Top Car Innovations In This Year: A Checklist!

top car innovations this yea

Recent technology allows us to do things that we could only dream of doing in the past, and automotive technology is no exception. Until recently, gasoline cars were considered the unqualified favorites for most drivers, but now everything has changed with the arrival of electric cars on the market.

The whole evolution of combustion engine vehicles to the latest electronic batteries requiring charging shows the trend of integrating artificial intelligence and zero emissions into vehicle design. Today we’re going to talk about what automotive technology is, what the latest innovations are, and what the average user can do about it all. Read on to find out all the details.

1. Automatic Parking System

The eternal problem, causing frustration, spoiled nerves and irritation, so it is about the trouble of every driver – parking.  Of course, at the car driving courses they teach this, so to say, art, but still there are many problems associated with it, well, for example: someone parked incorrectly and fenced off the passage, or stopped in the wrong place, also often happens.

Of all the available car technology, the automatic parking function is the most useful, because it solves a lot of disputes that arise between drivers.  At the moment, corporations such as Volvo, Ford and Hyundai are already actively implementing such technology in their vehicle models.

2. Protection From Sun Glare

When bright sunlight hits your eyes through the windshield, it’s not the best thing that happens to you, as visibility is greatly reduced and the risk of accidents increases. Most cars are equipped with rough dividers that partially protect your vision from the sun’s glare.

However, the new car’s technology provides for compulsory equipping the cabin with a reasonable system of vision protection from direct sunlight and glare. Thus, if you often use car rental services, then pay attention to the presence of this, at first glance, little thing that can save your life.

3. Biometric Identification Systems

Fingerprint scanner, voice and facial recognition technology are no longer a surprise to anyone, since such technologies are in the functionality of any device such as smartphones, smartphones, computers or tablets. No wonder that world-renowned car manufacturers are developing, perfecting and implementing technologies to unlock access to the front door or even the ability to control the vehicle using such biotech panels.

Probably, the ability to connect gadgets for cars and the joint application of measures against theft or tampering is something that every car owner wants to have. If you are planning to find offers for your choice of vehicle, it is worth looking at rental cars, because perhaps there will be offers with such the latest security features.

4. Monitoring The Condition Of The Driver And Passengers

Such technologies make it possible to prevent possible accidents by recognizing the condition (emotional state, facial expressions, gestures, heart rate and breathing) of the driver and, if stress, agitation or even loss of control is detected, stopping the vehicle or activating autopilot mode.

Recently, car rental companies, along with vehicle manufacturers, have been working hard to make such technology available to ordinary citizens, as this technology is capable of significantly minimizing the risk of traffic accidents.

5. The V2V Connection

This technology is not new, but is actively being improved and implemented. The main goal is to create an environment to exchange information about the speed, direction and location of an object (i.e. a car) with other vehicles. It is a very useful technology, so that you can significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads and make driving more autonomous. ‘

Even when you are looking for a car rental budget, you can come across such a system of connections between vehicles, because now there is ongoing work on testing it on inexpensive cars. It is fundamentally important to find rental companies near me, because you can significantly reduce the time to find the appropriate vehicle option and may be able to participate in the testing of this technology at the same time as the usual trip on business.

6. Emergency Brake Option

Emergency braking involves preventing possible accidents by recognizing the distance between vehicles and when it becomes too short, a stop occurs. Some manufacturers have equipped their vehicles with additional side sensors that can recognize the movement of motorcycles, bicycles, some animals and people, which is a significant advance in road safety.

In particular, even if you get a budget rental-a-car, you can be sure that there are such safety features, because sound and light signals are played before braking, as well as alerts to the situation inside the cabin.

7. Augmented Reality Is Closer Than We Think

What is augmented or virtual reality technology? Each of us can give an example, because it is of course games on our laptop or smartphone. Especially the class of simulation games, because so many have tried themselves in the role of a driver.

Not so long ago, large car companies began to implement such technology, and in real life, this means that the car itself will show the distance to crosswalks, prevent bad road conditions, identify pedestrians and more. It is hoped that in the next few years such technology will be available when ordering even the cheapest rental car or other forms of transportation.

8. Control With Thoughts

Given that technologies already exist for deciphering brain signals and controlling certain devices with these signals, it becomes understandable to introduce such a thing in the field of mechanical engineering as well.

Recent car shows have introduced instances with touch panels and a helmet with an artificial intelligence neural system capable of providing the necessary commands and controlling the movement of the car and other available functions in the cabin. In the near future, there will be more and more proposals for such intelligent vehicles, including for budget car rental purposes, which will then be greatly simplified.


Therefore, as you can see from the above, most of these technologies are still in the embryonic stage of implementation and active testing, but you can already see these car models in certain markets. We are convinced that an incredible future awaits us, already opening its curtains.

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