A Photographer’s Perspective On Botleys Mansion

photographers perspective on botleys mansion

Botleys Mansion is a charming countryside manor in Surrey that serves as an exclusive wedding venue owned and operated by Bijou Wedding Venues.

This striking manor is nestled in a quiet, private woodland located less than an hour from the heart of London. The mansion hosts weddings of all sizes each year in its various rooms and is renowned for its stellar service and attention to detail–as well as its breathtaking views.

Botleys Mansion has been tastefully and painstakingly refurbished over many years to provide couples and guests with a surreal wedding experience (and photos to match)!

Why Do We Love Botleys Mansion?

We love this picturesque venue for many reasons, but mainly because it’s so photogenic! There are no bad angles here. The team at Bijou has immaculately curated this wedding venue to be every photographer’s dream, and you can easily imagine the stunning photos that are sure to result from any event held on the property within moments of arriving on site.

From the moment you pull up the gravel drive to the venue, you’re bombarded by cinema-worthy scenery at every turn. There is no shortage of manicured landscaping, grand staircases, and majestic columns and statues guaranteed to impress your guests and make for phenomenal photos.

As far as breathtaking ceremony and reception areas are concerned, Botleys Mansion offers several places to host your nuptials based on aesthetic preferences and guest count. Each of these spaces–the Green Room, the Atrium, and the outdoor grounds–is well-lit, spacious, and most of all, visually magnificent, providing ample opportunity for us to capture beautiful photos of your special moments here.

There are also a dozen or so dreamy spots on the grounds (like the large fountain or the little wooden bridge) that are ideal settings for teary first looks, romantic newlywed photos, and everything in-between.

In cases of inclement weather or for couples that prefer indoor settings, any of the mansion’s elegant interior spaces are also great for these important moments. Having your first look in the Library or main hall and newlywed photos in any of the rooms not in use for main events is a great alternative to holding them out of doors.

There are endless photographic possibilities at Botleys Mansion, which easily earns it a top spot on our list of favorite venues. As an added bonus (as if this incredible venue needed one), the team at Bijou is experienced, highly professional, and easy to work with whether you’re a couple or a professional wedding vendor (like us!).

Thinking of hosting your wedding at Botleys Mansion? Hire us for photography and videography! We’ve photographed many weddings at Botleys over the years and know the best spots for each one of your significant wedding day moments at the venue. You will find more details about us on our website at schmittat.uk.

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