Unique Female Dog Names And Meanings For Your New Pet

unique female dog names and meanings

Getting a new dog will be one of the most cherishable experiences of your life. You’re not just getting a pet or a friend, but a new family member that will grow under your care and compassion.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a name, why not try out one of these quirky and distinctive name suggestions. Here are some unique female dog names and meanings.

Most Popular Names

Most Popular Names

Popular in this context means popular names that haven’t very often been used for dogs but make a surprisingly good fit for their character.

#1. Samantha

It’s a name of Aramaic origin and means “listens well.” Dogs are the best listeners after all.

#2. Alexis

It’s a word of Greek origin and has been used by several saints of the Catholic and Eastern Church as a name. It means “Helper, Defender.”

#3. Keava

Keava is a name of Scottish origin. It means gentle and kind.

#4. Vivian

It’s a name derived from a Latin word meaning “lively.”

#5. Aslan

You may recognize this name from the movie Chronicles of Narnia. It’s a lion’s name and it symbolizes bravery. It’s also a unisex name, so you can use it for both female and male dogs.

#6. Perdita

Perdita is a famous character from the Walt Disney movie 101 Dalmatians. It means “lost.”

#7. Grace

Grace means “generous” in Latin.

#8. Della

Della means “noble” in German.

#9. Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn is a name of Irish origin and signifies purity.

#10. Angelica

Angelica is an aromatic plant renowned for its healing properties.

#12. Faye

Faye comes from an old French word meaning “loyalty” or “faithfulness.”

#13. Farrah

Farrah is an Arabic girl’s name and it means “happiness.”

#14. Helga

Helga is an old German name, meaning “blessed.”

#15. India

India was a name given to the country by the British empire. It was derived from the famed Indus River.

#16. Juliet

Juliet is a popular French baby girl name. It means “youthful.”

#17. Mila

Mila means “hardworking” or “determined” in Russian.

#18. Kaia

This exotic name is the Hawaiian word for “sea,” perfect for dogs as calm or lively as an ocean.

#19. Linda

Linda means “beautiful” in Spanish.

#20. Nora

Dogs pretty much live by the honor system and never break their loyalty for any reason. Nora is Latin for “honor.”

#21. Luna

Luna is an old Latin word for “moon.”

Cute Names

Cute Names

Here are some cute names you may not have thought of for a newly adopted female puppy.

#1. Maya

Maya means “good mother” in Greek and was also the name of the Goddess of Spring.

#2. Gigi

Gigi is a common name for baby girls. It means “earth-worker” or “God is gracious” in French.

#3. Paris

Paris is the capital of France. The city was named after Paris, lover of Helen of Troy from the Odyssey.

#4. Piper

Piper is more of an occupational name, referring to pipe players but makes a cute name for a baby female dog.

#5. Ruby

Ruby is the Latin word for the color red and the name of a valuable gemstone.

#6. Rosaleen

Rosaleen means “little rose” in Irish and is a commonly used name for girls in Ireland.

#7. Tori

Tori is the Japanese word for “bird.”

#8. Vanya

Vanya is the Greek term for “butterflies.”

#9. Yuki

A perfect name for snow white puppers. Yuki means “snow” in Japanese.

#10. Jasmine

Jasmines are a variety of garden flowers admired for their delicate scent and beauty.

#11. Flora

Flora is the Latin word for “flower.”

#12. Freyde

Freyde is a fun name to say. It means “joy” in Yiddish.

#13. Jocelyn

Jocelyn is a common name for girls but not often given to dogs. It means “joyful” in Latin.

#14. Cinderella

Cinderella is an iconic Disney princess and a symbol of beauty.

#15. Angel

Angels are the manifestation of goodness and purity.

#16. Cher

Cher is a French word used to address someone you admire or love.

#17. Eve

Eve is the name of the first woman on Earth in the story of Adam and Eve.

#18. Ginny

Ginny is an old English baby name, meaning “pure” and often refers to demure women. A cute name for shy dogs.

#19. Bree

Bree is a girl name of Irish origin. It means “strength.”

