The Importance of Strengthening Cyber Security Protocols in 2023

strengthening cyber security protocols

They say that hacking costs businesses over $400 billion yearly. The worst thing about this fact is that the amount is growing with each second. Instead of technological advancements to stop hacking attempts, they seem to enhance them and put companies in even greater danger.

When you think about hackers and the damage they can cause to your business, you instantly think about protecting yourself. Almost all companies will have strong firewalls and anti-hacker software installed, but these are not enough if a capable and experienced hacker wants to intrude.

The game is changing, and in 2023 the cyber threat will be greater than ever. Installing antivirus programs is not enough, and you need network security solutions to prevent hackers from causing problems. In this article, we talk about the importance of cyber security protocols in 2023 and how to protect your office network.

AI enters the games

We’re all witnessing the rise of artificial intelligence in all spheres of life. Powerful AI software can handle all sorts of tasks, and hackers seem to explore the possibilities of it already. We’re witnessing several AI hacking attempts, which shows that this will become a trend.

Both hackers and those trying to protect networks from them are exploiting the AI possibilities. Artificial intelligence is equally powerful when it comes to attacking and defending, so in the next year and the following decade, AI will be on the cyber battlefield from both sides.

If you’re aiming for flawless protection, it seems like it is too late to hope for it. When robots enter the game, it will be a battle of equal powers whose win can’t be guaranteed. However, while the market is still underdeveloped, AI can be an excellent guardian against hackers who still use standard sources and methods.

A simple two-step verification may solve a lot of issues

All smartphones and apps already use two-step verification. This can significantly strengthen your business security. Add two-step verification everywhere it is possible.

Hire an agency or an IT professional who will implement these changes. This way, you can be sure that the most important parts of your networks will stay intact from hackers. You’ll get a notification on your phone whenever someone tries to log in to your accounts. There’s no better security than always having control over who uses your passwords.

Training employees to be careful may save businesses

A bigger problem for all companies is phishing scams. Employees don’t think too much when they receive an email on their corporate account and will quickly open it. They’ll click any link; in many cases, these links are malware and viruses providing access to hackers trying to do harm.

Training your employees not to open just any link is essential. Around 65% of all hacking attempts are phishing emails. When an employee clicks on these links, a small virus instantly gets inside the computer, allowing hackers to monitor everything you do. Some hacking intrusions are not noticed for months, even years.

Have someone monitor the network’s activity 24/7

When we said hiring an IT company and having top-notch hacking security solutions, we really meant that. There’s no better solution than having someone monitor your network 24/7, and you can’t hire someone who will be in front of the computer around the clock.

An agency, on the other hand, will do a thorough analysis daily and will always notice if something strange is going on. They will run quick diagnostics and notify you in case there’s a need for that. If it requires immediate intervention, you will decide how you want the issue handled.

Place all valuable data to the cloud

Prevention is the best protection solution. Instead of solving problems, you can prevent them from happening. The best way to protect your data from falling into the hands of the competition is to upload them to the cloud and keep them there. Have nothing on your static computer and the company’s network.

Although cloud services sometimes experience breaches, they are far harder to break into than your ordinary land network. Additionally, there’s no chance your data will get lost when it is on the cloud. These services are made specifically for storing information, and there’s no chance of malfunctioning.


These few points show you where the trends are going, how hackers will work in 2023, and the decade that’s coming. Of course, no one can precisely predict the trends and what will happen in the next 5-10 years, but it’s obvious where things are going.

Implement the right protection tactics and stay safe. Have an IT agency to protect your assets and train your employees on using their emails. Prevention is the best way to sleep calmly, so use the points above to protect yourself.

Gretchen Walker
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