Have You Watched These Top 6 Sci-Fi Movies & Shows On Channel 4 In The USA Yet?

sci fi movies shows on channel 4

Sci-fi movies and series give a thrilling experience of some unimaginable concept. Movies and shows of this genre come with a lot of opportunities and excitement.

All of them are impressive with their twisted plots, characters’ development, and technology leveraged to create a top-notch end result for a movie. Only a few channels offer the best streaming experience for this genre and Channel 4 is one of them.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy all these movies and shows on Channel 4 especially when you are in the USA.

Although, watching Channel 4 is not easy in the USA as it is not available there so far.  But no worries, you can still stream Channel 4 in the USA with VPN.

Which Sci-Fi shows should I pick?

Channel 4 is one of the most successful public broadcasting services. Following their success, they enlisted movies and dramas of different genres. The Sci-Fi genre struck a chord with the audience and it continues to hold a lot of surprises till date.

We are very much excited to share the list of the most thrilling Sci-Fi movies that you can enjoy on Channel 4. Take a look at all the selections.


To enjoy the parallel universe, “Tripped” is the best choice for you. It’s a story about a pair of friends. The story starts with an average 24-year-old teenager named Danny. Stoner Milo and Danny are childhood friends.

Milo discovers Danny with a sword (not a real one) from another dimension. He is here to warn Milo. As the story continues, Milo and Danny find themselves in a confusing situation.

They are in a parallel universe. Encountering different versions of themselves is a thrilling and unpleasant experience.

Dream Corp LLC

As one of the best Sci-Fi series, Dream Corp LLC will keep you on tenterhooks till the end. The story starts with Dr. Roberts. He runs a dream therapy facility named Dream Corp.

As an absent-minded professor, he can help people who want to record and analyze people’s dreams. Although, Dr. and his team don’t have a better grip on it. With the mind-bending visual experience and comedy, you surely enjoy this series.

Black Mirror

Love to watch dark tales with tons to twist? “Black Mirror” is for you if the answer is yes. It holds a dark environment and lets you feel that. Charlie Brooker is an evil brainchild.

At first, you’ll think it’s a Twilight Saga in modern times. With contemporary looks, this series also shows us lots of technological twists.

The script, and acting, make “Black Mirror” perfect for everyone. It’s a beauty and masterpiece. The USA audience will love it because it completely focuses on this region in the story.


Sci-fi dramas with comedy are always best to enjoy. Misfits are one of those that make you laugh along with a mind-bending technological twist. The plot is related to five unruly teenagers.

Nathan, Curtis, Alisha, Kelly, and Simon committed crimes. As a punishment and payback, they must serve the community. They turned into superheroes after encountering a freak electrical storm.

The fate of these five teenagers is not as simple as a regular teenager’s life. There is something evil in this town and they need to save the town from it.


Who doesn’t know about Venom? Another best action, superhero, and Sci-Fi from MCU. If you are a die-hard fan of MCU, Venom could be the best option to enjoy your time on Channel 4. The story is jaw-dropping.

Marvel Entertainment shows how to show a complex story in a relevant way. Eddie Broke (Tom Hardy) loses everything. Yes, Eddie is a person with a broken heart.

He lost both his job and fiancé. Accidentally, he becomes a host. A host of alien symbiotes. Enjoy how Eddie uses power in this movie.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus

You can try Blade Runner: Black Lotus as a Sci-fi anime series. This 13-episode anime series shows a fantastic result of animation. The plot of this anime series is set in 2032.

The story is all about a woman who can’t remember her past. Maybe it’s another name for suffering. A woman with no memory changes her perception of life.

She has deadly skills and is searching for something related to her past. A locked device and a tattoo guide her to solve the mystery. Her brutal past with the truth, let her hunt down all the responsible people.


Channel 4 promises to offer the best quality content, movies, drama, and shows. With their incredible VOD service, people enjoy all the content, especially the Sci-Fi genre. Sci-Fi movies and shows can create goosebumps. So, get ready to have the best content watching experience from this genre on Channel 4.

Sadly, Channel 4 isn’t available in the USA. In this situation, a VPN comes handy. Using VPN is the most reliable option for the US audience of Channel 4. It works smoothly without making any errors.

We hope this guide was helpful. Enjoy all the fantastic Sci-Fi shows, movies, and dramas of Channel 4!

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