10 Types of Lips and What They Reveal About Your Personality

types of lips

Lips are among the most noticeable parts of the human body, and therefore they play an important role in defining someone’s personality. So, ask yourself: What do my lips say about my character? This article looks at the top 10 types of lips and the different kinds of personality traits they are associated with.

10 Types of Lips and Personalities

Just like your eyes are considered to be the window to your soul, your lips can reveal a lot about your character. Apart from helping you to make different facial expressions, your lips signify a deeper personality trait and a psychological peculiarity.

Generally, the practice of reading lips mainly focuses on the size, shape, and outline of the cupid’s bow, as well as the plumpness of the lips.

Lip-reading experts will consider these factors to reveal the various underlying implications of your personality. Through morph psychology, scientists have discovered a relationship between people’s psychological generalities and their physical aspects.

So, based on morph psychology, here are the top 10 types of lips and what they actually say about a person’s personality.

1. Slim or Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Slim lips are among the most common types of lips in the United States and indeed the world over. Their overall shape is a bit elongated while their mouth shape is a little tight. Slim lips are also in tune with other parts of the face and they often appear to be somewhat unnatural and rigid.

It is said that people with slim lips are perfectionists. They are also preserving and display great determination in everything they do. These people often face a lot of challenges in life but they are always able to deal with them with perfection.

Furthermore, people with slim lips are said to be loners but not timid. They are self-reliant and have introverted characters. These people are not scared of being alone and they just work fine on their own.

This also means that people with thin lips love independence and their relationships with their spouses are not as well-informed as with people with thicker lips. However, this doesn’t mean that their lips do not work.

These people function perfectly in relationships, especially when their partners have a similar set of interests.

2. Thick or Full Lips

Full Lips

Thick lips make your mouth look bulkier and stand out from the rest of your facial features. So, if you have thick lips, you will always find people being drawn to your lips more than other parts of your face. What do thick lips say about your personality?

Generally, thick lips show an emphatic person. Studies have revealed that people with fuller lips tend to have a lot of compassion. They are also very protective. Therefore, it is correct to say that people with this type of lips are naturally maternal and paternal, and have innate sensuality.

People with thick lips also tend to be overly confident and physically attractive. That’s why thick lips are considered to be naturally beautiful in the world of beauty, culture, and society in general. Therefore, if you have thick lips, just know that your attractiveness quotient is fairly high.

3. Lips with a Defined Cupid’s Bow

Lips with a Defined Cupid’s Bow

Lips with a defined cupid’s bow are considered to be the most attractive lips. A cupid’s bow is the top middle part of the upper lip. Although every human being has a cupid’s bow, it appears to be more defined, pronounced, and protruding in some people.

Lips with a well-defined cupid’s bow are considered to be a mark of creativity. Therefore, it’s normal for people with this type of lips to display a lot of creativity. They also tend to strive for self-expression in different forms.

These people are also very artistic and more productive than other people, especially in a workplace setting. They have an impressive memory recall ability and are more self-aware than people with other types of lips. When it comes to making social interactions and maintaining them, these people are very good.

A well-defined cupid’s bow is also indicative of a quick presence of mind and impulsiveness. A person with this type of lip shape is agile and very good at cutting people off when they feel the need to.

4. Different Top and Bottom Lips

Different Top and Bottom Lips

Some people have a thick lower lip and a slim upper lip or the other way round. Studies have shown that people with such lips are more inquisitive and fearless. This category of lips is quite native and very rare.

It is commonly found in people belonging to uninhibited and indigenous societies. These people are quite daring and don’t have the fear of the unknown. However, people with this category of lips tend to trust too much, and therefore get disappointed a lot.

They also like independence and enjoy experimenting with new things. And because they are not afraid to fail, they can explore a lot of things in life.

5. Heart-Shaped Lips

Heart-Shaped Lips

A heart-shaped lip is one of the most distinctive types of lips. Its inclined extremities are indicative of a cheerful person. The inclination in this type of lips is slight but distinct enough to be noticed.

Someone with heart-shaped lips is said to be independent and strong-minded. This lip also shows passion, wittiness, and glamor. If the lip is arch-shaped, it indicates that the person is artistic, creative, and very energetic. This lip also makes the person look like they are smiling even when they are not.

People with this type of lips are also known to be full of life and highly optimistic. They also tend to be outgoing, joyful, and extremely sociable. When this person enters a room, they instantly radiate happiness.

