7 Easy and Practical Tips to Speed up Your BBC iPlayer Streaming Experience in the USA

speed up bbc iplayer streaming experience

Want to catch up on back episodes of Dr. Who, or perhaps a British comedy has caught your fancy? Both can be done quickly through BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer offers a vast library of both BBC classics and original content.

Unfortunately, the service is not currently available in the US region. It is suggested to stream BBC iPlayer in USA using a high-quality VPN service.

The USA ranks 15th on the fastest mobile internet speed, 110 Mbps, and 13th on broadband speed, 203.81 Mbps. Although the USA has high-speed internet with high-speed stream requirements, even the fastest internet can face issues.

Slow internet speeds or interrupted speeds can cause your stream to lag and buffer. Due to a VPN service, internet speeds can be affected. Here are a few tips to help you enhance your streaming experience on the BBC iPlayer application.

Speed up your BBC iPlayer streams – Easy and practical tips

Remove extra applications and devices from the network.

Multiple devices linked to your internet connection can leach your internet speed, draining it. These days numerous devices can be linked through Wi-Fi. One household can have devices such as a Smart TV, multiple smartphones, refrigerators, and smart home devices all connected to one internet connection.

Removing extra devices from your internet connection can help reduce the number of devices competing for internet speed. You can add and remove the number of devices from your internet connection, giving you the power to control your internet speed and usage.

Close down extra tabs and applications

Your device needs cleaning as well. Cleaning the device can increase the speed of connectivity and enhance your device’s performance. Your device may have applications opened in the background that can be using your connection, closing these applications can increase the internet connection speed.

Closing the device’s extra tabs relieves the device’s space and internet connection speed. Closing down extra tabs can also be effective in increasing the connection speed. Excessive cluttering of our browser caused by the additional tabs can also be removed by doing so.

Connect your device directly to the network

Get wired up. We understand getting your device connected with an ethernet cable sounds old school, but this wired connection can increase your internet connection speeds. It is a trick among serious streamers who stream this way so that their device is the only device connected to the internet.

Being connected through a wired connection also gives the advantage to the user of being the only person connected to a network. Being the only device ensures that your device gets the maximum connection speed.

Take out the junk – Clear out your cache.

Clearing out the junk files and cache from your device and browser can increase the performance of your device. Clearing the browser cache can increase internet connection speeds by removing unnecessary links and files from the device. Removal of these Unnecessary items can improve the performance of your connection.

A build-up of unnecessary cache and junk files can bring down the performance of your device. We recommend that you clear out the cache of your device and browser at least once daily to optimize the performance of your device.

Lower your video quality

High-quality streaming can take up a lot of bandwidth. Lowering the screen resolution can help maintain the stream’s internet connection. Reducing the screen resolution, especially on smartphones, doesn’t disrupt the viewing experience.

While streaming on a Smartphone, there isn’t much need for a higher resolution to enhance the viewing experience. The lack of a screen room provides an excellent opportunity to reduce the screen resolution without disrupting the video quality.

Download for later

When you know, you might need a better internet connection for your steams. It is wise to consider downloading, and the BBC iPlayer offers viewers the option to download their shows for offline viewing.

Downloading your favourite titles to be viewed later can help in saving your connection speed. Downloading also means that you get to enjoy your stream uninterrupted. With the download for later option, you don’t have to worry about your connection speed or lack of connection.

You can download your favourite shows and movies with a good internet connection and save them for viewing later when you want to start watching. Downloading for later saves you the hassle of having to stream with constant buffering and lagging.

Keep your device up to date.

Keep your device updated to get the most out of your streaming experience. While using an older version of the application, there are bound to be bugs, lags, and skips. Using an updated version lets, you enjoy your streams without bugs.

Daily update checks should be carried out for your application, device, and browser. Keeping your device and browser up to date is very important, as both the device and the browser will be utilized with the application to better your streaming experience.


It’s time to leave behind slow, buffering, and lagging streams. It’s time to stream seamlessly.

Take charge of your BBC iPlayer stream. Access BBC iPlayer today with a good VPN. Follow these tips to get the best streaming experience.

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