How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number

track someones location with phone number

Are you wondering about how to find someone’s location by cell phone number? No worries, we’ll help you out.

Sometimes, there’s this feeling of curiosity when you really want to know your spouse’s, kids’, or friend’s location without them knowing. People who care a lot about their friends or family usually have these thoughts, and it’s pretty normal.

Tracking someone’s location using a phone number or access another person’s gmail account might not be as easy as it seems. Although the chances are slim, it’s still possible to locate someone by phone number. See below for further information:

Track a Location with These Apps

Surely, we’ll start with something effective. In order to know someone’s location, you can use the popular and excellent spying apps on the market that will give you not only the location-tracking ability but also device monitoring, app blocking, and so on. These will certainly be useful for parents who give their kids phones as a gift or as a means of communication.


The first one we have here is mSpy. Do you know what it is?

mSpy is one of the best spying apps on the market that provides excellent results. It has a wide range of usability that might be useful not only for parents but people in general. You don’t have to know about the solution to how to track a phone number anymore. Why? Because mSpy can track somebody even without their phone number.

The app uses advanced GPS technology through its features like:

1. Real Time GPS tracking, which can make you see someone’s location in real-time
2. Geofencing is a feature that will notify you if the target phone is leaving your set zone.

However, before actually obtaining these benefits, you need to first install the app into the target phone. Once you’ve done it, all the possible information can be seen from the dashboard of this app.

To track someone by phone number, another option you may use is mSpy. Upon visiting its official website, you’ll be greeted with a simple window to input someone’s phone number. Pick your country and put the numbers down. By clicking Locate, you can see their last location based on GPS tracking.

The second method is by sending a message with the link to the target phone. Once they click it, their location will be displayed on the map. Since this method to find someone’s location by phone number is considered pretty effective, there’s something you need to know.

In order for the app to work, the target phone’s user must agree to the location tracking. If they don’t, you can see their location at all.

Free Methods That Can Help

There are also some free methods that are worth mentioning, such as:

Via Find My iPhone

If your family is using Apple-branded devices, you should try a feature called Find My iPhone. It’ll detect the phone if it has been included in your list. However, this method will only work if the receiver agrees to the terms. It’s impossible to track someone’s location with a phone number this way.

Via Google Timeline

The same thing can also be done on Android phones, although it has a different name. Another alternative to track location by phone number is by using Google Timeline. It’s basically the same as the above method, with the differences in the platform and name.

If the target device enables access to location tracking and allows the info to be shared with you, your phone can detect their location by using GPS. But remember, it’s impossible to track through someone’s phone number this way, and it may only work when the GPS is turned on.

Via Find My Windows Device

Last but not least, there’s the Find My Windows Device, a feature that’s preserved for Windows users. The way it works is the same as the two above methods, and it’s mainly useful to track your Windows devices that are still located nearby.

Unfortunately, it can’t track someone’s location by phone number.


And that’s how to track somebody by using the phone number. As you may see, tracking someone’s location is actually possible by using only a phone number. Using the spying apps is definitely recommendable since they’re easier to use and have better functionalities.

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