#20. Duchess

Duchess is the rank of a princess right below the queen, apt for a pet you pamper like a princess.

#21. Dotty

Dotty means “a gift from God.”

#22. Reiko

Reiko is a Japanese word, meaning “lovely child.”

Unique names

Unique names

Here are some more unique female dog names and meanings that you may not have thought of.

#1. Reveka

Reveka is the Hebrew word for “captivating.”

#2. Constantina

Constantina means “constant” or “steadfast” in Latin.

#3. Leilani

Leilani is the Hawaiian word for a child born to royalty.

#4. Oriane

Oriane means “sunrise” in French.

#5. Eilidh

Eilidh means “radiant” in Scottish. A fine name for pretty dogs.

#6. Celestia

Celestia is an old Latin word used to refer to something or someone that is “godly” or like a manifestation of God.

#7. Layla

Layla is a girl name of Egyptian origin. It means “dark beauty.”

#8. Aiofe

Aiofe is an Irish word; it simply means “beauty.”

#9. Ilona

Ilona is the Finnish word for “joy.”

#10. Eva

Derived from the character Eve, this Hebrew name means “life.”

#11. Ivory

Ivory is the hard white substance that forms the tusks of an elephant.

#12. Jade

Jade is a mineral often worn as an ornament. It also has significance in the Zodiac philosophy.

#13. Lassie

Lassie is the Scottish slang term for a young girl.

#14. Lucille

Lucille is a French name and a rendition of Lucy. It means “of the light.”

#15. Molly

Also a name of Irish origin, means “star of the sea.”

#16. Nori

Nori is a type of seaweed used in a variety of Japanese seafood cuisines.

#17. Oreo

The popular black and white cookie, sold all over the world.

#18. Penelope

Penelope is the name of Odysseus’ spouse who remained loyal to him throughout the Trojan war while he was away.

#19. Pixie

Pixie is another word for “fairy.”

#20. Priscilla

Priscilla is the name of the famous singer and rock-and-roll artist Elvis Presley’s wife. It means “venerable.”

Fiercely Strong Names

Fiercely Strong Names

Some dogs have tough, confident personalities and deserve a worthy name for their resilience and strength.

#1. Astrid

Astrid comes from the old Scandinavian or Norse word “Ástríðr”. It means beautiful in a divine way and was often given as a name to girls of royalty in Scandinavia.

#2. Bonnie

Bonnie comes from the Latin word used to suggest “greatness.”

#3. Teresa

Mother Teresa was a Catholic nun, missionary, and nurse who healed many people. The name comes from the Greek word “therízō,” meaning “to harvest.”

#4. Queenie

Queenie is a slang term often used to refer to someone strong and of royalty.

#5. Rita

Rita is an ancient Sanskrit word used in Vedic philosophy to describe the physical order of the universe.

#6. Elexis

Elexis is a Greek name given to girls. It means “defender of mankind.”

#7. Selena

Selena was the Greek Moon Goddess.

#8. Charlotte

Charlotte means “warrior” in French.

#9. Gabriella

Gabriella means “devoted to god” in Hebrew.

#10. Alessia

Alessia means “defending warrior” in Italian. A good name for a feisty dog who can keep strangers at bay.

#11. Ariel

It’s a Hebrew word meaning “lion of god” and also the name of an Angel.

#12. Geesi

Geesi is the word for “brave” in Somali.

#13. Yi

Yi is a Chinese word, meaning “resolute.”

#14. Titania

Titania means “the great one” in Greek.

#15. Anala

Anala is one of the Gods of the material world in Hindu Literature. It means “fire” in Sanskrit.

#16. Meja

Meja is the Swedish word for “strength” often used in the context of describing brave women.

#17. Tessa

Tessa is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It means “to harvest” or “bring forth.”

#18. Vasha

Vasha is a Hindu name, used for a girl. It has multiple meanings but is most associated with “ruler” and “strength.”

A Few Parting Words

Giving your dog a unique name is closer to treating them as individuals, rather than giving them a generic dog name.

It can also deepen your connection with your dog. Hope you found some inspiration in this list of unique female dog names and meanings.

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