5 Ways Scarlet and Violet Change Pokemon Franchise

Scarlet and Violet Change Pokemon Franchise

Pokemon is getting yet another epic addition to their long-running children’s franchise but fans are super excited about it. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are all set to release next month and it seems they are going to change Pokemon gameplay quite a bit. With new features, new gameplay elements, and new Pokemon, fans are in a huge surprise.

And with the release date just around the corner, I think it’s time we talked about all the game-changing features coming with Scarlet and Violet. And here are the top 5 ways that I think Scarlet and Violet will change the Pokemon franchise.

True Open World Experience

One of the things that I am super excited about the upcoming entries in the series is that they are going to feature a true open world for the first time in the history of Pokemon. Meaning players will be able to travel seamlessly through different parts of this vast and gorgeous world without any borders. From small towns to massive seas, players will finally be able to move along different regions with ease.

Now we did get to experience the open world in the previous Pokemon entry but it wasn’t a fully open world experience, which makes Scarlet and Violet that much more exciting. This changes a lot for the Pokemon fans because now they will be able to explore the game in a very different way.

Completely Non-Linear Storyline

Open World isn’t the only thing that’s changing in the upcoming entries, Scarlet and Violet are also going to offer a completely non-linear storyline, also for the very first time in the Pokemon series. Players will now be able to choose how they want to progress through the journey with 3 different story paths to walk through.

You will no longer be bound to follow the long-running sequence where you start off as a boy with dreams to become a legendary Pokemon trainer, who leaves his hometown and goes off fighting different Gym leaders with increasing difficulty. Instead, you will be able to choose who you want to fight as you travel across the open world.

New Starter Pokemon

Of course, with new Pokemon games comes new starter Pokemon. Keeping the long-running tradition alive, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be introducing three new starter Pokemon for you to choose from. And luckily, we already know who these Pokemon will be. And they are, Grass Type Sprigatito, Fire Type Fuecoco, and Water-type Quaxly. You can always grab any Pokemon Scarlet and Violet items at Eldorado.gg.

You can choose one of these cute monsters to help you through this epic journey to become a legendary Pokemon trainer. And while we don’t know much about the trio, we do know something about their nature. For Fuecoco, it’s known to be lazy, Quaxly, pretty hardworking, and Sprigatito, quite capricious.

Co-op Gameplay

The other thing that excites many Pokemon fans is the new co-op feature. Scarlet and Violet will allow you to team up with up to 3 friends in union square and march up to Pokemon battles together. This makes open-world exploration much more exciting and we have already had a taste of it in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Scarlet and Violet will also feature new co-op modes such as Tera Raid battles, where you can fight Terastallized Pokemon with the help of your team. If you don’t already have a team, you can recruit other trainers or you can simply join others who are already fighting these raid battles. These battles also have a time limit, so you and your teammates better be synchronized.


With Scarlet and Violet featuring a vast open world, you can expect the exploration to change quite a bit. According to the developers, there will be Pokemon mounts in the game designed to help the players explore this vast world with ease. The gen 9 legendary Pokemon will actually be able to transform into different mounts that players will be able to use to get around and traverse different parts from lands to seas and even skies.

So there’s quite a lot happening in Scarlet and Violet and many of the features are completely game-changing.

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