Top Summer Staples to Have in Your Wardrobe

summer staples in your wardrobe

Now that the warmest time of the year is finally here, it is time to get your wardrobe summer ready. There are always some tried and true summertime staples that are fun to sport, while there will surely be some new trends that you will want to try out this year.

The fun thing about summer clothes is that you can really make of your wardrobe what you want. You can opt for lighter, breezier styles or go for structured yet weather appropriate fabrics like linen.

If you have recently begun to revamp your summer wardrobe, here are some of the top staples that you will want to make sure you have on hand for all of the bright, warm days ahead.


Some of the best summer styles come in the form of dresses. Whether you like to rock higher hemlines for your sundresses or if you prefer the resort-ready style of a classic maxi dress, summertime is the best time to sport a few dresses.

Finding the right dresses for your frame can be a bit challenging at times. Perhaps you aren’t as comfortable with the higher hemlines that are on trend once more but still want to wear some lovely, feminine dresses this summer. Whatever your preferences and body type might be, you can surely find some summer dresses that are right for you.

Check out some flowy and flattering dresses for curvy women or try on a few small-print florals if your frame is on the slighter side. Having a few dresses in your wardrobe for summer is a must, so waste no time in finding ones that feel right for you.


Nothing pairs as well with your summertime dresses as a nice pair of leather sandals. These are the sort of shoes that will keep your feet cool and comfortable all summer long and that also go nicely with everything from jeans to shorts.

This summer, bedazzled sandals with lovely beading are on trend. You can find some great eye-catching shoes to help you stand out this summer.


While there will surely be days where you will want to wear your jeans, summertime is more geared towards shorts. Not only will you be cooler and more comfortable in shorts, but there are plenty of styles and varieties out there so you can surely find the shorts that are right for you.

For instance, if you aren’t too interested in wearing short denim shorts, why not opt for longer linen shorts? This is a classic style that is on trend for the summer and that can be pairs with either a fitted t-shirt or a flowy blouse.


As you are likely going to be spending more time outside enjoying the weather, it is important that you are taking steps to protect your eyes from the sun. A quality pair of sunglasses is always in vogue for summer, so make sure to treat yourself to a pair this year.

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