6. Lips with a Less Defined Cupid’s Bow

Lips with a Less Defined Cupid’s Bow

If your upper lip has a cupid’s bow that is not fully defined, you are considered to be a trustworthy person. Studies have revealed that people with this type of lips are very reliable and responsible. They also tend to be very confident, a character that is often abused by some people.

These people are also overly giving and can at times lack emotional boundaries. Because of their excessively generous behavior, these people often suffer from neglected self-care. When faced with a challenge, these people approach the problem with a lot of impetuousness.

They handle their problems very maturely and are also very good at keeping time and meeting deadlines. But since they are emotional, these people get hurt most of the time.

7. Goldilocks Lips

Goldilocks Lips

These lips are neither too thick nor too thin, but they are very precise. People with this type of lips are said to be very stable and well-balanced in life. They also have a normal pout and a strong spirit that enables them to overcome any obstacle.

People with goldilocks lips have sharpened logic skills and very savvy common sense. They also possess very good listening skills that enable them to handle many challenging tasks with ease. These people are emotionally stable and rarely cause or seek drama.

8. Wide Lips

Wide Lips

Wide lips are extended to the sides and appear to be larger than other parts of the face. They are indicative of a person with high levels of tolerance. People with wide lips are extroverts and very friendly.

They are also very good leaders and perfectionists. These people are also known to embrace diversity and can easily get along with people with divergent opinions. However, they are non-conformists and don’t have trouble making friends.

9. Lips That Are Plump in the Middle

Lips that Are Plump in the Middle

People whose upper lips are plump in the center tend to be very artistic and natural performers. They also love to celebrate themselves. These people are very outgoing and don’t mind the attention.

Also, people with lips that are plump in the center are known to be the life of any party because they love crowds. But in terms of relationships, these people are naturally dramatic and love to be pampered. They also live their lives with great intensity.

10. Naturally Fuller Lips

Naturally Fuller Lips

These lips are naturally plump and more even both at the top and the bottom. People with these lips tend to be empathetic with great parenting instincts. They are also selfless and caring.

These people also keep very close and tight friend circles and are very choosy when it comes to friendships and relationships. They value relationships and friends more than anything else.

How to Identify the Shape of Your Lips

How to Identify the Shape of Your Lips

The easiest and most effective way to know the shape of your lips is to reference different guides to the most popular shapes of lips. This will give you an idea of how your lips look like. Knowing the shape of your lips is important because it will help you to apply your lip liners, lip gloss, and lipstick perfectly.

A recent study of 1,000 people in 35 countries discovered that the perfect lip shape is determined by symmetry. Over 60% of the respondents thought a 1:1 ratio between the upper and lower lip is the most beautiful shape.

When you are identifying the shape of your lips, you need to consider four main areas: the natural line, cupid’s bow, corner, and teardrop.

How to Change the Shape of Your Lips

If you are not satisfied with the shape of your lips, there are several effective ways to change it. For instance, you can undergo plastic surgery and have the surgeon create the perfect lip shape for you. Apart from surgeries, you can also have your lips injected with dermal fillers to make them look thicker.

It is also possible to change the shape of your lips without having injections or plastic surgeries. For example, you can use a lip liner to make your lips look fuller or thinner. But you have to be a professional makeup artist to get this right. If you are not a makeup artist, just hire one.

How to Take Care of Your Lips

How to Take Care of Your Lips

To keep your lips looking attractive and healthy, you have to take good care of them. fortunately, taking care of your lips is not a complex task. Here are simple steps that you can take to have beautiful and healthy lips.

• Exfoliate – this involves removing the dry and dead skin flakes from your lips by brushing them gently with a wet, soft toothbrush or washcloth.

• Hydrate – since lips become dry so easily, you need to keep them hydrated by drinking enough water. also, avoid licking your lips repeatedly.

• Protect and moisturize – protect your lips against harmful sun rays by using lip products with an SPF 15 or higher. At night, use moisturizing products to prevent dryness.

• Reapply often – it’s always good to reapply your sun protection products after every two hours during the day, especially after meals.

• Use the right products – make sure that the products you put on your lips are safe and meet all the necessary standards.

In Summary

The shape of your lips says a lot about your character and it has a direct relation with your personality traits. This article has taught you the different types of lips and the personality traits associated with them. It’s now easy to determine the personalities of the people you come across every day based on the shape of their lips.

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