5 Most Popular Types of Blackjack

types of blackjack

Arguably, blackjack is the life of the party in many casinos. It’s the table that holds elegance yet ruggedness in a gambling house, and a title that’ll have you at the edge of your seat while playing online. However, while its popularity is not debatable, many gamblers are unfamiliar with the numerous variations of the game.

Blackjack has evolved into several variations. Gone are the days of the classic version as the only version of the game. Now, newer variants like the Vegas Strip and first person blackjack offer similar yet different gameplay, rules, wagers, and betting strategies.

Regardless of the variation you’re playing, blackjack is a thrilling game that sharpens your observation skills and helps in developing valuable strategies. This article will discuss the five popular blackjack variations and how you can play them.

The Most Popular Types of Blackjack

These are the interesting variants of the game with great odds that you should consider playing at a casino; whether you’re playing online or offline:

1. Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is the most popular variation in casinos. It has a low house edge of 0.5, with simple rules. Most players are familiar with the rules, but if you don’t, here’s how it works. The game’s goal is for your dealt cards to reach 21 without going over it.

The dealer is definitely not another player, but your opponent. Ensuring you reach 21 before the dealer or making sure your card total is higher than the dealer’s hand is very vital. That’s when you can ‘stand’ and whoever has the lower hand loses the game — it’s called a bust.

2. European Blackjack

Like roulette, blackjack has a European version with a lesser house edge and better odds. With this version, the table only plays with two decks, unlike the classic game, where the table uses six or more decks in one round. This translates to easy card prediction for players, making it a ‘better odds’ game.

It also enforces that the dealer stands on soft 17, meaning that the dealer doesn’t take more cards if they have an ace and 6. This is different from the classical version that expects the dealer to hit at a soft 17. This might change the gameplay in your favor since you also get a chance to beat your opponent’s hand.

The only downside is that you can only split once at a European blackjack table, and your dealer won’t peek at the blackjack mid-game, meaning that you might be barking up the wrong tree throughout the game.

3. Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a different ball game. Here, all 10 cards are removed from the game, giving players a slight advantage against the house. While the rule differs in each casino, these are the general play of Spanish 21:

• Like European blackjack, the player stands on 17.
• Unlike the European version, you can split more than once, making maximizing your winnings easier.
• It also has an impressive payout rate that distinguishes it from the others, although this varies from house to house.
• It holds the lowest house edge of 0.38%, but some casinos might offer it at 0.75%.

4. Face Up Blackjack

Face Up blackjack, also known as Double Exposure blackjack, is true to its name. With this version, the dealer’s cards are dealt face up. Ordinarily, the dealer’s cards are usually dealt with one facing up and one facing down in classic blackjack.

This change gives the player a more significant advantage since you can see the dealer’s two cards. Many players use this to gauge their betting strategy. These are some gameplays for this version of the game:

• Your dealer doesn’t need to peek for blackjack if he has an ace or ten cards.
• The payout rate is even money, which can be bad news for players.
• You should be careful with the surrender option.
• The dealer wins when there’s a tie with all hands.
• You can double down on 9, 10, 11, and split hands.
• Like the classic version, the dealer hits on a soft 17.
• You can only split once in this game, although this may vary depending on the casino you choose.

5. Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs is great if you believe in a strong betting strategy. This version has the same rule as the classic version except for a wagering tweak. Here’s how it goes; players are allowed to place a side bet at the beginning of the game. This is usually to wager on the probability of getting the same number as your first dealt cards.

It isn’t just getting the same number; it also extends to cards with the same value that pays out at 5:1. Cards with the same color and value but a different suit also payout at 10:1, and if you get the same color, value, and suits (also known as a perfect pair), that’s automatically a 50:1 win. The upside of this game is that you can enjoy your blackjack while making some side money.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing all these blackjack variations have in common, it’s fun. While they have slightly different rules and gameplays, they all hold the social and entertaining allure the game is known for.

Before playing any of these variants, ensure you understand their basic rules, gameplay, and house edge. This is the best way to win real money while enjoying the games.

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