What Are Professionals Betting On FIFA World Cup?

professionals betting on fifa world cup

The World Cup is just around the corner, and there’s already a lot of information about the teams and who will be playing in the starting eleven. There’s a lot of speculation about who should be on the top of the list when it comes to favorites to win it, but we can expect many surprises which happened in the past.

For those that like to make a bet on their country or favorite players, there’s information about the FIFA world cup 2022 schedule so you can check who your country will be playing against. Having a schedule doesn’t mean you have enough information for the cup, so make sure you do your research before making a bet because your chances to win will be much higher.

Betting on the Favorites

Most professional bettors will recommend betting on the favorites, but that won’t be a big adrenalin rush considering that the odds will be much lower when Brazil is playing against Cameroon. The same goes for other favorites like Spain, France, Germany, and maybe Argentina.

Bookies are on the Brazilian side because they really have a great team, with Neymar and Vini Jr. leading the attack. But being in the same group as Serbia and Switzerland means that you should expect the unexpected.

Both Teams To Score

One of the favorite things to bet on for the World Cup is that both teams will score or GG depending on which casino you are playing. There should be a lot of goals, especially in the group stage, because, during this season, many leagues started forcing attacks instead of keeping the ball safe.

A great example is the German Bundesliga, where you have a team scoring 5 goals each week. We won’t have the privilege to watch the most exciting player this year, which is Haaland, because Norway didn’t qualify for the Cup.

You can expect that the odds for both teams to score for even matches would be around 1.6, but that’s why targeting favorites might be much more interesting. The odds will be much higher if a team like France is going against Tunisia.

Who Will Leave The Group Stage?

This is also one of the most interesting bets that you can make, but the downside is that you have to wait until the group stage is over. A great thing about the World Cup is that it doesn’t last too long. It will end in just 28 days so do your analysis about the group stage winners and who might potentially get out of the group stage but was an underdog before the start.

Ghana is one of the teams people are looking at because they are going against Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea, but none of the other teams are in their best condition. Uruguay did an amazing job a few years ago, and Ronaldo isn’t doing great in Manchester, so Ghana making a surprise would be a spectacle.

Temperature as an Important Factor

A lot of people that are making the bets have never been to Qatar and didn’t check what’s the weather like there. There have been many mentions of how hot it is, but there isn’t enough information about the impact it has on the players. When you look at the statistics for the past cups and their locations, it’s clear that the teams are performing better when the weather is similar to their own.

What we can expect from Qatar is that countries, where the average temperature is high, will perform better than others. The weather will definitely impact those who are used to cold weather in December because the finals will be played on the 18th.

During the winter, you can expect that the temperature will be like what’s average in Miami, around 25 degrees celsius or 75F. Counting in all the details about the World Cup and the conditions the players will be in can help you determine which bet to make.

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