little nooks and crannies throughout your home or your car, use a portable pet hair remover to get into all those hard-to-reach places.

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