Best of the Best: Ultimate Ranking of the MLB 2023 Players

ultimate ranking mlb

Major League Baseball (MLB) houses U.S. baseball teams and players that are paid to play. It’s a professionally organized group and the oldest one in history. It consists of 30 great baseball teams and houses impeccable players, making it hard for the average Joe to determine who’s the best out of all the players.

Entering and signing a contract with the MLB teams is already a feat. But who are the top players that managed to catch the eye of experts, have continuously shown their capabilities, and are the crowd’s favorites? The answer will be revealed if you keep on reading.  

Shohei Ohtani

A star player in the Los Angeles Angels, Shohei Otani made his way to the top of this list, and it shouldn’t be a surprise due to his recent excellent MLB matches. In baseball history, Ohtani is comparable to other unique and talented players in the past. 

He would have been close to becoming a back-to-back MVP if it wasn’t for another player on this list, Aaron Judge. Shohei Ohtani is only 28 years old, but he’s surging through the ranks and ensuring fans know he’s the number one MLB player. 

Shohei Ohtani is an incredibly dominant starting pitcher, and he’s also the fastest runner. He could be an outfielder if he wants to; that’s how fast Ohtani can run. Additionally, some coaches believe Ohtani can be an excellent defender. He’s a baseball player who can shine in every position, but he does it perfectly as a starting pitcher.

Experts believe that Ohtani will continue to grow in his role and presence on the mound. They also expect he would become more familiar with the other players, especially the opposing pitchers. You can expect another spectacular season from the Los Angeles Rams this season thanks to players like Shohei Ohtani. 

Aaron Judge

As mentioned above, Aaron Judge is another player that can challenge Shohei Ohtani. Aaron Judge captivated numerous sports fans, critics, and the sports world by breaking Rogers Maris’ home run record in American League. This record has a historic feat, and to think that a full of potential-MLB player beat Rogers Maris’ record is a fantastic feat, and baseball fans are excited to be a part of this historical event.

Aaron Judge is armed with an incredible contract, which means he’s facing the second phase of his career in baseball. Undoubtedly, he’s one of MLB’s biggest stars and most recognizable players. He had an amazing and historic 2022 season, making him remembered for years. But his success with the New York Yankees this season will determine his legacy. 

Critics have said that if Aaron Judge lived up to his contract with the Yankees as the heartthrob of the Yankees, then he would do just fine, outstanding even. 

Mike Trout

Another MLB player who can probably beat and challenge Shohei Ohtani is Mike Trout, who is in top condition. Sadly, Mike Trout was missing from the court over the last five years of the Los Angeles Angels and played fewer times than hoped. It’s because of his troublesome calf and back injury, which made him miss 40 games over the last year. 

But don’t lose hope on Mike Trout just yet, because when he’s healthy and in his top condition to play, he resembles the best baseball player in the world. He even managed to get some home runs and won an award(s) last year. 

After his injury to his back, Mike Trout is expected to return better than ever this year. He also appears to be healthy enough to beat other teams. Remember that Mike Trout is just one of the four players that have played in all six tournament contests on Team USA. 

Manny Machado

If you’re looking for a consistent baseball player, look no further because that’s Manny Machado. This player just turned 30 during the last (2022) season, and he’s currently in his mid-career performance and on his way to Cooperstown. Machado has proved in his years in baseball that he produces excellent results and impeccable durability. 

He’s currently in the San Diego Padres, where he signed a 10-year, $300 million contract last February 21, 2019. While on this team, he compiled numerous runs in 2022, even reaching triple digits in 2022. 

Indeed, Machado’s defense isn’t like before, but he’s an excellent defender with his speed and arm to prove it. He may be 30 but he won’t move off the hot corner and slow down. His sprint speed remains to be essentially unchanged. 

Manny Machado is expected to get his first MVP award sometime this season. Machado has only continued to evolve, especially as a hitter. He has managed to add more launch to his hits, which doesn’t consist of too many pulls. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you considering betting on the top players and their teams, or do you want to get to know them better? Thankfully the information above can help you determine who’s the crowd’s favorites and why. There are numerous players in the MLB, but these players proved their the number 1 baseball player. 

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